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  1. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

    Hi again, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in this troubleshoot thread, thanks for all your help! Last week my sammichSID has finally been completed, after replacing the propably broken original LCD. Everything is finally working as expected. Sorry for this late reply and thread necromancing. This thread can now be flagged as "solved".
  2. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

    Hi again,   I resoldered the LCD without success. It is still showing only the first row with all filled rectangles. I played around with the two brightness and contrast thingies on the side and noticed, that i could only see these rectangles if the contrast controller is all the way "down". if i slightly (maybe up to 5%) rotate it up the rectangles fade away, so the display only shows the blue background "light". the brightness control barely has any effect: the brightness only changes slightly while turning the control from min to max.   I am kind of stuck now, has *anybody* any idea to try/measure? Could the power supply be a problem? (see initial post)   thanks
  3. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

    hm k... then i will check the soldering points on the LCD again. maybe even simply resolder that part or finally try a replacement LCD. Maybe there is really something wrong with my LCD. If the values are in their expected ranges like you said, then the problem has to be the LCD/LCD soldering...   thank you for your help! :-)
  4. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

    Hi Thorsten,   I just finished your proposed test.   The first measurement has taken place with detached control PCB. I measured the soldering points of the connector socket on the backside of the base PCB.   For a second measurement i have added the control surface PCB and measured the soldering points on top of the connector, directly on the LCD. Since some voltages have changed quite a bit, i have measured the backside of the base PCB again (in some cases) and could verify the different voltages with attached control surface PCB there, too.     with control surface/lcd detached RS off = 0,09V B- = 0V D0-D3 = always 0V   with control surface/lcd attached RS off = 0,09V B- = 1,78V D0-D3 = either 0V or 5V   Best regards.
  5. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

      Right. I have the "white on blue / low power" (5V, 25mA) type. Text on backside: DISPLAYTECH 202A / 94V-0 CP5 KW     Best regards
  6. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

    I was able to successfully use the sammich with my DAW to generate nice sounding audio output! So at least it's currently working in "headless" mode. as far as i can see, the control surface is working, too. :-)   I have tested the connections between the PIC/GND/etc and the LCD connector/interconnection stage (tested for continuity) which seem to be fine. could there be a problem with the LCD itself?   Before installing the PIC/ICs, while measuring voltages on the PCBs i accidently shorted pins 5V and GND (on the LCD) with one of the multimeter's test leads. The display went dark and comes back to "life" immediatly after releasing the short. Could i have damaged some kind of controller unit of the LCD?   Best regards     Edit: added "(on the LCD)" to specify shorted pins
  7. sammichSID: troubleshooting [SOLVED]

    Thanks for your fast reply.   Yes, the LED animation stops after about 3 seconds. Only directly after inserting the bank ICs and rebooting, the animation runs for a longer duration.   Is there any concrete target temperature to be expected for the heatsinks and SID chips, so i could check if their temperature is in acceptable range and not way too hot?   @3: i thought MIOS is preburned/installed on the PIC? Would MIOS Studio even install the SID application if MIOS isn't there? @1: i will check that   Best regards
  8. Hi,   i've finally built my sammichSID, which has been waiting in it's package for quite some time now. after soldering i measured the voltages between various points, with success. so i happily inserted the minimum amount of ICs (left out SIDs and banks) to connect the whole thing with MIOSStudio. I connected the midi cable, power supply, switched on and followed the building instructions of this step.   MIOS Studio could successfully connect to the core and received the upload request. The manual says i should see a MIOS welcome message on the LCD after installing the PIC. But all it shows are the well known "top row of full recangles", exactly as before without inserted PIC. Even after successfully installing the SIDv2 Application via MIOS Studio the display does not show anything beside the rectangles. While rebooting the LED-Matrix show a kinda weird "animation", but i think thats normal behaviour? (it does that too, while formatting the bank ICs - while LCD still shows nothing of interest).   Another problem: how hot should the heatsink and SIDs become? I have inserted them to try if i could at least use the sammich without the LCD for now. After a short amount of time the heatsink and SIDs become warmer and warmer. Not as hot to burn your finger while touching, but hotter than i expected. Is this normal? I checked the voltages on the SIDs like described in the manual: it says there should be exactly 9V between pins 28 and 14. I measured something aroung 8.6V. Is this "exact" enough?   LCD: "white on blue" low-power LCD (included in kit) SIDs: 2x 6582A (included in kit) Power Supply: DSA-0151A-12 UP (12VDC 1.4A, unregulated) USB/Midi Interface: Neusonik uMIDI/O22   Since i'm more of a newbie in the field of electronics (soldering is ok, but not as much theoretical background), i hope someone can help to debug this problems. Thanks in advance.
  9. mine arrived today, too. thanks a lot! :-)
  10. all right, thank you! :-)
  11. hi, i stumbled over a german ebay seller/webshop for x0xb0x kits/mods. the project itself sounds interesting, a 303 clone - kinda desirable :-) ive just wondered, if thats a trustworthy source for that project, because ive read somewhere, there aren't any kits anymore (sometime in 2008?). does someone know this site/seller? is it scam? the shop: http://www.x0xsh0p.de/ ebay: http://cgi.ebay.de/x0xb0x-TB-303-Clone-kit-Bau-Dir-deine-eigene-303_W0QQitemZ170439914638QQcmdZViewItemQQptZStudioequipment?hash=item27af02b48e gretings!
  12. as mentioned in the topic title: i need 2x 6582A sids for a future sammich project. a price somewhere around 37.00 EUR (56.00 USD/60.00 AUD) + shipping costs would be great. i will pay as fast as possible with paypal (or via transfer/"überweisung" to german bank accounts) on confirmation of order. this will be my first diy project, so i hope it's not already dying in planning/collecting parts stage. :-) thanks/greetings, sven --- wie im titel erwähnt: ich brauche 2x 6582A sids für ein zukünftiges sammich projekt. ein preis um die 37.00 EUR (56.00 USD/60.00 AUD) + versandkosten wäre super. ich werde schnellstmöglich nach bestellbestätigung mittels paypal (oder überweisung auf deutsches konto) bezahlen. da dies mein erstes diy-projekt sein wird, hoffe ich, dass es nicht bereits bei der planung/auftreibung der teile scheitert. :-) danke/grüße, sven