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  1. The making of a Midibox64

    Oh yeah, I fogot to mention how much I've been enjoying watching your build! BTW, I'm also wondering what kind of price you ended up getting on the LED buttons from MEK if you don't mind sharing.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do on the physical side for my projects :D
  2. The making of a Midibox64

    My LCD also required a negative contrast voltage but it wasn' t nearly that complicated or un-pretty to deal with. Maybe the way I did it may be asking for trouble but it was based on other postings here so I suspect it should be fine (and so far after several hours of playing with my MBSID it's been working fine.) I used the circuit recomended elsewhere on the BBS/Wiki with an IC-7660 and just pulled P2 (VR2 as labled on Smashes boards) and wired it through those three connections. The 10uF caps were even freebies since there are tons of them on the sound cards I'm scavanging for OPL3 chips :D   Here it was test wired: Image removed due to possibly malicious content. Download at your own risk, it contains a strange script. - stryd_one http://www.yumaduners.com/albums/album80/voltconvert.sized.jpg That was my first test of the circuit - I later re-wired it and managed to make it MUCH cleaner and all wrapped up in heat shrink . I kind of like having the pots not mounted to the board anyway as I want to mount them off the back of my box so they can be adjusted to meet the needs of the room it's being used in when it's finished. Which reminds me...I really need to stop slacking and finish my control surface and box for this thing!
  3. Just came across this today.  Sorry if it's a repost but I did a search and didn't see it anywhere: http://www.ladyada.net/make/x0xb0x/index.html Pretty nice looking setup.  Limited kits available but everything is being released as open source so you can always roll your own as well.
  4. is the OPL chip on this soundcard?

    I just bought a lot of 10 cards off ebay most of which were "SB 16's" so I was hoping for quite a few OPL's. Ended up with two. One on a SB numbered CT2860 And one on a Media Vision card from 1993 650-0044-56B FCC id: IXW-PAS16NS Both OPL's are labled YMF262-M but under that they both have different (what I assume to be) revision codes: 9515 EALC on the SB 9307 GDAD on the MV Same goes for the YAC's on them both YAC512-M but then underneeth: 5190c on the SB 306ea on the MV Not sure how well they'll play together if I use both YAC's on one MBFM but I may give it a try.  Or I may buy some more cheap sound cards and hope for a matching set.
  5. Yeah I was shocked about the file length issue.  Then again I had it in: i:/midi_stuff/sid_v1_7/midibox_sid_v1_7 I didn't know you thought ahead and built your Zips to extract into their own directory so I had already created one and ended up with them that deep.  Just forgot to delete the unused version so it wouldn't confuse me like it did :D I'll go ahead and move  ENC_EOT, I'll be adding the full CS eventually but need to find some knobs I like before I can tackle the next step! That and I may go ahead and tackle the sequencer next since I've got all the bits on hand for it! Maybe these things should be considered a dangerous import - they're addictive! 
  6. Ah....found what I was missing. I had two versions of the code on my drive  :-[ The first version was nestled too many sub-directories deep and MPLAB was choking on it during compile as a result. So I made a second version that I had been using. But when I edited the mios_tables and cs_menu_io_tables files I accidentally edited the old versions instead ::) Just copied them into the correct directory....recompiled...and my matrix is working! Well, almost.  I got half of my wires backwards so I've got to either swap a few assignments or move a few wires.  But it's MUCH closer :D
  7. I know I have to be missing something simple here.  I just got my single SID MB up and running and decided to start in on a control surface (and second SID).  Decided to dive in feet first and tackle the mod matrix as the first step of the CS. But at this point I'm only running one DIN and one DOUT so I had to do some reassignments.  I'm already running a 2x40 LCD and managed to figure out how to remap the DIN's so I could have 10 selection buttons. I also managed to get this Matrix LED's displaying properly off the last two SR's on the single DOUT board I'm running (SR 2 for anodes and 3 for cathodes) But now I'm trying to get the Matrix selection buttons to work off the last two SR's on the single DIN I have so far...and they work...but they aren't doing what they're supposed to.  I figured it must be because it was still configured for rotary encoders and I modifed mios_tables and set all the encoders (except my menu wheel) to SR 0 Pin 0: MIOS_ENC_PIN_TABLE ;; encoders 1-16 ;;        SR  Pin  Mode #if CS_MENU_USE_INCDEC_BUTTONS ENC_EOT #else ENC_ENTRY  1,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; menu encoder #endif ;; additional CS encoders ;;        SR  Pin  Mode ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Osc delay/transpose/assign #1 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Osc attack/finetune/assign #2 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Osc decay/portamento/assign #3 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Osc sustain/release/assign #4 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Osc release/pulsewidth/assign #5 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; LFO rate ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; LFO depth ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Filter CutOff ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Filter Resonance ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Env depth/assign #1 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Env attack/assign #2 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Env decay/assign #3 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Env sustain/assign #4 ENC_ENTRY  0,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED2 ; Env release/assign #5 ENC_EOT Here's what I have in my  menu_cs_io_tables for the DIN_TABLE: CS_MENU_DIN_TABLE ;; Function name SR# Pin# DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Dec, 1, 1 ; only valid if rotary encoder not assigned to these pins DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Inc, 1, 0 ; (see mios_tables.inc) and CS_MENU_USE_INCDEC_BUTTONS == 1 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Exec, 1, 2 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel1, 1, 7 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel2, 1, 6 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel3, 1, 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel4, 1, 4 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel5, 1, 3 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel6, 2, 0 ; define this if CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS > 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel7, 2, 1 ; define this if CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS > 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel8, 2, 2 ; define this if CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS > 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel9, 2, 3 ; define this if CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS > 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Sel10, 2, 4 ; define this if CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS > 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_SID1, 0,  0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_SID2, 0,  0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_SID3, 0,  0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_SID4, 0,  0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Link, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_CC, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Edit, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Osc_Sel, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Osc_Ctrl, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Osc_Wav,  0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Osc_RS,  0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_LFO_Sel, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_LFO_Wav, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Env_Sel, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Env_Ctrl, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Fil_Sel, 0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_Fil_Mod,  0, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_O1Ptch, 3, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_O2Ptch, 3, 1 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_O3Ptch, 3, 2 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_O1PW,  3, 3 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_O2PW,  3, 4 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_O3PW,  3, 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_Filter, 3, 6 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_E1, 4, 0 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_E2, 4, 1 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_L1, 4, 2 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_L2, 4, 3 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_L3, 4, 4 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_L4, 4, 5 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_L5, 4, 6 DIN_ENTRY CS_MENU_BUTTON_M_L6, 4, 7 DIN_ENTRY_EOT But still even after recompiling, converting and uploading the new code my buttons are acting like they're still mapped to the encoder functions.  What am I missing?
  8. SID capacitor question (in SmashTV kit)

