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  1. Audiocommander, I wrote your spell and it became alive... Your're a magician! Thank you a lot! Pablo
  2. Thanx, Stryd, I followed your instructions and everything worked ok! I've just posted something about MIOS_Timer not working on GUISim, though, heh, there's always something new to stumble upon! ;-) Cya Pablo
  3. Hi! I'm having trouble using MClock_Timer(); in GUISim. Something as simple as: void Timer(void) __wparam { ++counter; } doesn't work in guisim, but it does in the midibox.. Is there something I have to set especially for timer to work on guisim? Thanx a lot Pablo
  4. Hi! If I understood you well, I took makefile and where it said OBJS=$(OUTDIR)/pic18f452.o $(OUTDIR)/main.o I added mtc.o so it now reads OBJS=$(OUTDIR)/pic18f452.o $(OUTDIR)/main.o $(OUTDIR)/mtc.o Sadly, I got the same error, and what's more, once the project is built, makefile returns to it's original state. thank you, anyway!
  5. Hello people! I'm starting my way programming in c, and made my first steps using Notepad++. Everything was ok, but then I saw that with Acsim i could test my apps without flashing the pic. So, following the instructions in the wiki I started to setup Codeblocks and all the needed other things for ACsim to work. It's been complicated, but everything seems to be right. Everything but: I have a project based on mclock, where there's main.c and mtc.c, with their respective headers. When I try to bulid the project, either as debug or release I get the error: error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_DoRew", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_DoStop", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_DoPlay", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_mtc_state", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_Timer", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_Tick", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_Init", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_DoFwd", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_FPSSet", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_MTC_DoPause", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_mtc_long_timeMSW", required by "_output\main.o" error: missing definition for symbol "_mtc_long_timeLSW", required by "_output\main.o" ERROR! Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 1 seconds) 0 errors, 1 warnings It seems it cannot find the definitions in mtc.h Although they are just as they were when using Notepad++ and there was no trouble at all. I copy the start of main.c, and some parts of mtc.h //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Include files ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include "main.h" #include "mtc.h" //#include <cmios.h> //#include <pic18fregs.h> #ifndef _DEBUG_C #include "cmios.h" #include "pic18f452.h" #endif ------------------------------------------------------------------- mtc.h: #ifndef _MTC_H #define _MTC_H ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Global definitions ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Global Types ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // status of MTC typedef union { struct { unsigned ALL:8; }; struct { unsigned RUN:1; unsigned PAUSE:1; unsigned START_REQ:1; unsigned STOP_REQ:1; unsigned CONT_REQ:1; }; } mtc_state_t; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Prototypes ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void MTC_Init(void); void MTC_Tick(void); void MTC_Timer(void); void MTC_FPSSet(unsigned char rate); unsigned char MTC_FPSGet(void); void MTC_ResetMeter(void); void MTC_SendMeter(void); void MTC_DoStop(void); void MTC_DoPause(void); void MTC_DoPlay(void); void MTC_DoRew(void); void MTC_DoFwd(void); unsigned int MTC_GetTimerValue(unsigned char rate); ____________________________ As you can see, mtc.h is included in main.c, an the functions not found by the linker are declared in mtc.h. So, it's puzzling me beyond my efforts. I know it must be some stupid thing I'm overlooking, but, well, I spent many hours and couldn't find a solution. Thanx for your wise advice Pablo
  6. Yes, i did. That's the problem being among others who share your passions... You're original ideas stay only ideas. The "original" part it's usually left apart. ;) I'll see what comes up to my mind, I think i'll end up making an "it's-been-made-many-times" thingie, but by my own, at least! Cya, P
  7. :D Isn't it already done? I mean, a Midi Router Midibox project is in the site afaik.. I would have loved to, but someone (you know who "someone" is, heh) did it first! What I'm planning to do is some midi realtime processor. Obvious idea, an arpeggiator, but I'll try to come up with some more midi-processing ideas. Well, ideas are easy to find (convert this to that, etc.), thing is they should be useful, right? ;)
  8. Well, here it is. Sources www.giboon.com/pablop/midi_router/Sources.rar Full Installer www.giboon.com/pablop/midi_router/Setup_Midi_Router_V1.01.rar Full mabrymidi release, source codes, ocx, license, etc. www.giboon.com/pablop/midi_router/mabrymidi.zip This is not necessary if you use the installer, but this is the way its meant to be distributed, according to its license. The sources of the graphic controls is still to come. (I have to find the last version). Hope someone finds this useful, cya.
