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  1. Can this push-button work?

    As you can see I'm a newbie in electronics but I've done a research and understood that I need a Single Throw / latching action / Push-Push Switch (NO-momentary). I've found some interesting push-push buttons, I actually love this "anti vandals" design (yes I know that they are expensive) : In particular, the third button of this list (MSM 22 LA) seems to be the right choice for my purposes but I like also some piezo ones. Do you think I can connect piezo buttons to midibox? Scube P.S. An useful link for newbie :
  2. Can this push-button work?

    Hi Stryd. Yes I know its diameter :) I was searching for big and long-life is link with the lamb installation instructions, I don't know if it can help you Thanks, Scube
  3. Can this push-button work?

    Hi There, I know midibox since two years and I think it's the time to build my own Live controller. I think that my project is pretty simple, I just need 8 sliders, 24 knobs and 8 buttons that will activate/deactivate the 8 channels of Live (activated = led ON / deactivated = led OFF). My questions : is this push-button compatible with midibox and with my purpose? If not..should you suggest me some other? Thanks, Scube
  4. MIDI latency

    Can you suggest me the best linear 10K faders? I can spend 4-5 euros each one. Honestly I searched for fader implementation and I found motorized sliders only..I understood that I have to connect the sliders to AIN modules but I did not found infos about soldering and connections  :'( Some suggestions for this also? Scube
  5. MIDI latency

    Thanks for your suggestions Roger. Unfortunately my PC was well configured..the problem was the UC-33 controller. I remember that the rotary encoders worked very well, with a pretty fast response..the s**it were the faders. Anyway, I know and I agree with you that DSP are better than general purpose first audio card was a glorious TripleDAT..I still use it for its realtime spectrum analyzer ;) Scube
  6. MIDI latency

    Ahaha :) Honestly I already opened that controller to do a sort of work of art  ::) Anyway...1-64 ms are a great timing I think.. I'd like to use ECLER faders - products - spare parts It's a serious spanish you think I can use their faders? Sorry, I know that I have to study better the midibox documentation  :-[ Scube P.S. thanks for your detailed info
  7. MIDI latency

    Hello, A couple of years ago I got an Evolution UC-33E midi controller to control Ableton Live parameters in "realtime"...a disaster. The faders were so slow that it was impossible for me to use them in my live sets..the latency was horrible. So I opted for an audio mixer. Sources -> Soundcard -> Audio mixer This method is fine for 2/4 stereo channels but the analog way is impossible for 16-24 stereo channels (too large mixer + lot of audio OUTS). seems that I have to use MIDI controllers. I'd love to have a "quasi-realtime" MIDI controller.. how fast is the response of MIDIbox faders? Can it simulate analog faders and fast volume changes? Hope it's clear and that no one will take my post amiss  :P Scube
  8. Where is the led matrix?

    It's possible that in ucapps website is not present what I'm searching. It's possible also that I have to use assembled boards for my 64 led display / matrix. Please can somebody tell me how I can use this in my midibox SID? Thanks, Scube
  9. Where is the led matrix?

    Thanks Jidis, I will find better in ucapps website even if it's strange that there are not dedicated pages for Led matrix  ??? Anyway..I'm searching other motorpots and you can be sure I will inform you if I will have good news  ;) Scube
  10. Great construction work but sincerely I don't like the sound of this beast...quite tiny and noisy  ::) Scube
  11. Hello Folk, I'm surfing hardly ucapps website and I'm printing and studying all midibox components but I don't find anything about the led matrix construction. I'm searching for something like this page or something that explain me how to connect the matrix buttons to the core. Can you help me? Thanks, Scube
  12. Motorpots

    Yes, it's cheap but it's also quite slow (obviously)  :'( We can read : "At 6 Vdc the pot varies from minimum to maximum resistance, or vice versa in about 8 seconds." I assume that this motorpot cannot be used for realtime external control.. My new question : what happens when the external signal is faster that 8 seconds? Scube p.s. another useful search keyword is "motorized servos"
  13. Motorpots

    Thanks for your clarification George  :) OK, I'm doing other searches and I found the following...approx. 4$ for each one! Anyway, the second link contains an useful customer comment This item is a linear I need a log one? Scube
  14. Motorpots

    Hello George, thanks for your quick answer. I'm sorry, I think I don't understand well your question. Are you asking me where are the specifications for that "low cost" model? Do you think I have to change the subject of my post? I'm Italian and 1) here is 2.20 am 2) my english is not perfect  :) Scube
  15. Motorpots

    Hello, I know that you recently discussed about motorpots "ALPS 10KBX2" but I don't find anything about them on google. Moreover, the Ucapps MF module page tells me that "They are working without problems, since they are very slow compared to faders." So, my first question is : is the following motorpot suitable for MF module? If yes, do you think it is fast enough? The low cost model MPH22A7FCP22E, if I understand well it need about 1 sec for 300 degree (1-turn pot.). I'm searching on google using motorpots - motorized pot / potentiometers - motor potentiometers.. a lot of keywords but I did not found a lot of motorpots... do you have other links? Thanks, Scube