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  1. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Here's a mad idea, hows about a slight mod of this using a couple of Bassboys running into some analogue filters (Seppos in my case) Could be an amazing hybrid Digi osc/Analogue filter hybrid, all it would need is for this to be modded slightly to have a MIDI out to trigger the Bassboys and the ability to add 12 controls for the Bassboys :)
  2. Nearly back in the game :D

  3. Spare GM5 chips for sale

    Sorry to the people i only just replied to Moved house and all other kinds of crapola Still have some chips available if anybody needs them
  4. MB6582 black with white infill is what i am after JF I will email you or something
  5. Julian can you put me down for an mb6582 set when you have them my man Cheers Flexi
  6. Spare GM5 chips for sale

    I have 12 spare bought for a project that is not happening now 4 euros each plus shipping Flexi
  7. I nearly have room for a workbench again , yay


    Price doesn't matter ? OK i'm game I have one you can have for $42,000 ;) NAS
  9. Finished At Last!

    Awesome Love that look and the C64 keys are brilliant Flexi
  10. nILS will tell you that i actually devastated a GM5 It's a long story but needless to say i put so much heat through it with the iron it should have been liquid I am not kidding now i was pulling my hair out after hours trying to get it to solder (Involvinga broken iron and everything, a true nightmare) However even after all these hours of frying the chip i eventually used a different iron And got it to take and the thing still works perfectly now Just don't give up on these things A technique that i use now (And im sure people will laugh at this) Tin the pads on the board Tape the SMD in place using a piece of insulation tape then heat up a leg until you get a tack Then just solder it best you can and don't worry about excess solder Then use wick to clean it up and make sure there are no shorts Hope this helps but all i want to do here is stress that these are doable even by a complete knuckle like me Flexi Oh PS i have done a few more since and each one gets easier as you get more confident ;)
  11. Pactec PT-10 Order - Reloaded - new price

    Nestle 1 Tamiflu 1 ilmenator 1 vout         2 boops         2 lucem        1 Flexi          1 Total  8
  12. ABLETON Live wanted

    There are always a bunch of older versions going cheap on ebay ;) Flexi
  13. Why is it called FM synthesis?

    I wouldn't hesitate to imagine that it is called FM because yamaha said so hehehehe If they had called the DX range PM it would be known as PM simple as that ;) Flexi
  14. my midi mon build

    Awesome Flexi
  15. gm5 kit wanted or gm5 chip and pcb

    Not sure he still needs it Twinnie He has blagged another one off me with a 5x5x5 pcb Flexi