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  1. où acheter des faders motorisés ?

    Salut, Il y a aussi conrad qui en vend: En plus en cherchant sur le net, il y a des fois des codes pour avoir 20% de reduction. Je ne sais pas si ca marche mais ca peut valoir le cout
  2. Collection of howlers

    Hi, As we can learn for the others stupid errors. Let me explain my last work. The goal is to sold button with built in led on a pcb (rec, solo etc buttons). For the DIN, I'll retry later : first attempt, 1st short circuit. Happily the 7805 is protected !!! So I soldered 16 buttons on the pcb. Ok, first try, every leds are soldered in the wrong way ... Desolder, retry again: good. Then I tested the pushbuttons : Guess what ? I soldered them the wrong way too (4 pins connected 2 by 2). So for next time, I'll begin with ONE button and then test (not at the end). Good midiboxing, Steph keeping believing
  3. What is more convenient to solder 2 LCDs ?

    Yes, I will use J10/RC for the second enable line like the pdf example. I just wondered if someone design a pcb or something to extend J15 + 2nd enable pin in to 2*8 sockets to plug the 2 lcd with connectors. Thanks for help. Steph
  4. What is more convenient to solder 2 LCDs ?

    Hi, Thanks for reply, I see for the enable pin for the lcd, but to connect the data lines, Vs and all pins that are common to the 2 lcds, what do you use? Steph
  5. First Project, needs lots of help and support :P

    Hi, Yes you can connect 16 encoders per DIN. You configure that in the second part of the file of the lc app. MIOS_ENC_PIN_TABLE ;; encoders 1-16 ;;        SR  Pin  Mode ENC_ENTRY 13,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 1 ENC_ENTRY 13,  2,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 2 ENC_ENTRY 13,  4,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 3 ENC_ENTRY 13,  6,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 4 ENC_ENTRY 14,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 5 ENC_ENTRY 14,  2,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 6 ENC_ENTRY 14,  4,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 7 ENC_ENTRY 14,  6,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; V-Pot 8 ENC_ENTRY 15,  0,  MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED ; Jog-Wheel ENC_EOT ENC_EOT ENC_EOT ENC_EOT ENC_EOT ENC_EOT ENC_EOT After ENC_ENTRY, the 1st number is for the Serial register and the second number the even pin of the encoder. So you cannot connect 16 encoders and other buttons like FX  in one DIN. Be careful if this is push encoder you need one more pin (like a push button) and if you have touch sensor motorfader, you need one pin by fader (see the file for example) Good midiboxing, Steph
  6. Hi everyone, Just a question, how do you connect 2 parralel lcds with core module ? Do you solder 2 wires by pin on J15 when necessary or I don't know what is the more convenient. Thanks for replies Good midiboxing, Steph
  7. First Project, needs lots of help and support :P

    Hi again, I read once that Axel include one MidiSport 4x4 in his midibox. So he connected to the PC via USB and had 4 Midi ports avaiable. You can think of 4 LC in one enclosure. After that I don't know how he configured to have the right channel number on the midibox. Good luck
  8. First Project, needs lots of help and support :P

    Hi, Be careful, I understood Mackie protocol for cubase doesn't support zoom button. See Cubase_SX_SL_MackieControl.pdf from Mackie page 31. ( I'm not sure cause I didn't try yet. Good work...
  9. Besoin de liens pour votre projet MIDIBOX ?

    Bonjour, J'ai recu la commande de AlsComposants ( J'ai d'ailleurs recommande depuis. C'est pas hyper rapide (1 a 3 semaines !!!) mais c'est pas cher et bien emballé, pas de probleme. De plus j'ai vu qu'il y a des RSAON sur (Ref 442081-62) à 23.90€. Sachant qu'en etant abonne a leur newsletter, je recois souvent des promos du genre  une station meteo de m... pour 45€ commande mais aussi 20% sur votre produit prefere ce qui peut devenir interressant avec les faders. Bonne chance...
  10. fader RSA0N11M9

    Salut, S'il n'est pas un peu tard, je viens de trouver mieux: (article 442081-62). De plus, en etant abonné a leur newsletter, je recois souvent des promos du genre 20% sur votre article prefere. Bonne chance...
  11. Hi everyone, For the (at least) one thousand times, I enter ALPS RSAON in google and for the first time I found them at (Article 442081-62). I think it is better for french  midiboxer than Good night
  12. Besoin de liens pour votre projet MIDIBOX ?

    Bonjour, J'ai commandé des pièces sur Pas encore recu, je ne peux rien dire sur l'emballage, les delais etc etc mais ca semble etre le moins cher (a part reichelt bien sur) e aucun minimum de commande.
  13. MODE LCD

    Bonjour, Il n'est a priori pas defini dans la configuration par defaut ( mais il existe sous le nom ID_NAME_VALUE, donc tu peux le rajouter soit en plus (il y a de la place sur le dernier module din) soit a la place d'un autre ou dans la second layer. Tu modifies le fichier en consequence et ca devrait aller
  14. Displaytech 64240A

    Hello everybody, I was looking around to find LCD 240x64 with KS0108 controller and I found a site ( whitch sells it. The price the guy offers me is 48€/piece if I order 10 or more. So I ask you if you're interested to perform a bulk order.
  15. How many LCD diplays per core

    Thanks for quick answer