    Woo Hoo.  Sounds like I got it right after all.  I finished building and wiring it all up earlier this week - the realized I couldn't find my joystick->MIDI cable anywhere and none of the shops in town had one :( Thankfully the one I found on ebay shipped quick and yesterday I was able to load MIOS and get it all working!  I missed the change for the CORE->SID wiring for 1.7 but once I figured that out it was working great!  (other than me wiring my encoder backwards and  forgetting that the pins on top of the DIN board have common on one side and the pins on the bottom have it on the other.  But that didn't keep it from playing - just make my partial surface kind of hard to use!) Now to go gut the other 64 I have on hand and assemble the second CORE/SID that I got from Smash. Big thanks to TK for the designs and Smash for the great boards/kits!  You guys made this almost too easy :D
  9. Schaeffer frontpanel font

    I personally can't stand helvetica.  I haven't finished my midiboxes yet but I have used Front Panel Express (The north america division of Schaeffer) before and really liked their "Euro" font it was the closest they had to Frutiger which is what most of my own documents are prepared with for consistance. I used Euro Outline with a .2 burin for the top lettering.  And Euro 5-stroke with the .2mm burin for the lower lettering.  The lables under the LED's I did break down and use helvetica since it was the most redable at that size.
  10. SID capacitor question (in SmashTV kit)

    Guess I inhaled too many solder fumes last night.  I figured that was what they were for (like the 7809 and 7812 being included) but even after reading the SID module page several times couldn't find a reference to it. Thanks!
  11. Just got my first batch of boards and bits from SmashTV on saturday, started putting them together last night and made quite a bit of progress (1 DIN, 1 DOUT, JDM completed so far) but ran into a few stumbles on the SID module. I have two extra capacitors.  I searched the forums and wiki but can't find any explanation for these extra bits.  They're polystyrene caps and are radial leads and the two that I believe are supposed to be used for C1 and C2 are axial leads even though the pads appear to be for radial or ceramic caps. The two I installed were labled "470J 50V" and were axial - I mounted them like upright resistors with one lead run down the side since the sides were insulated and the schematic called for a 470pF caps.  The two mystery caps are labled 6800J. Can anyone explain these two extra caps? BTW - I'm pretty impressed with Smashes boards and parts so far.  I actually tried ordering parts myself first but could only save a few cents over the price of his kits so I decided it wasn't worth my effort.  The only problem I've had is the resistor holes on the SID baord.  Dosn't matter how tight I bend the leads (and I saw the demo video) they will not lay flat on the board...the resistor body is simply longer than the space between the two holes.  I left two of them sticking a bit above the board and for the other two just mounted the vertically instead.  Only other problem was the top hole for R4 on the SID board was partially blocked and I couldn't get a lead through it.  But it was just solder and with a fine tip on my iron I was able to melt it out and then mount the resistor. I already placed my second order since he was sold out of CORE's before.  Hope I can have all my DIN modules built by the time those get here :D
  12. temp controlled soldering irons

    This is my first post...and I'm still waiting on my boards to start my project (But it looks like Smash shipped them yesterday so I should see them soon!)  and I had planned on just using my old RatShack pencil to put it all together.  I've done two EFI computers that work fine a couple of 8051 based projects and a couple of surface mount projects even and it's served me well. But seeing this thread and having heard of the CSI stations before I finally decided to give it a go. Now get this.  I saw the report by jdutcher on thursday morning.  Around lunchtime on thursday I placed an order at CSI for one of the $35 stations.  Was surprised at checkout when they charged me tax until I realized they were in Mesa AZ (I'm in Yuma about a 3 hour drive away.) Was even more surprised when they shipped it the same day and UPS said it would be here the next.  Sure enough today around 1PM it was on my doorstep - Less than 24 hours from when I ordered and with just cheap ground shipping! Of course I had to run off and give it a test - and so far I'm very impressed as well.  Can't wait until my midibox boards get here next week so I can give it a real test ;)  Thanks for the heads up on this deal.  I even got a nice surprise of a spare heating element in the box with mine, not sure if it was ment to be included or if it was a mistake since it's not listed on the packaging slip or on the invoice.  But a deal is a deal! I also noticed they have the Xytronics379 station for less than anywhere else I've seen it.  I almost got one of those last year for $15 more from somewhere else.  But for my occasional needs this one seems like a great deal.