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  1. There is another 808 project with single voicecards and Midi-control. It seems that it does not get much attention in the English-speaking world, but I think it's worth to know. Didn't build it though. http://www.msc175.de/DL-808.htm PCBs and schematics:http://www.msc175.de/download.htm
  2. Received my PCBs yesterday! :frantics: Thank you very much, TK!
  3. The following applies to the Midibox CV:
  4. Conrad : KONDENS. MKS02 0,33µF 63VDC 10% Best.-Nr.: 459814 - 62 [Teilenummer: MKS02 0.33 MF 63V 2.5] Regards
  5. In the current issue of the German magazin 'Sound and Recording' is an article about the Berlin Duo 'Motohr' (a play on words: 'Motor' - same meaning in English - and 'Ohr' <-> 'Ear') and their gear in the series 'Kult: Freaks@Home'. Among is a Midibox MB6582. :cool: '2 : 'Nord Rack 2 and a Mackie Mixer, underneath a DIY-Midi-to-Drum-Interface, Xox SID-Chip-Synthi (sic!) a Syncussion-Clone as well as two XoxBox 303 clones ... 3 : The Xox SID-Chip-Synthi has a stylish plexiglass frontpanel. It is fourfold multitimbral...' It seems that any sound generator, that comes in a
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