  9. Hey Stryd Yes, I think this is a good place for this thread, nevertheless misc is not very "exciting". :-) The Mabry MidiLibs are Free Software (I always mean Libre when saying Free), and so there wouldn't be any trouble at all in that respect. I think it could be asumed that I should be able to distribute the source code without a problem. I'll try to inform myself a little bit (want to read the GPL license during the weekend) and I suppose the app will be publicly available next week. BTW, what does "PDW" mean??? ;-) Cya Pablo Oh, I found it!, Google you mighty God. :-/ You mean "Package and Deployment Wizard"? Yeah, I can make an installation package with that. I actually made it, and the PDW puts the VB runtimes oleaut, etc. inside it...
  10. Hello people, I've written a MIDI application some time ago, and although is not strictly related to the MIDIBox Project, this community has given me so much and I'd like to share this with you. The program is basically a MIDI Router and was written for a friend of mine, and is aimed to Live performances. Here´s a screen capture. It offers three "Slots", each of them can be connected to a different MIDI port or to different channels on the same port. Each slot is able to: * filter Midi events by pitch (to create keyboard zones), * filter Midi events by velocity (you could for instance stack different sounds at high velocity values, but play just one sound when the velocity sent is low) * filter modulation, pitch wheel, sustain, or other controllers. * add or substract a velocity value. * transpose notes up or down. * send a program change to the port/channel you designate. * send bender range message. They have also the possibility to midi-learn keyboard zones. (for the lazy ones) Each whole configuration can be saved as a preset (there are 127 of them) which can be named and you can copy one to another. Presets can be changed by sending the app. a program change. And that's the main idea, you are playing on your keyboard, and by changing your "sound" you will be able to send three program changes at once to your virtual instruments, and as explained above, apply all the filtering and changes the program is able to do. It is programmed in Visual Basic 6,and thus needs installation (VB6 runtime, an ocx for the customized buttons, and Mabry Midi I/O -open source- for accessing to midi ports). I would release the ocx for the buttons would be released as free software as well as the app. remaing all free software but the VB runtime. I've never released any software, and so, I'd like you to help me to do things the right way. Especially, VB runtime not being free software makes me wonder whether the whole thing can be released as free soft. One more thing, for routing MIDI to Virtual Instruments it's necessary to have maple virtual midi cable, Hubi MIDI Loopback Driver, or any other similar application. cheers, Pablo PS: I've read the stickies and know this post is not strictly a user project as defined here, it may even not be the place to post this. I hope no one gets pissed off! PS2: if anyone would like to try it, let me know.
  11. Hola Eduardo, sí está bueno tener un congénere de estas tierras de la mala calidad, la baja tensión y el siempre bien ponderado "lo atamo' con alambre" :D ¿De dónde sos? Suerte con eso! Pablo PD: que los potes no lleguen a los extremos a veces, puede deberse a la baja tensión? o más bien otra cosa? pablopo@giboon.com
  12. Pablop


    How bad are they?
  13. Happy Birthday and long life to MidiBox!!! An applause to its father! Thanks TK!
  14. Em.. ok, acabo de ver tus conocimientos, y entiendo que quizás no haya sido de mucha utilidad lo que te acabo de decir. Mis fuertes son justamente del otro lado, soy pianista, y trabajo con MIDI y audio desde hace 17 años, pero de electrónica toco de oído. Lo que sí, también soy de Argentina, ciudad de Bs. As. así que cualquier cosa, podemos pasarnos datos que nos sirvan. Abrazo, Pablo
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