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  1. 432 hz Box idea?

    interresting!..  Yes, if the timetretching code is here, it could needs very minimal hardware, with of course correct AD/DA converters. There is software witch plays in 432 a music tuned in 440 hz.  But for a recorded music.  I'm thinking about a box for live-playing with instruments tuned to 440. So the latency should be minimal...   
  2. 432 hz Box idea?

    Hello all! A question for programmers:  Could it be possible to create a box witch tune a music tuned in 440hz to 432hz, in real time? It could be a nice challenge for DIY world.. ;-) Best regards, Loic
  3. Doug Wellington (MB-808) Contact / Status?

    Refund has been asked several times in 2013 at the midiboxaddict adress, and in several forums. No answer, no refund... I retried one week ago, when i saw this message. No answer yet.
  4. MbseqV4 and TR808 bassdrum

    OOOOOOOHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH IT WORKS!!!!!! I love you Thorsten!!! many thanks!  wonderfull!!!   I'm silly, i realize how it was simple and behind my eyes!!! ahahaha   I tried with GM5, in midi, impossible to query the core, (see photo). Core receive reset command, but no answer received in mios studio. After that, Mios studio didn't want to close. I had to use window to close mios studio that was totally blocked.  I've repeat that several times. In midi in, i receive strange parameters modification like program change, some notes, note off, on channels i never use. Last year, it was inverse, seqV4 application was loaded with GM5 because it didn't work with USB. Now, USB work (not totally, impossible to edit with file browser) and GM5 midi is problematic.   I was thinking about appli like ADW cleaner and Adblock (block adds from internet). A friend installed them in my PC last week. Is it possible they block midi in flux?          
  5. MbseqV4 and TR808 bassdrum

      i can't understand in HW file why allowed values 1-16 if each shift register provide 8 gates. why 1-16? witch value should i select for SR5? (trigger is connected to VS-D0 of the first shift register of the secound Dout.)   Regards, Loic
  6. MbseqV4 and TR808 bassdrum

    Hello, so i've got time on this project, i would like to send a trigger to TR808 kick from the first shift register (D0-Vs) of the secound DOUT module i've installed. i'loaded last version V4.078, with last MIOS. When i try to edit MBSEQ_HW.V4 with mios filebrowser, mios studio says "invalid response from MIOS32 core during read operation" after that, when i Query the Core it seems Core doesn't response in midi IN.   In my text editor photo, do i select the right choice? When i disconnect and reconnect SD card MBSEQ respond like on photo 5. HW -  is it correct? When i put invalid parametters such as XXX on HW file, nothing happen. On photo 6, we see asterix after AOUT * does SEQ says AOUT 16 isn't availlable?   There is a problem somewhere, but where?  
  7. (sold)sammichSID for sale with 2* 6582

    Yes, it is still for sale
  8. Salut tout le monde, En besoin urgent d'argent, j'ai décidé de me séparer d'un sammichSID équipé de 2 SID 6582. La dernière version est installée (V2.043) et les banques de sons et arpèges disponibles sont chargés dans la mémoire. Une alim 12V est fournie avec. J'en voudrais 400€, frais de port compris (envoi sécurisé avec tracking et assurance). J'ai aussi 4 puces 8580, testées ok,  que je vends à 25€ pièce, port compris. Possibilité de remise en main propre sur la franche comté.      
  9. (sold)sammichSID for sale with 2* 6582

    The Sammich is still for sale, 400€ shipping included, all around the world!
  10. (sold)sammichSID for sale with 2* 6582

    i'm in France
  11. Hello all! I'm in urgent need of money, and i sell this sammichSID :sad: , i ask 400€ for it, i've search in the forum a correct price and it is the price i saw the most. 2 6582 inside ,last update V0.43, banks an arpeggio loaded, and a 12V PSU.  Paypal payment. Pm me.
  12. Doug Wellington (MB-808) Contact / Status?

    Ok thanks, pm sent on electro music forum.
  13. Doug Wellington (MB-808) Contact / Status?

    Doug, 3 pm sent since 3/04 to ask you to refund my deposit. Please answer me. Waiting for it.. Thanks, regards