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  1. I think I found the problem. I'm using a dvd player switching power supply and its +5 Volts varies between 5.25 and 5.4 Volts. I tried with 5.0 volts coming from an adjustable power supply and the LCD works fine, never got stuck. May be is the PIC or the LCD that have problems with voltages around to its limit (5.5 Volts). Well I hope my experience can help somebody.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes I set the connectios like that but the problem persist. Then looking in the wiki I found this: ;; using the 4-bit interface: ;; -> connect MBHP_CORE:J15:D7-D4 of the core module to D7-D4 of the LCD ;; -> left MBHP_CORE:J15:D3-D0 of the core module open! ;; -> tie D3-D0 of the LCD to ground So I tried it (D3-D0 of the LCD to ground and D3-D0 of CORE open), but again the problem persist, I don't know what else to try.
  3. sorry too big photos: Thank you in advance for any comment.
  4. here some photos: as you can see just a part of the LCD get refreshed, then get stuck and I have to power off-on.
  5. first I wired up the 8, then only 4 and D0-D3 from the LCD to ground and D0-03 from CORE open. The strange thing is it doesn't get stuck when I move the data dial, but when I use the selection matrix or the v-pots it gets stuck after 3 seconds ... I don't understand why, please any help? Thank you for your reply.
  6. Hi everybody I finished my mbfm + built-in 4-channel stereo mixer + tone control. I built it around a heathkit ET-3200 case. The mixer has balance, volume, phone amp and RCA connectors. I used a dvd player power supply (+5/+12/-12) and works fine. Here some pictures. But I have a problem: with a 18F452 the LCD works fine, but when I use a 4685 it gets stuck after pressing/rotating a little bit here and there (but the rest still working, it plays notes and I can change parameters ...). I looked around and realize that 4865 works in 4-bit mode with the LCD, but still the problem afte
  7. Thanks for your reply Imp, fortunately I have a 18f452 and did the connection test with it and all OK ... :thumbsup:. Then I loaded setup_pic18f452_mbfm_tk.hex and the LCD showed me the mbfm menu ... :thumbsup:. Then I loaded the 1kHz test sound and it sounded in all the channels ... :thumbsup:. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: !!!! I don't understand why the LCD doesn't showed anything with the 18f4685 ... I used the latest .hex files: bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f4685.hex mios_v1_9g_pic18f4685.hex setup_pic18f4685_mbfm_tk.hex Maybe because of using the minimal requirements?
  8. Hello, I'm making the MIDIBox FM and at this momment my system is like the minimal: CORE with PIC18f4685 + MBHP_OPL3 + LCD + bankstick. In this I posted that some pin of the YAC512 was unconnected to ground. Finally I finnished the MBHP_OPL3 without ground plane, so the ground of 5+ was unconnected to the ground of +12-12. When I tested the module for the first time the OPL3 chip got a little warm, I did the connection test (mbfm_interconnection_test_v2) and the D0, D1, D2 & D3 pins always reads 5V. The remaining pins works OK (the LCD worked OK too). After this I loaded setup_pic18f4
  9. I do understand it's upside down, in my case I have to connect the pin 2 to groud because I'm not making the PCB with ground plane (toner saving :wink:) and that's the only commponent (appears to be) is not physically connected to ground line. Thanks for your replies.
  10. Hola MidiFos, recibí la confirmación el mismo día que tú, se demoró un poco más de 3 semanas en llegar, tal vez sería útil preguntar en los correos de tu país porque eso me han acosejado cuando hago compras por ebay cuando se demora mucho. Un saludo desde Chile y suerte en tus proyectos midi.

  11. Hola ¿Me podrías decir cuando recibiste el mensaje de que tu chipset había sido puesto en el correo? Lo que pasa es que hice un pedido, recibí la confirmación de Wilba el 14 de febrero pero el sobre no llega. Pensé que ya estaba perdido hasta que vi que tu recibiste tu sobre hace unos días. Necesito esa info para ver si sigo adelante con otras compras a Wilba. Saludos desde México.

  12. Hello everybody I realized that in the IC2 (upper YAC512) the VSS pin is not physically connected, however when using ratsnest appears connected. I'm not a specialist but how can IC2 work without a ground? Thank you in advance :smile:
  13. Yesterday I've received my opl3 chipset thank you! :smile:
  14. wow monokinetic! thanks that's a good page, I will try that circuit and follow the Janis1279's indications and post the result, if doesn't work I will follow the nILS's indications and hope for the good will of an midiboxer :D . Thank you everybody. TomCody
  15. Hello everybody, I'm starting gathering the part to make an midibox fm and I realized the difference between a crystal and oscillator ... but too late :tongue: 'cuase I bought a bunch of crystal from ebay. I know there are a lot of webshops but the shipping to my country are very expensive compared to ebay. So I've found this page looking for a solution: http://www.gaby.de/z80/uexosc.htm I saw the scope pictures about the 74LS00 circuit and looks like a nice TTL pulse at the output :thumbsup: , so this may work, but the guy doesn't specify the max frec. this cicuit will work (the circuit
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