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  1.   It’s become increasingly challenging to find suppliers that stock the original C64 sized power switch for MB-6582 and sammichSID. My standby had been the Retroleum shop: But, they're not shipping at this time, due to Covid-19 impact   I managed to find two suppliers on eBay that seems to have good on-hand supply:   Suppler based in UK     Supplier based in the US   Cheers!  
  2. Yo! See picture. Finally decided to part with a way-too-long-ongoing project. A little history about this piece of crap... I started this project many years ago. I was gonna have a SID synthesizer, and I was gonna have the best SID synthesizer. So I bought the sexy junk in the attached picture. Full of energy, I started to put this together. This was finally going to happen. But as it usually works - sometimes life takes some turns here and there that is not exactly planned for. Suddenly, there was kids. Then a larger old house (piece-of-shit) suddenly was mine - or rather the bank's :D hehe. Needless to say, this house was the perfect for me and my family. It was located in a very nice place, and needed a lot of renovation. Actually a lot of renovation can't really start to describe how much renovation it needed. So I created the Technobreath's Legendary Box Of Shame. This is where I put all the midibox projects (well mostly midibox projects). This is the box that was gonna look at me, one day, when I was finished working on the house renovation. It was gonna look at me from the shelf there with it's big strict eyes telling me to start pick stuff out of it and finish it. Yeah... As I don't respond well to threaths, the box has been sitting there - giving me the most evil eyes you can think of - and I have just given it the evil eye right back. So this is how it's gonna be. My face is getting wrinkled, and my hair is turning gray from all those evil looks I've been giving that box. Now - gray hair is something that I usually welcome - it's how it is. One gets older and older. And with the gray hair comes WISDOM! Which brings me to the damn point! I'm getting rid of this piece of shit. It's been nothing but trouble for me. It doesn't make me happy anymore. Hehe - to be a bit serious tho. I'm selling this also because my SID build has taken another direction. I no longer have any need for a CS like this. What you see in the picture is what you get. There is obviously NOT 2x PCBs. It's a picture of front and back so you can see what it looks like. It has been put together, and put in the box. Never been used or abused. The panels obviously need a bit cleaning (finger marks here and there which will wash away). But there are no scratches or any other dings in it that I can see. It is as u see. PCB has all components (iirc - so check it yourself) soldered. The PCB is bought from SmashTV's midibox shop back in the day. The panel kit is bought from julianf (which should really speak for itself when it comes to quality - this is professional stuff!) The encoders is bought from SmashTV. I have taken away the ball inside all of them except the menu encoder, so they are smooth - not clicky. All other components - LEDs, switches and the rest is noname brand bought off ebay. The only catch here, is that I have never had the chance to test it, as I never finished that build. The stuff is located in southern Norway, and I can ship to anyone who wants it. Obviously you need to pay for the shipping. This is not included in the price I want for it which is: 99 PayPal Euros! The way I came up with this price was like this. I took a look at the current prices for these items new. Then I took away one kadam to honor the midibox community, whos concept this is. :). This means, New price today, sliced that a bit off for good measure, never added the components to the cost - so they are free. Since it's never been used, even tho it's aged a bit, it has aged very nicely, so I think that's a fair way to do it, without totally killing julianf's panel sales. I also have a large box of knobs. I believe the 6582 originally was designed with the Waldorf knobs in mind. I have various colors, and I can throw in enough of those to make this even more complete if you are interested. I need a symbolic amount of money for those. TLDR: For sale. 99 euros. Can add waldorfs, paypal. Sold as is, untested. Buyer pays shipping and any other costs related to import. Drop me a message under here if you are interested in this piece of history. Well my history at least hehe. For ithat to be as transparent as possible, I will not accept PMs on this. It's only fair that everyone can see what's going on. First one that wants this will get it. After an agreement is reached, buyer will pay immediately. I have very low tolerance for BS. Shipping will be done only when full payment is in my paypal account, and it will be shipped within a couple of days after payment. If you by any chance feels that the price is to high - please - don't hesitate to make me an offer. I want this sinking stone gone! :).
  3. I have a number of pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale, already flashed with the latest MIOS. I recently flashed them to help out a fellow MIDIbox community member building an MBSID, but who is not responding to PMs anymore... Shoot me a PM if interested, asking price is 7,50€ (what I payed) per piece plus shipping. I am located in Germany. Regards, ilmenator
  4. Hi, It has been a while - we have moved and i had to do a quick new studio wiring test yesterday night - using some original MB6582 "acid" basslines created by TK.! Many, many thanks for them! :) This was done in only about two hours and is not really a full track (thus the new v4+ was unused). In this video, most sounds are created by DIY devices: * MB6582 for a pair of 8580 SIDs in stereo bassline mode * Mutable Instruments Anushri for the lead * LoopA prototype for simple sequencing * DIY polivoks stereo VCF to filter the drums Thanks for watching and listening and enjoy the weekend! Peter  
  5. Hi, I'm finishing my MB-6582 and can't find where I messed up. Encoders work, LEDs work, buttons work but don't do what they should do. Third bottom button for example makes third horizontal LED line blink, and LED's go on and of everywhere every time I push a button (LCD menu also changes) Encoders work fine. With the matrix test every LED lights up except the Control Env LED. When I push buttons nothing happens en the LCD. No shorts on the U20, 5V on the pins coming from JD5 and 10kOhm to 5V on every pin. I have not used the BC547 transistors and have bridged across. But that should work, right? Will be great full for any insights! Cheers FC
  6. In need of SID 6582 chips

