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  1. i am just stupid, that's what the issue was, or more like i was a bit conceited. thought i could pick up where i left off and have all my knowledge intact.. i FORGOT to upload the MIOS hex first.... yep, that IS dumb.. alright. so now, i'm facing other issues. i keep getting errors when uploading mios to some of my pics. i got just one of my 18f452 pics to accept mios. cool, so i have 1 pic that should work. but when i plug the mb_core into the header of the relay board, only 7 relays are working. not 8. so pin testing time, only 7 of the 8 pins output 5V. weird. bad PIC? alri
  2. After coming back to this issue every once in a while (real life stuff keeps popping up) it just occurred to me that I was most likely using older pic processor back then. in the mean time i've ordered a pickit from ali. Once I find a bit of time, i'll go through my older pic processors to see if I still have an older one. and see if i'm able to program it with the bootloader.
  3. I do hope nobody minds me resurrecting this ancient thread. I finally started on that 8 out relay thing (9 years, damn!) i've mostly got the hardware built. But i've been halted by bit of an issue. i've uploaded the j5_dout example hex to my core8, but the core8 doesn't seem to react to the midi note c4->c5 that i send it through mios studio. i've tried measuring it with my multimeter, and an oscilloscope, but only got 0v on the pins. the core announces itself dutifully through Mios Studio, so i know the core is working. I've got multiple cores lying around, so i tried it with a
  4. i might be interested. still available?
  5. ik heb besloten de backlog eerst maar eens af te maken, voor zover ze nog relevant zijn. en te kijken naar wat ik werkelijk nodig heb (maar het is allemaal zo mooi :P )
  6. @NLX, hahah, heel herkenbaar idd. ik heb dozen vol met onafgemaakte projectjes, maar mijn MB_SID is toch wel de main one. die moet nou eindelijk 'ns af. :P @shruriken no worries, sowieso tof dat er zo'n community spirit leeft.
  7. hey NLX! thnx voor de tip! Electruck heeft me er mee geholpen, maar wel leuk om te horen dat er nog steeds actieve nederlandse midiboxers zijn. :D
  8. You can connect what you want for your CS, i've used it without any cs in the past!
  9. Alright, another update is due. While waiting on some other things to arrive (PICs and CS pcb) i thought it was a good idea to finish some other projects. So i removed some detents from encoders and I received 25 lego pegs, dremeled them in two, glued them on tactswitches, some more dremeling and put on my custom rubber caps. And today i visited a good friend with a lasercutter. And cut out the frontpanel out of triplex wood. Sanded it down and put on somespray laquer, this is the result.
  10. YEEH! Most of my Mouser order just came in. Tact switches, which i will modify. Dual potmeters for the feedback. Some bolts, nuts and spacers. And a lot of diodes. now its only waiting on the PACTEC PT-10 case. as for progress: The rubber buttons i want to use on top of the tactswitched are too big. so i needed to find a solution. and i think i found one. on top of the tactswitches fits, exactly fits, a lego connector peg. and the rubber buttons fit exactly on top of these. i've ordered 25 of them. i'm going to cut them in half and hopefully stay u
  11. Hey Roel, Bedankt voor je aanbod! Opsturen is te doen, maar mocht er een midiboxer in amsterdam wonen is dat uiteraard makkelijker. Mocht ik na t weekend geen verdere replies krijgen dan zal ik je ff pm'en voor de details.
  12. Hoi, is er iemand in de buurt van amsterdam die toevallig die een PIC18F4685 kan branden? groetjes, Ysbrand
  13. alright, i've thought about it some more. I'm going for a wilba design, with some minor alterations. which are mostly frontpanel related. His design is very good, and combined with the ease of construction it makes it the better choice. I've ordered the following from mouser: 4x 100K AUDIO POTMETERS (for the feeding the out back into the in of the SID) Some screws, washers, and spacers. 100x 7.0 mm high 100gf buttons. which i will use with custom caps. (ordering a 100 is cheaper than ordering 50, weird) 100x Diodes 1x pactec pt-10 production unit, which is only 14 euro! it do
  14. Wisefire


    Hey Shuriken, Thnx for your input. And you are absolutely right. After some soul searching (or rather rationally evaluating the pros and cons) i've come to the same conclusion. It helps to have my conclusions externally confirmed though. There are some slight alterations i'm going to make, for which i won't need to go out of my way to achieve them. i'll put a blogpost up soon explaining my thought process.
  15. Wisefire


    Alright, i'm stuck within choices. When i started about 8 years ago (i had to look that up, see here for my old blog.. has it really been that long?) there was only a sidV1 and no mb6582 from wilba. I collected parts to be used in a compete CS, all diy wiring, as that was the only option. Then came the V2 and wilbas awesome mb6582 project with it. I got his base pcb, as i still had my own CS in my head. Fast forward to now. I'm finally at a point in my life where i can finish this project, as i want this to be done, and start using it. Especially because i've found one of the dutch c
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