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  1. MIDIBox Discord Chat

    IRC is dead and so is the MIDIBox chat too, here is a Discord server. https://discord.gg/V3uK88p Hopefully bringing us in to this century may make it a bit busier too, might even get the forum going again (Lets hope)
  2. Sammich UK PSU

    https://discord.gg/V3uK88p There is the MIDIbox Discord
  3. Sammich UK PSU

    OK gave in and tried, the backlight is definiately dead, not sure if i should chance trying a new screen or if it is just gonna burn out that too LOL.
  4. Sammich UK PSU

    its a SID not an FM, but im burnt out on this, spending hours looking for a power supply after the last one killing my LCD seemingly, its just an outdated design that is no longer usable to be fair, everything is switchmode now.
  5. Sammich UK PSU

    Yeah im not even chancing building my own, that is a recipe for death, it is time the Sammich went in the bin, it is of zero use to me now to be honest.
  6. Sammich UK PSU

    Pricks sent a completely different switched supply, seems it is near impossible to get a supply for the Sammich now in the UK.
  7. Sammich UK PSU

    How can i test if that power supply is linear and regulated ? They sent one, but it isnt the one in the image and it is pretty small too.
  8. Sammich UK PSU

    IRC is dead, thats why the chat is dead, Im gonna set up a discord in a bit, it is sad to see this place like this.
  9. Sammich UK PSU

    Hahahah shipping on that is nearly twice the cost of the PSU :)   I think i probably need to get a new screen too, OLEDs working on sammich yet ?
  10. Sammich UK PSU

    Tried a regulated switching supply, looks like it burnt out my backlight as per a ton of threads on here, but I dont think Wilba is around anymore to contact is he.
  11. Sammich UK PSU

    Its pretty dead on this forum nowadays uh :(
  12. Sammich UK PSU

    Anybody know of a good supplier ? Everything I am looking at is switchmode or EU plug.
  13. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Here's a mad idea, hows about a slight mod of this using a couple of Bassboys running into some analogue filters (Seppos in my case) Could be an amazing hybrid Digi osc/Analogue filter hybrid, all it would need is for this to be modded slightly to have a MIDI out to trigger the Bassboys and the ability to add 12 controls for the Bassboys :)
  14. Nearly back in the game :D

  15. Spare GM5 chips for sale

    Sorry to the people i only just replied to Moved house and all other kinds of crapola Still have some chips available if anybody needs them