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  1. One more question - Except the US-based webshop, where can pcb's for MF_NG be sourced / ordered from (in Europe, preferably)? Mike's MidiShop seems to be terribly outdated (copyright notice on the bottom "ends" in 2009), and ordering from overseas is more expensive, takes ages, and there's the "risk" of having to pay customs fees >_<
  2. Hey Spirit, Thanks for clearing up part of the issue :) I kinda-sorta gathered that the MF_NG can also be used "stand-alone". And that link shed light on the other part. Very much appreciated! Now, wonder where could i find a couple hundred euros to get this baby started? :whistle:
  3. Greetings, I've got (i'd say) considerable experience with electronics (mostly analog, plus prototyping and repairing various devices), but i'm a bit new to the details of the MidiBox project. One thing i'm not too clear on is this: Is there some way to "daisy-chain" several of these new MBHP_NF_MG together, say 4-5? Is it enough if one creates a "loop" or a "ring"? (I mean the MidiOut of the "main interface" to MF1 MidiIn, MF1 MidiOut to MF2 MidiIn --- MFn MidiOut to "main interface MidiIn) If i understood correctly, these can even be used without an MBHP_CORE module, right? Or i
  4. :o WOOHOO!! I got a GM5 + pcb today :D Thanks once again, TK ;)
  5. Thanks for the offer(s) :) I've got one more PM to sort out, and then i'll let you know if and what i still need. I really appreciate all this good will and generosity :)
  6. Well, the rush isn't THAT big (yet), anyway. I haven't yet started working on the MIDI toys i wanna hook up to my computer, so... No rush :D Are you in Europe, at least? We should keep in touch; save me one chip and pcb, "just in case" :P
  7. Greetings everyone... Does anyone have a spare GM5 chip and/or single i/o pcb to sell? The group buy thing seems to take forever to get to the 250pc minimum order... Many thanks in advance, Chris
  8. The simplest PIC burner i've come across is the JDM programmer. Assuming you've got a free serial port, you should be able to program the PICs pretty easily, through the ICSP. http://www.jdm.homepage.dk/newpics.htm If you want, i can attach / send you the schematic / pcb i drew up in Eagle, for a serial-to-ICSP (so no IC socket on the pcb).
  9. I didn't mean any criticism or offense about the language, just that i didn't understand 100% what you meant, that's all :) (I prefer to ask for clarification, than assume the wrong things :P ) Hmm... Is there any special reason why there's the "one channel restriction" for the 2550? I carefully read the whole USB-PIC page yesterday, and (i think) the only reason why the 4550 is recommended is that TK only got a post-12-2007 4550 with the EUSART bug fixed, but not a "fresh" 2550. But if there's a technical reason, i'd be curious about it. From what i could see in the datasheet, the big dif
  10. Oops :-[ I guess i rushed a bit, and didn't read that page thoroughly enough. (And i thought the module connected to those 4 IIC interfaces was a Core module...) So Eduy2kk, which configuration WORKS? USB-PIC + 1 IIC, or 4 IIC? And which PIC is in the interface, 2550 or 4550? (I understand, you're not a native english speaker, but your reply is a bit confusing :) )
  11. Greetings everyone... I'm a long-time audio DIY-er, but i've only quite recently started dabbling with/in the digital (hardware) world. Now, for my big question: is there anyway to directly link 2 MBHP_IIC_MIDI modules to an MBHP_USB_PIC? (or to something like THIS ) I'm aware that buying an interface would be far simpler, but... there's no DIY satisfaction in that :P Many thanks in advance, Chris
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