    Hi there folks, New member here, can someone help me find 4 or 8 6582 chips? Thanks in advance.    
  7. ALL SOLD. Thanks for the interest everyone!   For sale: two complete MB6582 kits. Price is per kit; housing/panels and SID chips sold separately — see below. The only things missing are LCDs, LEDs, power supplies, internal fans, pushbuttons, and half of the encoders -- all easy to obtain. [SOLD] kit available @ $100 [SOLD] housing/panels available @ $40 [SOLD] 8x 6582 available @ $40 ea., (from Wilba w/ capacitors) tested [SOLD] 8x 6581 available @ $30 ea., still testing [SOLD] 3x relabeled (fakes) 6581R4AR, still testing I have been sitting on these for years + just don’t have the time / drive to get to them. Will consider bundled pricing on the SID chips.   Buyer pays shipping. Details TBD.   Thanks!        
  8. Microwaved

    Hey, it has been a while, this song sat on the sequencer for too long and had to be finalized one way or another :). Only using the LoopA (i have to get back to MBSEQ goodness soon :) and six MIDI loops in two scenes, hope you like it :) The next videos uploaded will be build videos for the new SEQv4+ and the LoopA, so you will be spared from new songs from me for a while :) Thanks for watching and listening and enjoy the weekend! Many greets, Peter
  9. Hi, I'm selling two midibox instruments: - sammichFM in acrylic enclosure. Works 100% (knobs, pots, display as it should). The sammich comes with no power plug, just the sammichFM as pictured. asking EUR 230,-    - MB6582 fully built in Pactec enclosure, with red display. Includes 6 x 6582 SIDs (NOS ordered back then via Wilba) and 1 x 6581 (ripped from a C64). Here comes the story:   It was working 100%. Then I had the MB6582 in storage for about 2 years. If I turn it on now, it will boot up correctly but some of the encoders/buttons will react, some won't. The situation which encoder/button works changes with each start of the box (on/off). So I'm a bit clueless what the issue here is. Maybe it is a wire problem from the Control surface to the mainboard. But I can also not hear a sound when triggering via midi. So this is probably only for someone experienced in debugging... The MB6582 will come without the Rean knobs which I have put on for the photo. I have a spare C64 power plug which I can provide. asking EUR ??? . I really do not know what I could take for this? Parts prices? I'm open for sensible offers... Please note that I want to sell the MB6582 'as-is' ie not selling the SID chips separately. Both midiboxes can be picked up in Frankfurt/Main Germany or shipped to your place (price plus shipping cost). Thanks and Regards, Frank
  10. Anyone who got a spare window for MB6582?
  11. [SOLD] MB6582

