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  1. Backlit knobs?

    Anyone know where u can find / create backlit knobs/faders I would like my new case to shine in the dark. I did some searching online but couldn't find anything. Much thanks, Jamie
  2. the longer lead indicates positive. resistors it doesnt matter.
  3. Firebox controller for ableton

    more updates still need to solder the adapter that connects the AIN modules with the pots, but my soldering iron broke so things are slow. http://jamiearchibald.blogspot.com/search/label/midibox
  4. I have decided to post my weekly updates on here. I will be building a 4 channel controller for ableton using concepts from the Maven, Mackie and Aurora controllers and also from my own personal design concepts. parts from smashtv. very professional! midi box core and other stuff almost complete testing the ain for the first time determining the layout
  5. I've been looking everywhere for faders for my Panasonic potentiometer. Can't seem to find them anywhere. I can't remember the part # but they are similar to this http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/738169-pot-10k-ohm-slide-45mm-std-fader-ewa-p12c15b14.html
  6. The Nice Knobs Thread!

    another manufacturer i found http://www.kilointernational.com/knobs/jd_series/jd_series.html
  7. Firebox controller for ableton

    hey guys, havent been here in a long time. been busy rennovating my house. anyways im back to work on my controller. i've decided to keep things simple, and the reason being is because a friend of my gf owns about 40K in machine shop equipment so i am able to finally experiment with my front panel. i decided i am going to make things simple, use the mixer briefly for a few gigs, and see what is missing before i add more buttons, lights, etc. here is the panel cut. this weekend i wll be cutting the holes for the knobs. hi res image here http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ZdR1AjzO6Bk/STxXSUm32-I/AAAAAAAAADE/uaSGgbghcsE/s1600/DSC02803.JPG if u cant see the image visit my blog www.jamiea.ca FYI, the front panel is made from aluminum. I picked up a piece of aluminum maybe 60" x 25" at a local metal shop for about $20 CDN. So essentiall i can build two front panels from the piece of aluminum i purchased! yippee!
  8. Canadian part suppliers?

    After getting ripped off by Mousers shipping rates I am in the search for a good Canadian distributor for parts for building my midibox. any ideas/suggestions? they need to carry such manufacturers as ALPS.
  9. Canadian part suppliers?

    so my futurlec order arrived today. the knobs look great for the price. i will post some pics of them later. the only problem with the knobs is that on the website it states they fit a 1/4" shaft, but they do not fit any of the 1/4" pots i have. so now i am emailing futurlec to find the problem. so it roughly took 7 business days to arrive. and the shipping was from taiwan. .
  10. Computer case for midibox?

    i do have a mini-itx system but it would not fit the computer AND midibox. i want a desktop (ie: non-tower) chassis that will likely gold a u-ATX mobo and also host the midibox parts. i want a slim design so it likely wont have a 5.25" drive bay. instead i probably will take the top of the desktop case and fabricate some additional siding to host the midibox parts AND the front panel. this way my midibox mixer is just forged to the top of the case. .
  11. Wondering if anyone has used computer cases for their midibox? Ideally I want to integrate my midibox and computer and have it as one unit. Preferably a slim case that I can also mount the midibox parts inside. Any suggestions?
  12. Canadian part suppliers?

    sorry i've been out of the province and am on vacation. i am home now and still havent received anything yet. im hoping the order will arrive thursday or friday. if you are a canadian resident do NOT order from mouser unless you are doing a big order. i ordered a $7 ALPS resistor from mouser and the shipping was $21, and then the broker fee was another $20. so basically i bought a $50 resistor. problem is that mouser charges flat rate shipping and UPS also scams you with broker fees. .
  13. Canadian part suppliers?

    dont remember the exact day. maybe a week ago. i dont remember the specifics. i will get back to you once the order has arrived.
  14. Canadian part suppliers?

    i made an order with them and the same day it was shipped. still waiting for the shipment tho. should arrive this week.
  15. I've attempted to use Front panel designer however I find it very difficult to do any measuring and lining up of parts. Are there any alternatives (preferably free) to FPD? I have some CAD background from university in AutoCad applications. Cheers.
  16. Your favourite faders?

    Wanted to know everyones favourite faders. I am on the hunt for some decent faders with a fair amount of mechanical resistance (ie: requires me to give them a good push). Preferably 10mm in length.
  17. Firebox controller for ableton

    i already have the LCD purchased 24 character. here it is. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&item=250265180050
  18. Firebox controller for ableton

    haha yes sorry. it can display characters, thats whats important ;)
  19. FPD to DXF?

    not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I have my front panel designed in .fpd format. I need to convert it to .dxf front panel express offers a plugin to do the conversion however i am cheap. would anyone here who has the filter be able to do the conversion for me? cheers, jamie
  20. utopia live!

    i live in halifax, however i wish i lived in montreal. i really don't care if its aluminum or steel, as long as its sturdy and is cut properly and i can get in black thats all i care. .
  21. utopia live!

    i designed it using front panel designer via front panel express. here is the beta layout http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php/topic,11847.30/topicseen.html the order page said it would cost $210 without shipping alumunum 3mm thickness i live in eastern canada. gmail is jamie3@gmail.com
  22. utopia live!

    my panel is going to cost around $250. maybe we can work out a deal! do you have msn?
  23. FPD to DXF?

    i googled this an no results
  24. FPD to DXF?

    yeah i seen the fpd -> pdf -> dxf, but i was worried that it would not retain the depth/thickness information.
  25. Firebox controller for ableton

    so here is the initial layout of the front panel. still needs some work and more exact measurements I am building a midi controller for ableton. mainly for Djing. It will contain the following 6 channels   - volume   - 3 eqs + kill   - 3 assignable effects + on/off   - channel select Master   - volume   - 3 eqs + kill   - 2 assignable effects + on/off   - master select   Tempo control Mackie Navigation   - up, down, left, right   - play clip/scene 40x2 character LCD (red) Built in sound card (likely Motu traveller)