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  1. Here is the DXF file if anyone wants it. Still need to do the rear panel... maybe it will get done this month MB_6582_panel.zip
  2. Yeah at some point I would like to offer front-panels for parts/PCBs, not so keen on making it into a biz. Its actually kinda hard work and not something that I enjoy too much. Maybe when this whole covid-19 thing blows over I will give it a think on the best way to make it happen.
  3. Just got it cut on my CNC and it looks like I got everything right. Still need to work on the I/O panel. I will get the DXF up as soon as I get it cleaned up.
  4. I have confirmed that the matrix labeling is correct with another user. I might change a few things on the rear panel, not sure how much space I have to work in my ideas may design a separate break out box. Would like to have more I/O for the filter Input and a active mixer for all the channels. Maybe get buffers for the in and out? The feedback hack is cool so would like to keep it. Here is the final panel that I am going to go with. I will post up the DXF and a gurber version when I make sure it all fits.
  5. Working on a front panel on a MIDIbox MB-6582 and on the reference panel the modulation matrix is marked 1-8 but TK's docs list the env and LFO mods. Just wanted to make sure that this right before I get it made.
  6. Looking for 2 MB-6582 base pcb's. Drop me a PM if you can help me out.
  7. Ya 40x2 only $5.95 :o at bg micro http://www.bgmicro.com/prodinfo.asp?sid=064491898148148224570240&prodid=LCD1025&page=1&cri=LCD&stype=2&time_out=44:55 It is an EL back light so I think I need an Inverter for it. My core power regulatior is getting too hot right now @ 9V 1000mA, so I need to try and find somthing smaller.
  8. Looking good. Hope you get your PIC sorted out. finally got power to mine tonight!
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