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  1. Mega MidiBox LC

    I've actually a Tascam DM 24, but I fed up with the interface, and more over, I've began to buy MADI. Yann
  2. Mega MidiBox LC

    Hello, I'm a french-native speaker, so excuse me for my mistakes. I would like to build a really big MidiBox LC, like a System5 from Euphonix, with 6 modules of 8 fader. I would like to have 8 pots with ring led for each fader, so I will have 64 pots on one "module" of 8 fader, 384 pots for all. 16 pots by fader would be slightly better , because I will have 4 EQ to control directly under my hand for example but 768 pots begin to be really expensive ^^ I would like to have some touchscreen on this midibox, for that I will use an ARM, I'm using the "ARMadeus" project and it will be separate from the pic but I would like to interface them for some controls. I would like to have 2 joystick for 5.1 mix. Does someone have already coded and used a joystick for that ?? I write this on the forum because I would like to have your opinion on this project . Do you think it's realizable ? How much do you think it will cost me approximatively ? How much time I will spent on this project ?? Yann
  3. Hello, I would like to know how much cost this midibox, because I plan to build a really big midibox. Yann
  4. Hello l'affaire est réglée, merci. oui je sais que c du diy ici, c juste que j'étais pressé :)
  5. I know the feeling to have accomplished some thing, but I've clearly enough time, my groovebox have fallen down so I try to find a sequencer to do a fiesta , in less than 10 days...
  6. Bonjour, Je cherche un midibox SEQ à acheter très rapidement (avant le 15 juin), si il y a qqun qui souhaiterait vendre la sienne en France de préférence, ou dans les pays limitrophes, je vous serais gré de m'en faire part par mail. Je sais que l'esprit est plutot DIY, et de construire la sienne, mais je suis pris par le temps ! ( Je sais comment fonctionne les séquenceurs, y a pas de problème ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I would like to buy a midibox SEQ before June 15th, if someone want to sell his SEQ, preferably in France or Germany, Swiss, Spain, Italy, it would be nice to contact me by mail. I know that I'm supposed to build myself the SEQ, accordingly to the DIY philosophy, but I've not enough time ( and I know how a sequencer works, thanks ;)). Yann
  7. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Hello I'm happy that I'm not alone ;) I will create a site on http://projetguitare.free.fr, visit this site one time a week to see what it become. And visit the ARMadeus site to see which developpment board I want to use :) See U Yann
  8. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Okay. I wil try to adapt the MIOS and cie to an ARM architecture. If I can't, I will try with PIC. I will create ASAP a website to coordinate all the subject concerned by my project. Does anyone want to join me to create this ?
  9. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Up Up Up UP Up  ;D ;D
  10. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Yep, A Midibox guru is in the place !! :D Thank you for your idea. The Shifty's Death Synth can make very interesting sounds :) ... Yeah, it's the Korg Kaoss Pad built into the Matthew Bellamy Guitar which have given to me the idea of having a touchscreen interface for my guitar :) Concerning the Wireless Midi, even if it's - maybe - more complicated, I prefer to have an inside built wifi interface, because a wifi driver is in the writing process for the uclinux for arm & cie ... So I will use this ... And imagine, with a usb key, if I want to jump with my guitar, op, the USB is unclipsed and no sound - oops :) Now I know what I want, after one day to compare and search, I will join the association near to my home, and use an ARM9 processor with linux embedded, not an AVR32, because we can find more things for ARM than for AVR32 and I've not enough time to developp myself all what I want to do. My question now is : has anyone tried to use an ARM instead of a PIC for the midibox ? Have you some onboard wireless chip to recommend ?
  11. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Hello, Fortunately not. I don't know if you have this magazine in your country, but we have in the Elektor magazine of this month an example of USB which need normal AVR chip to run it http://www.elektor.fr/default.aspx?tabid=29&forumid=13&postid=5594&view=topic. My project take a new turn : I've found in the city of my school ( Mulhouse in Alsace in France ) an association who concentrate of the Linux embedded. http://www.armadeus.org/ . It run on ARM9 and Spartian FPGA . They have written some driver - a wifi driver is in project :) - and a community is created around this project. I've written to know if I can do AVR32 too, because the AVR32 is not really far in the conception of the iMX200 (ARM9). If we can find a compromise, i think i will agree to this community, it will maybe accelerate the guitar project :)
  12. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    I've speaked about this in the begin of the discussion : I'm searching for a very powerful and compact battery system, but I don't find what I want actually ... Do you find the wifi chip is a good idea :) ?
  13. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Hello Concerning my project, for the wireless transmission, the only thing which allow me sufficient datarate is a wifi chip, or an other chip bsed on the OFDM modulation (DAB,..)... Do you think it is a realistic idea to implement this ??
  14. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Yep, I like too the Sounds from Zara's dream :) I haven't found solution for the RF, but I've found a practical question for the midibox expert: I will use the normal solution for the MIOS & cie. But I want to interface a touchscreen controlled by the AVR32 ( it's too much for the PIC) to the Midibox. Does the Midibox allow this ? Controlling by a XYtouchpad instead of a sensor or a pot/fader ??
  15. A midicontroller in my guitar !!!

    Okay, I understand better what's the concept. However, I don't want to need absolutely a computer with my guitar ... A friend has told me of the product of Zilog, has anyone heard about this product ??? He said me too that it's utopic actually to want transmit multichannel audio by wireless, I will look at powerful RF chip, and if I'm not lucky, I will concentrate on the transmission by ethernet or ADAT ...