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  1. Pro Tools Compatible?

    Ok, so I posted under Design Concepts and should have posted it here. So is it possible to use a LC type build like Axels or Docs in Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic, Nuendo, Reason, etc? Maybe in HUI emulation mode of some sort? Could someone please read my other post in Design Concepts and let me know if I'm on the right path here? My Control 24 isn't making me happy anymore, but the Harrison, Neves, and SSL's I've been working with are. I've got a line on a Harrison and a Neve, but I want to fully automate it without spending $11,000 This looks like a viable, very achievable option as I discussed in my other post, assuming the Midibox platform will work in Pro Tools for me at least.
  2. Hey, Doc, I wanna see that 40, I am about to jump in to a 48 or 60 Also, see my first post under Design Concepts, though it might get moved to HUI,13843.0.html What are your worst limitations and workarounds? I'd like to know so I know what potential problems I'm facing. Thanx
  3. Dangit.... MOD's.... Can this be moved to HUI section???????? Ok, so forgive me if I am out of place. And for my lack of knowledge here. First post. (I have a bit of knowledge of electronics and programming, so not a complete newb, but maybe close... here) I have a Tascam M-3500 I am tearing into to automate as a first project just to get familiar with the Midibox & LC stuff. This project will ultimately get gutted and transferred/expanded over to the following, so it all points to the final product and I need a little dirrection to get her rollin. The final beast.... To be built very similar to the LC's built by Axel and Doc, but integrated into an analog console...... To be used with Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Sonar, Reason, Etc..... (Mainly Pro Tools, LE and HD) So, being I want it to be cross platform, what is needed to make it work in Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic, Rather than just one platform?????????????? My Control 24 isn't doin it for me. Even with all my outboard. so here goes..... I am about to pick up either a Harrison S-10B or a Neve VR.... will be one of the two. Both are torn partially apart, some components (Strips, PCB's, etc, in need of repair) And neither having a fully adequate automation system. I can get them at a VERY VERY reasonable price...... Keep in mind that these will be completely rebuilt, and very little original architecture left intact. So.... Here's the plan. Faders will be replaced with the likes of P&G PFGM8000 series or similar, depending on which board is in question, and which components are in place, or how I configure the final layout (Log/VCA... probably log) This will allow me motorized faders, and the ability to drive Log/VCA to control the analog stage of the console. Depending on what is actually decided on, the strips and PCB's may be removed completely and sold for funds... ;) Then I can build a series of my own DIY Pre's, Eq's, Comp's, whatever, probably geared on the 500 series platform to make it modular and veristile... In the case of the Harrison, the faders could be left intact, and I would simply build a relay PCB to switch back and forth between onboard automation or DAW automation So... This being the case I have some Q's to steer me in the right direction here. 1) Is the 'MIDIbox Hardware Platform, CORE_STM32 Module' currently available? Or do I have to use the older PIC CORE version? 2) Will the STM32 be able to control the MF Modules? How many can be controlled/daisey'd per CORE_STM32???? 3) How many can be controlled/daisey'd per PIC based core???? A few others: I notice the limitations of the MF board vs Faders, but isn't there a simple way to modify the power supply or something to deliver correct power to the coreless motors? or is that not the issue and I'm missing something? There is a limited number of faders set up for Log/Linear-Servo/Touch & Motorized.... so I have limited selection. I am not seeing the STM Core on the store site......?????? Not yet available? I also don't see the MF as a kit.....???? Would save me some time, and shipping. I'd prefer to just buy all the boards that I need already stuffed to save time. Gonna be a lot of other goodies I can build for this :) Anyway.... Anyone got some input for what all I will need for components (Boards) and number of CORES (And which cores would be best?) Here's the functions which will be of big need/concern: 48 to 60 Channels - Hopefully a way to BANK all at once... many of our sessions exceed 48 tracks Transport Controls Flip Mode - to flip pans and aux sends to the faders when needed. (Also would be nice to target FLIP to individual channels rather than all, but not mandatory) Rotary encoders - AT LEAST one per channel to handle pans on encoders when not flipping (With LED Rings to indicate pan location, or levels for sends, etc) 2x?, 4x? LCD's - Looking for recommendations, seems most are using them over banks of 4 channels. Jog-Scrug-Shuttle selectable on wheel Lot's of buttons - Automation mode controls, Navigation/Zoom controls, Slip, Grid, etc etc, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc etc, and so on and so forth and then some to be decided LED Meters to display DAW levels - A dedicated pair for master would be nice also Time Counter/Display - selectable modes........... Selectable banking / Fader Groups - Possibly on a 'profile' switch so I can switch between my groups, or standard layout There's more, but that's plenty for a start....... So, again, any initial direction, ideas, obsticals seen that would not allow for these functions, links to detailed info on each aspect of the components and programming necessary for this, all would be appreciated. Kind of hard to find specifics on some of this here. oh yeah, and a pic of my lab and about half my gear....