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  1. BCF LCD Display project

    Hi, I've been thinking about using the Midibox LC with only LCD to act as an intermediary between my BCF2000 and my computer, purely for display purposes. I've tested the BCF, and it seems the midi thru port passes on the sysex information that is used for the lcd display. So essentially all I would need is a Core module with the LC software loaded and 2x24 character LCD's. What could I use for power though? Does anyone know the internals of the BCF very well? Is there a 5v rail I could tap into, or would this be a bad idea? Also, would the +5v rail from my computer's power supply do the trick? I'm not too keen on running another power supply purely for the LCD... Thanks for any help
  2. C64 power switch

    Cool, thanks for the info, I'll check it out
  3. C64 power switch

    I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me what type of power switch the one built into the normal brown C64 is? Is it the dual type? If so, how do I connect it up? There are 6 pins. Do I just ignore the middle ones? Thanks
  4. Have you guys seen this? A keyboard with little lcd displays in each button! Could be a future midibox technology.... Probably stupidly expensive at the moment though
  5. The making of a Midibox64

    Wow man, it looks excellent  :o Very professional, looks like it would be great to use Nice work. Hope my SID turns out half as good as this one...  ;D
  6. Connecting the SID and the Core

    Wow, thanks very much for the quick replies! Regarding connecting the SID and the Core, I will stick purely to the pdf for my wiring, cheers for the advice :) Indeed! Thanks to TK and Meeshka for making it as simple as this to make and program! And thanks Smash for your time answering these questions, and also for the fantastic kits! :) 1 very satisfied customer over here ;D
  7. Hey guys, I've just finished building the first SID and Core modules for my MidiboxSID and I'm trying to figure out how to connect them together, as well as a few other things... 1) I've been looking at as I'm going to be using a C64 power supply. So... those four pins from J10 on the core go to their respective points on J2 on the SID, and the 2 pins from J2 on the core go to their respective pins on J2 on the SID. But the pictures on the SID documentation show a connector that connects all 8 from the core to the 8 on the SID with no other connections necessary except the power to the SID module... I'm refering to here. So basically I'm confused. If I follow the C64_psu pdf is that all I have to connect up (besides the midi port)? Or are there other connections necessary? 2) Also, I'm using kits bought from SmashTV and I'm not sure if I should do the bypass caps thing for each module. Is it necessary with these boards? 3) As well as this, do I have to do the jumper thing on J3? I don't even have a J3, but is there something similar I'm supposed to do to "turn off" the programming interface to make the module work? I think that's about it... I'm sure there'll be other questions once these are answered though ;) Thanks very much in advance
  8. MIDI Box SID blog

    Ok, here are a couple of pics. Note that there's still alot of work to do. For a start, I don't have the knobs yet, a few options still have to be constructed that are drilled on the panel (fine tune, fm, external in etc.) and I accidentally bought blackboard paint instead of normal paint (hey, it was cheap!). I was thinking of marking the interface with chalk when I discovered my odd paint choice, but it rubs off too easily, and even lightly scraping your fingernail marks the surface. The thing used to work, but since it was my first soldering project many wires have come loose or disconnected entirely, so when I repaint the case and get the knobs I'm going to rewire it too. There are some sounds I did when it was working online here:
  9. hahaha, that's really cool  ;D
  10. Detented push buttons

    Thanks very much for the info bcbox, much appreciated. I might try out some of those Panasonic ones in my next order, they sound quite nice. Cheers for the pics too  :)
  11. The making of a Midibox64

    Ahhh, Eagle, cool thanks man. Those boards are looking nice too :)
  12. The making of a Midibox64

    Thanks from me too - I find this very interesting. I'm building a SID, but I still find this stuff very helpful. This is exactly what I want to do with my blog (see my sig). Even though I trust Smash TV to deliver top quality goods, it's nice to see pics of the kits anyway. Can I ask how you did the designs for the pots and switch boards? Did you use schematics software or something? Please tell you used a freeware program that converts schematics to pcb layouts...  ;D
  13. Detented push buttons

    I also emailed Dave Smith about a lost knob on my Evolver and asked him about the buttons on the Evolver. He said this in the reply: "On the switches, it is from E-switch, type TL1105SP. Digikey is a convenient place to buy them." These buttons are really nice and solid, with a good click to them. I might grab some of those as well. I'm waiting on some sample buttons from mec too ;)
  14. Bended MIDIbox SID engine

    Holy crap, you rule TK!! The mapping feature sounds really great. LFO's and envelopes too! Amazing. This will be really really handy. 303 details in a while, that's cool, I'm sure we can all wait as long as it takes for a feature as cool as this. Thanks again TK!
  15. Bended MIDIbox SID engine

    Please, tell us more! :D