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  1. indeed, else i would not be hankerin for a midi version. i have 2 in fact. as i said before, with the edp you set the beat length ahead of time with the eighths-per-cycle parameter. the tempo is then derived from the cycle time. you can go the other way as well, setting bpm ahead of time and then the device executes multiply during initial record. one or the other is required for synch, and for the awesome quantized functions in the edp. don't worry if you are not a coder, there are plenty around here and design ideas/testing are valuable. otoh, the device tk linked may suit you nice
  2. looks like an interesting little guy, but it's nothing like the edp...
  3. in order to synch, you will have to specify the beat length or the tempo (this is how the edp works too, with eighths-per-cycle and bpm) there will also be ram limitations to deal with, but some simplifications can help, like only working with midi notes, or a limited number of layers, limited time resolution etc... for a midi edp, two hurdles come to mind immediately: - midi notes have note-on and note-off pairs. overlapping these will result in incorrect output. the data structures will have to take care to keep these pairs together and avoid overlapping. overdubbing will
  4. heya, "Agent86", hows about hooking me up with 99? teh chat sure does miss dw... among others...
  5. mmmmm chinese spam, lightly killed, butter cream envelope...

  6. abracapocus! rise ye olde thread... here is my latest attempt to move towards the william's ideal. and where are the pics of all the young d00dz labs?
  7. smash came by and washed my car

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    2. technobreath
    3. bugfight


      i didn't even think to snap a blurry phone pic... might have been great publicity for his comeback tour

    4. technobreath
  8. woah, real instruments, is that allowed? hehe very nice!
  9. muahahhahaha wilba thought the world would end so offered up his toys... hmmm taunting the mighty queue in this fashion might end the world after all...
  10. if you order them from a pcb factory, be sure to avoid HASL on the pcb contacts, it oxidizes rapidly and the switches will not work properly. bare copper is a similar problem. i had some success using a chemical plating product called cool-amp which is pretty good for diy pcbs. iirc the sparkfun silicone button pcbs use a silver surface. i think the best idea is to use ENIG or gold leaf on the contacts, but i lost interest in the sparkfun blm before testing this...
  11. hi midibox newbie, this is not an ecommerce site. you are not our customer. your post is coming off as self-entitled and rude, if you did not intend this, i suggest taking a different approach...
  12. wow, i'm late to this party... this looks fantastic so far. 2 cents is still not very many euros, and i have a tendency to generalize applications too far, but i will just bring up a few ideas that may already be too generalized: 1) starting phase for oscillators, this would allow for 4 phase and 3 phase functions (ie solina chorus). it might be enough to just allow 12 start points, which allows exact division by 2,3,4, and 6, but since we are in midi land it might make sense to use 128 ([0, 43, 86] would probably be indistinguishable from "true" 3-phase, certainly so for a chorus ef
  13. dammit, somehow smashklaus got the cookies and left the package without falling for my cunning trap...

    1. jojjelito


      Ahh, hate it when cunning traps are outfoxed.

  14. hiding/waiting for smashklaus to take the cookies...

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      Wasn't it sinterklaas just the other day? Santa Smash is like the gift that keeps on giving - in a good way :P

    3. smashtv


      look again, cookies already snatched omnomnom

      I'm on a horse. :)

    4. jojjelito


      Putting the S in service :) nom nom non. Gingerbread and coffee keeps it going.

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