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  1. R+C Termination

      I looked briefly at the CS PCB PDF and saw shift register ICs on the board, so I am convinced that you do not need additional DIN and DOUT boards to make this work in the standard configuration. You can look here for more details:
  2. MB6582 - DC Cable

    The cable is about 1 meter long. If you want it just write me a PM or email :wink:
  3. MB6582 - DC Cable

    I've got some left over 4 core cable from 2 failed C64 PSU's that you can have for free. I only don't know if it's long enough for your liking.
  4. MBFM 5V option?

      My point was that a complete ready made PSU that delivers +12/-12/+5/GND is as cheap as €25. If you want to DIY something it must be either because you want to do it cheaper or even quieter than a good off-the-shelf switcher. I'm perfectly happy with my MeanWell switchers myself.   The LM317 is a good IC, but the 78xx requires less parts. The headphone amp was for my father because he's getting a bit deaf, not for audiophile purposes. He didn't even hear the switching noise from the cheap PSU's  :rofl:, but I wanted to deliver something at least decent. I only hear a little white noise at full volume (with no audio source), more than good enough for this application.   Anyway, I'll stop hijacking this thread and let the experts do the talking :wink:
  5. MBFM 5V option?

    I've seen a charge pump done by simply putting a few electrolytical capacitors and rectifier diodes in the right configuration, that was on a PSU for microphone preamplifiers (those often need +48v for phantom power).   I've been working on a headphone amplifier for my father the last 2 weeks and tried 3 different wall warts; all were noisy as hell. Good linear wall warts are hard to get these days. I ended up just using a mains transformer, a few capacitors and an 7812.   If you end up building a PSU anyway (because a good off-the shelf 5v PSU cannot be found) it's probably easier to just build a +/- 12v PSU and regulate +5V from the unregulated +12V line; AFAIK the MBFM does not stress the +5v line as much as for example the MB6582.
  6. SSM2044 MB6582

    There is no way it would fit in the PT-10 case. It can be done in a bigger case, but like Shuriken says your PSU needs to be able to supply the additional voltages and current. AOUT and SSM boards need -12V too, keep that in mind.
  7. Julian has been ill and one of his CNC machines broke down. He has a job for me in the pipeline as well. Do you have his email? I'd send him a mail asking a status update, I'm sure your stuff is fine.
  8. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

    Hoi Elektruck, en ander forumlid was je voor, het setje is in principe verkocht, sorry.
  9. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

    Mijn oplossing tegen de never ending backlog is alles modulair maken. Het meeste werk gaat toch vaak in het behuizen en bekabelen zitten. Met een modular hoef je alleen een frontplaatje te maken, voeding zit al in je modular behuizing. Voor mij heeft het er voor gezorgd dat ik nu een stuk of 4 modules zo goed als af heb, en de "zin" die dat gaf heeft er meteen voor gezorgd dat wat andere projectjes (standalone 19" behuizingen) ook weer wat aandacht hebben gekregen.   Komende week mijn "12v" Ikea Rast rackje (andere rackje is 15v) afmaken, dan kan ik modules gaan testen en calibreren.   Ik heb trouwens een PT-10 kastje met (silkscreened) MB6582 frontpaneel over (volgens mij geen achterpaneel), iets voor één van jullie?
  10. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

      Just checked the page, and the first line is a bit confusing; V2 is the successor of V1, not the predecessor (then it should be 0,5 or something) :whistle:
  11. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Maybe it's a strange question, but is it possible to also integrate a MIDI router in the code?
  12. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

    Net zo actief als jij ben ik bang; zo nu en dan doe ik weer eens wat en dan verdwijn ik weer een jaar van de radar. :ninja:   Ben wel van plan nu echt eens wat dingen af te gaan maken deze winter. Heb gisteren mijn 2e GSSL afgemaakt, nog 1 te gaan, en dan mogen er 2 verkocht. Dan heb ik nog een zieke lijst met andere spullen die afgemaakt moeten worden, dus ik ben nog wel even zoet :angel:
  13. aout dac chips

    @TK I have 2 spare MCP4822 (the version with the integrated voltage reference) that I can send you for free (I believe I already offered some to you a few years back) if you want to play with them.
  14. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

    Misschien kan Shuriken je heklpen, hij woont in Alkmaar en heeft mij laatst ook met wat PICcies geholpen.
  15. AOUT NG : only half expected voltage in bipolar

    Two comments:   1. Do I see correctly that you take the +5v to shift the levels from the power rail? Is that precise enough? Maybe adding a precision reference is a better idea? 2. I would like to see the level shifter as a separate PCB, so MAX AOUT users could also benefit from it.   I agree with the usefulness of full scale CV for modulation purposes, like I wrote earlier :thumbsup: