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  1. Update (20th june 2014) -   Current pricing on midibox panels -   mb6582 panel sets (front and rear) - GBP 85 mbseq 19" panels (single panel) - GBP 80 / GBP 85 mbseq 17" panel sets (for desktop enclosure) - GBP 80 (top) GBP 35 (rear)   There may be some of the above in the 'shop here - http://thebeast.co.uk/?post_type=product   ...but, if not, drop me a line, and ill cut-to-order.
  2. EDIT -  I have asked people to confirm their interest in this project.  The following members have confirmed (with their email address) -    WilHelm*   If your name is not above, and you want it to be, please pm me with your details. I have to order in the rails for these.  I will not over order, so, please, if you want a unit, make sure your name is above!       Because i make panels for people's Heidenreich cases, I'm aware of the trouble and expense of getting hold of the chassis units. A lot of us also lost money with Marco's issues.  Basically, its never been an ideal situation.   Below are some photos of something i have been working on to get around the issues above.  
  3. I have edited the first post of this thread with a member list - if your name is not on the list, i will not make a case for you! : )
  4. Could either panel mounted DIN sockets be used, and wired to the pcb, or those pcb mounted sockets that have the holes in them for panel mounting?   ...i mean on the higher section?  It does not look like it would be too close to the screens?
  5. ps if there is to be I/O on the top panel, then a case longer than 17" (84hp) would be required.   My personal preference would be that the I/O was on the rear, but ill cut whatever anyone wanted of me.   One issue that is not so easy is the card slot.  That is not easy to DIY neatly.  A way around this would be to cut the case roughy, and then fit a nice overlay to the back that covered the rough hand cuts.   I do not have one of the moog cases, nor a functional mbeq, so, whilst i could check the top panel, it would be hard for me to confirm the rear.
  6. That certainly looks like it would do the job - good find! I reckon the back panel would be good for ports, but it would require some work. I can have a look at the CAD to see if the CS pcb will fit behind a euro panel.  Its obviously fine on 3u, but euro has that bit less height.   I have no attachment to my proposed case - what i said in my initial post is 100% true - it is simply a solution to the lack of heinrich cases - so if there is another option, i would very much support that also.    
  7. Ok, time to get my act together on this one, and start ordering up parts. I have recently acquired a load of reclaimed mahogany which i think will make great ends for these too. I did ask before for PMs from those who were seriously interested, and i think i only got a couple.  Either my request was missed, or... ?   Please include your email address in your request, as i will confirm via email (i find the forum delays message notifications sometimes, whilst email is swifter) If you are one of the (very) few who have previously messaged, might i ask you to re-confirm and to include your email?   The reason i need to know is that the rails have crazy postage / cutting costs, and i could really do with knowing numbers before ordering, as re-ordering will be a pain.
  8. Like some kind of fool, ive just uploaded the same image 3x, and cant for the life of me figure out how to delete 2 of them. The only possible way seems to be to delete the whole folder. Have looked in the help files (nothing) and even done a search of posts, but still cant work it out : / Julian
  9. Hello,  I need to put some time and money in to convert the prototype design (as seen in the photo) to a "final" revision, and ive just not done that yet, because i did not feel there was much demand.   I should probably just go ahead and complete it though...
  10. Forgive the rain spots -      http://thebeast.co.uk/?product=19-seq-v4-panel-3mm-black
  11. fs: 19" matt black mbseq v4 panel (3mm)

    ...going afk now, but mail me if you need to.
  12. fs: 19" matt black mbseq v4 panel (3mm)

    Ok, sounds like the bud box with a rack front is what you need then.    
  13. fs: 19" matt black mbseq v4 panel (3mm)

    If you want to, you could use one of the bud boxes for the rear. I have a design for a 17" bud box, but it would be easy enough to add rack ears to the file, so you could make a shallow rack mount.   Are you wanting to rack, or are you wanting a desktop?
  14. fs: 19" matt black mbseq v4 panel (3mm)

