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  1. MBHP Burner Software

    I managed to find P18 V1.7 if anyone ever needs it. There is a later one (V1.8) but I don't have it.
  2. Boards and Panels

    I thought SmashTV and Wilba stopped making them a while back. It looks like I'll have to wait and see if Modular Addict comes back.
  3. Is it still possible to download P18, PBrenner etc. from anywhere?
  4. Boards and Panels

    Is anyone still producing control panels and circuit boards for the MB6582?
  5. SID/CORE Setup question

    I think you'll still get full conttrol of both SIDs with a MBSID V2 stereo setup.
  6. Data SID synth

    That is an excellent effort!  I'm in the middle of something similar myself but using the 1541 as a case.
  7. I did just stack the standard PCBs (although I had to snap the corners off the SID module and shave the inside of the enclosure a bit).