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  1. Hi guys, after 2 years i found some spare time and motivation to finish my FM. Now i've a problem with the encoders. They are from AVI Showtech and are 24 step detented encoders. They seems to be glitchy and every step modify the counter of 4 steps or more. Even movin the knob up and down without doing another step makes the counter up or down. Attacched there is a photo of the encoder and a video of the trouble. Can you suggest me something to solve the problem? Kisses
  2. Layout alternative

    Hi, sorry for being a bit late... Why you didn't gave me a scream via myspace? i've heard of the problem only few days ago after almost an year away from TK website... I've fixed the links in the wiki! Byee!!
  3. I'm developing a neww pcb for the OPL3 Module

    Hi guys, I apologize for my absence, I was really busy. Now I have some spare time and i want to complete the project. To start, I've fixed some broken links to the alternative PCB in the wiki and added some new photos to my website I hope it's useful for someone. Stay tuned!
  4. Hi, i'm working for a USB design using the pic18f2450. The errara data sheed doesn't talk about any bug in the eusart async mode, so I think it would be ok for the usb to midi application instead of the original part in the TK design... Have you ever heard about the eusart bug in this part? See you soon, Stefano
  5. My MBFM

    I use the "stryd drilling process"  ;D but with an improvment: I draw the panel with autocad, print in 1:1 scale, glue the printed sheet with the aluminium panel, and drill everything frist with dremel and a 1 mm bit. Thats all  :D
  6. My MBFM

    You are right, next time i'll remove the floor tiles, your modem will appreciate  ;D
  7. My MBFM

    Here is the frontpanel, same layout of the one in the MBFM manual, but handmade panel is a "bit" worse. As soon as i can i'll build the case, with 8mm multistrate wood and all the wiring, i hope to play frist songs in the next month! Stay tuned!
  8. I sell my MIDIBOX 64, must be completed!

    Floor tiles not included !!  ;D
  9. I sell my unfinished Midibox 64, initially started for use as a traktor controller. I've decided to stop this project because now i had for gift a BCD3000 The price is 30EUR and all the material visible in the photos will be included. Please contact me for the shipping cost.
  10. I'm developing a neww pcb for the OPL3 Module

    I think another LPF is not necessary, the distortion introduced by this poor filtering is distinctive of this kind of sinth
  11. I'm developing a neww pcb for the OPL3 Module

    the size of the hole is 0.85mm, the size of the etched hole in the copper before drilling (to center the bit) is fixed by the cad and can't be changed but is sufficient enough to give a perfect alignment of the drilling bit.
  12. How to upload files in the wiki

    Yes, now the upload form shows up!
  13. About the front panel

    solved, the answer is in the user manual. bye
  14. How to upload files in the wiki

    I've tried with IE 7 and when editing a page it says: "This page is read only. You can view the source, but not change it. Ask your administrator if you think this is wrong". M$ sucks better than ever... But IE 6 show the same of Firefox, so i think there is a trouble with permissions...
  15. How to upload files in the wiki

    yes, i've found this, but i cannot understand how i can upload files to the wiki server, i'm actually using my server and placing a link in the wiki. the button shows only a "list" of already uploaded files. maybe a browser incompatibility? i'm using firefox on ubuntu 7.10...