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  1. Verkoop onderdelen MIDIbox 64e

    200€... ?
  2. Verkoop onderdelen MIDIbox 64e

    Ter verduidelijking: Alles in volgend pakket wordt verkocht voor slechts 250€. Gedeeltelijke verkopen gaan door vanaf 20€ per bestelde pakket. Heeft er nog iemand interesse?
  3. Due to various reasons previous bidders canceled their offer. Everything in the package is still for sale for just 250 €. Sales of separate parts from the package will be made starting at 20 €. Anybody interested?
  4. Verkoop onderdelen MIDIbox 64e

    De verkoop met een andere member hier gaat door omstandigheden niet door. Heeft er nog iemand interesse? Je krijgt best veel waar voor je geld.
  5. You can get the arcade buttons at: http://www.arcadeshop.de/ Sanwa OSBF-24 djtechtools.com has them too
  6. Verkoop onderdelen MIDIbox 64e

  7. Everything new costs more than 420€, and that is still unassembled. I have to admit 250€ is a pretty good deal myself. We really prefer to sell everything at once. We will not sell single components but partial sales are also an option.
  8. I added a list of all the parts in the start post...
  9. Verkoop onderdelen MIDIbox 64e

    De verkoop staat nog steeds open... bumpje
  10. Sorry for the very late reply. Yes you can buy only the modules but I really prefer to sell all the parts at once. The price can be discussed. EDIT: All the faders are the same as listed under the parts. We didn't buy a higher quality fader for the crossfader.
  11. Verkoop onderdelen MIDIbox 64e

    Hallo, Iik heb een thread aangemaakt om een aantal dingen te verkopen: Alles wordt verkocht voor slechts 250€. Gedeeltelijke verkopen gaan door vanaf 20€: Dit was onze oorspronkelijke doelstelling met bovenstaande onderdelen: Als er iemand interesse heeft, aarzel niet me rechtstreeks te contacteren via e-mail Mensen uit Nederland en België die interesse zouden hebben komen beter in aanmerking kwestie van verzending etc. Groetjes, Koen
  12. Hi everyone, We started a MIDIbox64e last year. We can't finish it anymore due to various reasons and we want to sell it to somebody who has the courage and knowledge to build a nice MIDIbox. We intended to build this: We prefer to sell everything for around 250€. (everything new costs over 420 €) The price can be discussed. The package includes everything in the image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/guust-fi/5145185927/ Parts list spreadsheet.xls Basic 20x4 character LCD - Black on Green 5V Super Bright White leds - 10000mcd Icecube light pipe switch Mini pushbutton switches - tall DOUTX4 v2 Rocker Switch AINX v2 CORE v3 PIC 18F4620 Midicables - black Flat ribbon cablen, 16 pol. 5 meter Leds red 3mm 10k pots Neutrik plug din gold 5pin small encoder jogwheel, plastic, black, ca. 60mm prototype soldering board 100x580 slider knobs slide potentiometers 10k bourns incremental encoders black encoder knobs, no line grey knobs, red line, rubber tacky feel. Detailed info on the parts in the package can be found here: Midi Controller Parts for Sale.zip These items will be included for free: 8 DJ TechTool Arcade buttons Power Supply (230-9V) Shipping We already soldered all the modules (DINX, DOUTX, CORE,...) for you. A case and wiring up all the LEDs, buttons etc. still has to be done. Feel free to contact me by e-mail The original thread about our project : http://djtechtools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6745 Thanks in advance, Koen
  13. The Nice Knobs Thread!

    Anybody know where to find these in black? Might be just me but I can't seem to find some good soft touch alternatives for encoders either. I found a reference here:|lang_en But their site seems to be malfunctioning ant I can't find a way to contact them...