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  1. Sale request MBSIDv2

    Hi, My live was change, I skipped from hardware to software, mostly because lack of space at the table. Now it’s my time to ask you about possibility to sell midibox, because I’m no using it at all from years, and need money for software. My friend is interested in one of mine midiboxes that I could sell him. Of course without your permission I will do nothing. I’m rather no interested in get biggest price that is possible, I wonder if my propose of prices is good for you, and if you can give me overall agreement. Story: I have almost finished (from 2 years not touched) SIDv2 with 8 sids, vfd 2*20 display, ugly panel (custom made) and switching PC PSU (not-so-best-option-but-works) inside. My friend would like to buy it and he ask about price, so here I am with my question: Can I sell to my friend in suggested price ~240 euro, one midibox consist from: box 25 euro (custom made, rather ugly, but with all connectors and even fun and PC power supply insidepanel on top 62.5 euro (vfd display 2*20 , control surface C, plus 2*DOUT and 3* DIN modules mounted from the bottom)4* CORE and 8* SID modules 145 euro totalFull memory module 4 euro5 euro for scrubs etc I have many ready to use spare modules , and know he need interface MIDI also, he is ineterested in both additional options: additional GM5 USB MIDI for 12.5 euro with montage and connection inside midiboxsecond option is putting inside also FM module with CORE and memory for it , plus change the power supply (there is enough space for it): 30 euro Please tell me your opinion. Thank you. Best regards, QBAS
  2. Cześć!

  3. Hi Thorsten, I would like to thank you very much, like usual. Of course you helped a lot giving me an inspiration where to look for source of problem. It was stupid mistake, sorry that I waisted your time. From other side it was nice to hear you speaking directly to me :rolleyes: I found that my midi cables was connected in wrong way: ground was connected to wire on the side. :whistle: Stupid basic mistake eat my all Sunday. Now my GM5 is working correctly. I wish all the best for you Thorsten and for other people who are taking care for this forum and site. :sorcerer: QBAS
  4. Thank you Thorsten for trying help. About Crystal: I cannot read value on it because I see only X8301JT (symbol), but you said that it must be good one since I can receive from real MIDI world. About resistors: Probably you mean R55 and R38. Both are 221 ohm (measured before solder, and also directly on the board after soldering). But question: should it be solder both from top and bottom side? I make soldering resistor mostly from bottom side. Can it introduce this problem? I removed MIDI loop cable and installed jumper like you said. With this configuration I see on input monitor software exactly what I sent (good result)! I don't know what is next step now but I`m happy that at least GM5 chip is working good. p.s. adding solder from top side to both mentioned resistors not improved situation. But I see that most of my part are not soldered from top side (besides GM5 chip of course). Is this wrong? QBAS
  5. Hi, long time not posted here, but I`m still using Midiboxed keyboard all the time, occasionally SID or FM. Unfortunately I can't find any similar problem to mine at forum so decided to ask. Yesterday I tried to use first time soldered many time ago GM5 modules (I have three of them, all has the same problem). Problem: MIDI output is sending otjher messages than I want. I send messages from GM5 MIDI OUT and receive it on - other interface (novation Remote ZERO SL) - directly at GM5 (via MIDI loop from MIDI OUT to MIDI IN). In both case I receive at MIDI IN garbage messages, not what I sent (it was simply note on/off or CCs). For checking MIDI IN ports at GM5 and second interface I send to them messages from my MIDI keyboard, and both interfaces works good. But when I send the same simple message (not sysex) via MIDI out in GM5, I receive garbage on both inputs (GM5 and novation interface). Example: instead of note on 90 30 64 , I received two Song select messages: F3 76 and F3 02. Other example: sent B0 45 40, received 3 messages: F3 52, FD, F3 01. If it will help I can putt more results. Firstly I think it is an error on input side GM5, so I changed 6N138.... and tried others tricks, but finally I recognized that GM5 receive everything properly, even long sysex. So half of GM5 is working good. Problem is that GM5 is outputting other messages that I order in MIDI OX or MIOS Studio. Interesting problem, tried to find source, but without any succes. Have anybody idea where to look to find solution? Will be grat to use GM5 as interface. Strange is that I have the same bad results on all three GM5 modules MIDI output, even on other computer. All computers with XP, GM5 driver installed. Without driver problem is also. Please help. Thanks.
  6. has not set their status

  7. Poland.

    Napewno siobie juz jako? poradzi?e? z tym zasilaniem, zreszt? s? przyk?ady zasilania cho?by zasilaczem od C64 na stronie SIDa. Ja mam 2 MBSID, jeden zasilam tym samym zasilaczem, który równocze?nie zasila MBFM (s? w tej samej obudowie), a drugi, zawieraj?cy 8 sidów nap?dzam wymontowanym zasilaczem komputerowym. Wiem, ?e to pora?ka i zak?ócenia mog? by?, ale mi nie przeszkadza lub ich nie s?ysz?. Generalnie nie polecam tego rozwi?zania (du?o miejsca zajmuje), ale ja tak zrobi?em i dzia?a. Na szumy nie narzekam. Wiem, ?e bywaj? na rynku SIDy z uszkodzonymi oscylatorami lub filtrem. By? mo?e co? takiego Ci si? przytrafi?o i Ci dlatego "sieje" szumem. A jak tam ogólne zadowolenie z SIDa i innych midiboxów?
  8. Poland.

    JSynthLib-em za?adujesz i obrobisz te patche. Mo?na te? s?a? sysex prosto z MIDIOX, ale proponuj? u?y? tego pierwszego.
  9. MBSEQ V4 MIDI Out Performance

    Impressive! :o
  10. Poland.

    A szuka?e? w?ród bezp?atnych próbek wysy?anych z Microchipa?
  11. Poland.

    HEJ! Ju? troszku min??o od Twojego pytania ale dopowiem, ?e wersja 1 by?a na PIC18F452.
  12. Poland.

    Kupowa?em cz??ci na Wolumenie, obudowy ze sklejki + ?róbexy. Jednak wygl?d jest fatalny, a ma przecie? znaczenie.
  13. OK I see that you are not limited by hardware matrix since you can build it from scratch.  I can send you code that I actually use, or even more for 3 different matrixes. E-mail just was sent. If one from these newer version files will work for you then maybe better will be to replace hosted version?   I dont analyze your borad since I trust you that you know what you do. If you will meet problems then I can try to understand it more.
  14. Hi - nice to see the forum again! If I can still something help please let me know. Maybe you have old version of code, or an error on pcb with switches... Code has protection: if you press only first switch without second, note on will not be send. The same is with second switch. But if you press first switch and after this second then (for sure) you will have note on message at MIDI out. So if you get a note always with 127 velocity then probably you have minimal time delay between switches (maybe an short on pcb witch switches?) I`m open to talk about possible errors. By almost 3 years I did about 6 different versions for 6 different matrixes. From about 2 years I`m not changing main part of code, but only adjusted matrix to different types of keyboards. Like styrd_one said this custom project was never documented, commented, and finished, but I`m using my 88keys keyboard from about two years with great results (excluding not finished box, still not added Roland pitch/mod joy, without standard panel functions like transpose, velocity curves etc. what is planned in future). p.s. Great to see that this site is growing constantly.
  15. Poland.

    Gratulacje! Te? mam routera i dzia?a dobrze, tzn sygna?y dochodza. A mo?e sprawd? co dochodzi pod??czaj?c zamiast do FMa to do portu w kompie i zobacz na midi ox (lub innym monitorze) jaki kana? itd.