    SOLD   Hi all. There is MB6582 for sale. Was built in 2014, and then was powered only 10-20 times i think. Too much for me listening SID files and not using all the power of the synth. Back panel is not standard as it was problems to find the power switch and MIDI sockets, so i used mini DIN sockets with Creative Labs adapters from old Audigy 2 ZS Platinum. Also there is no power adapter included, the power can be taken from PC power source or you just can use other 5+12v sources. The synth has internal mini amplifier with small stereo speakers placed at left and right of the case.It can be completely switched off (yellow knob is the amp on/off switch with volume control). All 8 SIDs are 8580, 4 of them have broken filters (2 working, 1 not), don't know how to price them, your offers on this 4 are welcome. I bought them from china seller and was not able to test them in a deal protection period, it was too late when i tested them. I have not calculated how much i spend on components, need few days to find the purchase history for most components, so i'll post the price later. Edit: according to payments history i spent 685 USD. This includes half-priced 4 SIDs with broken filters (bought from china seller for 120usd, priced to 60usd). Shipping (US and EU calculated) will cost 50 USD = total 735 USD. Edit2: as i'm going to travel in september for 3 weeks, i'll give 60 usd discount to buyer before 1 september. That will be 675$ with shipping. If you are interested to buy this unit, welcome to discussion or pm me.  
  12. Hi guys, I've finished building the base of a mb6582 (including display) and so far everything seems to work as it should (Woohoo!). However, after reading Hawkeye's CS tutorial, I've delayed soldering components onto the control surface PCB until the front panel that I've ordered arrives. Until then, I'd like to rig up a minimum CS using a breadboard and switches/encoders for basic parameter changes (menu scrolling, etc). Is this possible, and if so how? Even with TK's instructions I'm not quite sure how to go about it. 
  13. [WTB] MB-6582 panel set

    As the title says, If anyone has a spare set of front and rear panels they want to sell then I'd be interested in buying them. I'm not too concerned about colour or condition, only that the price including shipping to New Zealand beats what I'd need to pay to fabricate a new set. 
  14. SID Love

    No time for anything (sorry, Andy :-)) but the occasional MBSEQ jam ;-) Big thanks to Shuriken for providing the Anushri boards, what a great little synth! Have a relaxed winter season and thanks for watching and listening! Peter
  15. DAWless

    ...laying down some patterns, while the little one is asleep ;-) (only had the left hand available for jamming, because the right hand held the cam :-)) Thanks for watching and listening :-) Many greets, Peter
  16. Update: The box is now sold. Hello! I have sold my MB6582 and thus have no use for my 1U rack mounted eight channel PSU/VCF/VCA expansion box. It contains : PSU: 230V input. Powers all Components in the box plus the MB6582 via a cable that fits the MB6582 power input connector. DA-converters: Four nicely soldered AOUT_NG boards control the filters and VCAs. They are controlled from the MB6582 via the expansion port. Analog filters: Four SSM2044 boards fitted with eight SSM2044 chips, relays and styroflex capacitors. Audio is fed into the filters from the MB6582 via audio jacks. VCA: Two SSM2154 boards for amplitude control of all eight audio channels. VCF output is fed into VCA input. I haven't used the box for a few years. Last time I used it everything worked well but because of all wiring, the box is sold as is. You should be able to trouble shoot if needed. I can guarantee that all boards are good though! Based on historical prices for the individual boards, I am asking $800 / €700 plus shipping and if lack of interest I will sell individual parts of the build. Any suggestions are welcome. All the best, Johan  
  17. Wondering if anyone else has had the same issue I am having right now, or if any one knows how to solve this issue? I was playing around with my MB-6582, and of course I have to mess with every option available. I came across the DOR (Disable Oscillator Reset) option and decided to give it a try to see if there was a noticeable difference when switching patches, which I didn't so I turned it back off. I didn't immediately notice any changes or problems. I turned off my synth and when I turned it back on I noticed that I could first off not hear the Mios startup jingle. After that I was not hearing any sound from my initial patch (Pulse wave on Oscillator 1 for L&R). I checked my DAW and saw that there was audio signal going to the channel, the patch was just playing at a very low volume. I tried to adjust the volume from the CTRL panel and this did not change the volume any louder. At this point I started troubleshooting my cables, my audio interface, my monitors and concluded that the issue was with the MB-6582. I tried different patches and when I got to the ones that throw out a relatively high signal I had full volume of those presets. So I decided to test any idea. I switched back to the initial patch and started messing with the oscillators. It wasn't until I used the Detune function past 4 that the regular volume of the patch returned. I tried this on other patches that were have the same issue and it was consistent. Every time a switched to a new preset I had to for most of them use the Detune to bring back the expected volume. I turned the DOR back on and found a loud preset and then as I switched presets they all had their volume back. Is there a reason why activating the DOR and then turning back off would cause this issue? Additional troubleshooting I performed was restarting the MB6582 multiple times,reinstalling MIOS and MBSID, even tried deleteing ensembles in case I accidentally save something in there.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. MB6582 single power supply

    Hello all,   I am building my MB6582 and I would like to use a single regulated 12VDC wall adapter. I already read different posts related to the MB6582 power supply options, but I am still in doubt...   Question: can I directly use the 12VDC rail for the SIDs (6582) and a switching regulator to derive the +5V rail?   I mean: any problem in terms of noise in referring both the rails to the same GND instead of superimposing the 9V to the 5V one?   Thank you!   Walter  
  19. Flow Motion

    Hola,   it has been a while, but now: Full throttle! Made with a MBSEQ and a MB6582, a few other synths and a gimbal-stabilized-cam DIY hexacopter ;-)     Thanks for listening and watching and have a great time! Peter
  20. MB6582: what's wrong with PICs?

