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  1. 16 motorfaders + knobs for sale!

    Hi. These faders are from the bulkorder by screaming rabbit. He is located in swiss. So the faders will be sent from there. If you are a potential buyer please tell me where you are located and  i will ask screaming rabbit how much the costs will be for sending the faders to you. Sincerely, William
  2. Ik heb 16 motorfaders te koop met zilvere knoppen. het gaat om: 16 x ALPS RSAON11M9, N-Type Motorfader + 16 x ALBS FK13x25 Faderknob (silver) for 250 euros ongeveer 15.60 per fader+knop normaal rond de  23 tot 25 euros bij conrad. Stuur me een bericht mocht je ze willen hebben Grtz Incarnation
  3. 16 motorfaders + knobs for sale!

    Hi all, I have some motorfaders + knobs for sale. I actually bought them from the bulkorder by roger but for some reasons i wont build the midibox anymore cuz i will have no time in the near future. Its a real shame and i hope i can make someone happy with this offer. you will get 16 x ALPS RSAON11M9, N-Type Motorfader + 16 x ALBS FK13x25 Faderknob (silver) for 250 euros Thats round 15.60 per fader+knob which is normally round 23 to 25 euros. Please contact me by private message if you would like to buy them. Grtz Incarnation
  4. LCD inkopen

    Ja inderdaad duurt soms 5 6 weken :)
  5. Motorfader and other parts Bulkorder 2005

    yeh true. I can also get encoders from but i heared the alps was better. So i was thinking maybe if you will order the alps faders then you can also get a fair price on the encoders. Maybe more people are interested.  ??? Thx William
  6. Motorfader and other parts Bulkorder 2005

    I like to get 16 x    N-Type Motorfader (Touch Sensitive) 16 x    FK13x25 silverchrom (Touch Sensitive Fader knobs) Can you also get the alps rotary encoders? thats STEC16B03 i guess i like to other 18 if thats posible I'm in holland but you can ship to my sister she lives in germany William
  7. LCD inkopen

    Beste mensen, Wie is er ook opzoek naar lcd displays voor zijn midibox. Ik ben opzoek naar 4 2x40 displays met blauwe backlight. Echter ik vind ze behoorlijk prijzig daarom zit ik te denken om een zooi van die dingen in te kopen. Is hier animo voor een soort inkoopaktie? Groeten, William

    its a display 240 x 32 pixels. I havent seen it in real yiet. Havent seen a picture either. If it looks kewl and your will still be interested i will get 5 and send one to ya. sincerely William

    hi Thorsten. Theres a guy who did me an offer for these types of lcd he got them from his work. They have the same size as a 2x40 display. They cost me just 10 euros a piece thats a really good price for an lcd. I'm not sure where they are sold. So these dont work with the current driver means if i want to use them i gotta make a driver myself in assembler? I dont think i could manage that  :-\ Sincerely William

    Will midiboc lc work with the EPSON SED1531 LCD CHIP? Thx William
  11. where can i find the midibox lc emulation tutorial i've been searching the forum and WIKI but endup with deadlinks all the time. THX William
  12. Midibox64 en midiboxlc met 16 faders

    Hi ik heb in een andere thread gehoord dat het mogelijk is om 2 of meerdere LCs in slave met elkaar te verbinden. Het enige wat ik dan nog mis is meer knobs per channel. Dat zou eventueel mogelijk gaan worden. Dan wordt mijn implementatie 2 midiboxlc in link en een midibox 64e voor mijn vsti hier kan ik dan een bankstick in maken waar alle instrumenten op geconfigged staan. Dat is precies zoals ik het wil hebben. Die extra controle van lc lijkt me toch erg handig. Wat zijn eigenlijk de beste maar toch goedkope motorfaders?
  13. Midibox 16 motorfaders + instrument section

    If that would work then it would be awsome. I would have a 16 chan motorised mixer with 4 pots on every chan and i could build and extra 64e in my box for controlling my vsti in then my dream is reality! keep me updated thx William
  14. Midibox 16 motorfaders + instrument section

    NICE!!! thats what i was looking for Thx doc So i will build a dual midibox lc. So in midibox lc i see just one rotary knob on every channel so my version would have 16 is is possible to have more in midibox lc? for instance 3 or 4 maybe even 5 per chan? Thx William
  15. Midibox 16 motorfaders + instrument section

    thx TK i'll do my best and report back to the forum  :)