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  1. Hi, is the 0.4 alpha the latest version of the hardsid.dll?

  2. GM5x5x5 Bauteil Frage

    Huch, späte Antwort, aber immerhin:
  3. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    Well chosen, the day of the 33rd prime! Well done, dear spokesman!  The atmosphere is still being slightly tuned, but things are looking good :)
  4. GM5x5x5 Bauteil Frage

    100n funktioniert bei mir seit Jahren einwandfrei, was aber niemanden davon abhalten soll, den "richtigen" Kondensator zu nehmen.  Der Footprint vom EEPROM ist auf der ersten Variante (weiß) falsch rum. Da ich zur Behebung vermutlich nur den IC gedreht hab und den J4 gleich gelassen hab, werden sich die Leiterbahnen wohl einfach kreuzen. Kann ich - wenn's Dich wirklich brennend interessiert - heute Abend mal nachprüfen. Gruß nILS
  5. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    There will be, no worries :)
  6. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    ArnoNym: Thankees!
  7. [WANTED] Ploytec GM5 Chip

    Hiya Thomasch,   I can't help you with the chip, but I have spare PCBs from the last run. Send me a PM if you need any.   Cheerio,   nILS
  8. [SOLD] Ploytec GM5 chips for sale

    I edited the thread title accordingly.
  9. [FS] Midi Stuf PCB and Projekt

    In case he doesn't - I have spares ;)
  10. easter egg midibox gm 5x5x5

    Well, it wouldn't be much of an easter egg then, now would it? The easter egg is specific to 2 runs of gm5x5x5 PCBs by the way (the red and blue ones). Also, it's really not worth obsessing about ;)
  11. Should be doable, just sign up and let Wilba know in the "comments" field!   Cheerio,   nILS
  12. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    The problem with the lexan overlays is that the initial setup cost is in the $300-400 range. For a run of 50 units that'll add another $10ish to each sammich. Generally it's doable, but it'll cost extra.
  13. There seems to be enough interest, because today a carrier pigeon slammed against my office window with a .zip-file attached to its foot. The unzipped message reads:         Followed by this link:   Sign up and get your sammichSID soon.
  14. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    @rwo: Done.