    Hello all,   I almost completed my MB6582 and I am stuck at testing the main board. My idea is testing the PICs are running before inserting the precious SIDs.   I flashed all 4 chips with "setup_mb6582.hex", but nothing happen on the LCD...   I also flashed the 1kHz test FW --> nothing... :no:   Supply voltage is OK on all pins and MCLR (pin 1) is high as expected.   Cannot see any waveform at the oscillator's pins (10MHz XTAL and 33pF caps are OK). I would say the internal oscillator is not set for external xtal...   Anyone got a similar problem starting from blank PICs?   Thank you,   Walter
  21. Hi all,   I've been lurking around here on the forums for a while now. Some years ago i built my first MBSID v2, completely based on the modular mbhp. The device didn't last very long as i decided to do some modifications and then never finished the work. So poor little sid had to wait for some time, but now i'm back putting the system back together. this time with a mb6582 board.   Now, this board is actually finished and tested and looks good and is supposedly working. But there's this one annoying problem i can't get rid of:   i can upload to the first core (id 0) and it clones to the second core (id 1). After that it resets again and gets stuck for a while with this display output:   Cloning Slave 02 Address: 0r Reset   After this core 4 (id 3) gets cloned properly.     Sadly, uploading the SID application to each core separately doesn't solve the situation. The problem stays and after every "cold" boot, the problem occurs again, sometimes even after the reset after core 3 got cloned.   important to know: i'm working with an adapted setup_8580 at the moment, the control surface i (re)built is customized and a mix between mb6582 cs and old sid v2 cs. but that's another topic, first i have to get the thing to boot properly. I've also tried all the other .hex files, but they don't help either.     Well, i've already spent way too much time on this, any input is appreciated,   cheers, Jakob    
  22. Selling my MIDIbox stuff

    Hello,   I am already some time here in this forum but this is my first post and I never thought to sell my equipment.... My family needs space.......   Here is the list of my equipment:   2x MB6582 (just the base PCB is soldered, 1 control PCB partly soldered, power supply suitable for 8580 and 6581 SIDs), displays! I made a lot of photos of, so if someone considers to buy just let me know and I will provide pictures! Further I have PAC-TEC desktop housings but no cover plates.                      â‚¬ 350,- each   SID-chips (some of 8580 (diff releases), 6581´s (maybe six)   â‚¬ 30,- each   AND I HAVE A LOT OF   COMMODORE STUFF!!!!!   1pc. C64-Breadbox case, Datasette, Joysticks, Floppies, PSUs, 1 grey C64, cables, etc.  please ask!   I am quite busy during the week, so please be patient if I won't answer immediately. I´ll do my best to answer you as soon as possible.  
  23. I'm approaching the final stages of my MB6582 build and am wondering if the fan is really needed. I absolutely hate fans in gear in my studio and have gone to great expense removing/replacing them in a lot of my gear where possible. My build currently has 5 x 8580 SIDS with the view of adding a further 3 x 8580 in the future. I guess I'll need to install heatsinks on all the SIDS. I'm going to get panels cut and I'm thinking the best option would be to replace the fan cutout on the back panel with some slots to allow cooling via passive convection. Has anyone got any reason to believe this is a bad idea?
  24. Obsidian Session

    Hola,   long time no other music posts here, sorry for spamming the forum, I hope you post some other music soon, before I get banned! ;-)   Anyways, had a small live session last night, featuring the fantastic MBSEQ V4 (can´t wait for the mbseqv4 plus model, yeah, more notes per track! :smile:). For me, this workflow is fantastic, impossible to do this in software with any DAW (tried some), so many thanks to TK., who made all of this possible!   Also many thanks to J, who constantly provides me with new hardware recommendations, for example the DIY Polivoks filter was his tip - and it is a blast (easy to build, cheap and sounds fantastic, e.g. on basslines or on the SID sounds)!   Well now, enough talk, thanks for listening and watching, hope you enjoy the summer!     Many greets, Peter
  25. Polychrome

    Hola,   just in time for the weekend, a new live MBSEQ V4 session and a multicolor vector voyage! :-D   Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching and listening! Peter