    You can just use any generic rack case that has a flat front. If you were uk based, i could point you to a selection of retailers, but im sure there are similar over your way.   Eg this one would be fine -    https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/3u-19-inch-rack-box-n36an
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  17. Ive just added an "item" to my shop - a combination deal for the mb6582 build. Includes one pactec pt10 case (nos), and one set of mb6582 panels. These cases are cheaper in the states than in europe, so, whilst its still cheap for americans, its an even better deal for anyone in europe.   Here is the link -  http://thebeast.co.uk/?product=mb6582-pactec-pt10-combo-deal
  18.   My PCBs turned up this morning, so im going to start checking some dimensions, and get these cases sorted. Obviously the design is not 'final' at the moment, but the delivery cost on the curved sections is so high that it would be sensible for me to get a show of hands as to who would like one of these, at the projected price (GBP 170) with the discussed alterations.  Shipping will be at cost. The ends on the finished units will probably be oiled oak.  The top and rear panels will be engraved.  Tops will be black text on silver, or, if you would rather, white text on back.  Same for the rear panels.  The curved sections have to be silver. Rear panel will be cut for the new core, with the expansion port, and the Midi and  Quad-IIc-MIDI boards.     I wont condemn you if you express interest, and dont purchase, but please dont ask at this stage unless you are seriously considering the purchase, as i dont really want to over-order a load of parts.   I would rather a PM than a +1 on the thread here.  Do both if you wish!   Thank you,  Julian
  19. The case will have to have some tilt, to accommodate for the rear panel components, just maybe not as much. It seems that you probably have "your" bolts though! : )
  20. Current status on the cases with the curved edges is that -    Im waiting on some pcbs from modular addict, and then ill check some measurements for the new core, and alter the design a little.  I hope to make the case flatter also (ie a lower back panel, so less tilt) Ill probably change the bolts too, as evreyone seems to want countersunk ones.   Then ill make some more.  Limiting factor is mainly how long modular addict takes to ship the pcbs.
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  22. no, probably the ac-433 from this link -  http://www.budind.com/view/Aluminum+Enclosure/Aluminum+Chassis   Ive not confirmed that it will work, but i cant see why it wouldnt.  The top is aprox 25mm deeper than needed, but then the heinrich cases require bits cut of of the rails to make the screen mounts fit, so its not like a little extra clearance would be that terrible. Most of the rear panel holes (for most users) are round, so easily diy-able.  The usb socket is not, but possible to do by hand.  The SD card is not really needed, as it can be done over usb anyhow. It may not be quite as elegant as the Heinrich case, but the total package would probably come in at less than half the cost.  Wooden end cheeks etc. could be added by the end user as required.  
  23. Hello,    Panels can be a range of colours, as can the text, however, the curved profile can only be silver - which is why i kept the panel silver to match. The nuts on the ends can not be recessed, as they are actually nuts, and not bolts.  Well, they could be recessed, but then the recess would have to be large enough to take a socket to fit over the nut.  Allen fasteners are not possible.     Another option that i have been considering, which would be a load cheaper, is to just make up top panels for the Bud case that is a little over 3u in 'depth'.  Last time i looked the cases were about GBP 30ish.  If i cut a top panel, builders could then drill the rear to match their chosen config.  More work for the end user, and less elegant, but cheaper.
  24. bumping this -   everything purchased has now been shipped, but there is one sale unit remaining...
  25. To "celebrate" the mb6582 boards being back in stock, ive listed a handful of panel sets in my "shop" at a 20% off reduced rate. Given that these panels are quite expensive, this is a great saving - they work out at GBP 64 for the set (which, i think, is LESS than half FPDs price?) The sale items are all matt black with white text, as per the item in the top right of this photo -  There are only 5 sets available at this price though.  The shop manages inventory, so, if theyre not listed, theyre gone. Here is your link -  http://thebeast.co.uk/?product=sale-midibox-mb6582-panel-set-20-off If you were considering building a SID device, getting one of these, rather than a panel from FPD, will lower your build cost considerably! Happy building!