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  1. Hi There are two X-synth board, Icon X-Synth for Icon hardware, with HE10 16 pins connector, and another one, similary to Icon X-Synth hardware (same name ?) with JST 8 pins connector for CME hardware. On my Icon board picture, you can see pinout for JST connecteur for CME. I tested JST and HE10 connectors with ohmeter. I found GND and DIN4 and 5 on 2 connectors but not VCC. I tried to test all others pinout on my board where there are no physical connector, I don't find link too with HE10 VCC. Perhaps, the two boards use different input voltage for each hardware keyboard. If I remenber, in the CME guide (I don't find it again), it used 2 connectors, JST and another one Warning, I don't test it with power supply, only with ohmeter (with 0 ohm detection)
  2. Hi (Salut) Boards on CME and ICon are the same but connectors on them are different. On icon board, there is only one connector HE10 type. If I remenber, on CME board, there are to connectors, one HE10 type, and another one. Here Icon board... Weather must be better in Martinique than in Brittany... ;-)
  3. Cool I live in Morbihan, I'il try to come
  4. I knew that V-Machine worked with a linux, but I did'nt know with Wine too, I thought it use a vst host emulator only.On a "real" Windows and mini-ITX motherboard (ASRock E350M1) , I can't use correctly a lot of vst plugins witch worked with V-Machine... I have an Axoloti board, but I'm waiting to make an enclosure to use it, I destroyed an arduino board with a teaspoon...
  5. I found another one board = 6 X-Synth ! V-Machine is a very cool machine, but there is inside a very noisy fan, and too big plugins, and/or unoptimized plugins (a lot) doesn't work well. I don't know why, but during my test, all synthmaker plugins (not synthedit, they work fine) crashed. But for this price.it's a wonderful machine.
  6. I have 5 X-Synth board, bougth 19€ to 24€... (and 1 G-Synth board) I try one with 9v power supply and MIDI in DIN, it work, and MIDI USB too
  7. I'll test that tomorrow Thanks for your response See image for X-Synth connector...
  8. Hi Benoit I tried to connect power supply 3.3v only (but not MIDI connection), 0v to SV2 pin 1 and 3.3v to SV2 pin 2. USB link with a PC computer doesn't work. I use 3.3v out from an arduino board, perhaps there isn't enougth power for X-Synth board ?
  9. Hi Thanks for all this informations. I have an Icon X-Synth and I'm looking for your schematics. On SV2 connector in X-synth, can I plug, on MIDI_IN_VXP and MIDI_IN_VXM, a direct cable from MIDI IN DIN connector, or from a TX pin microcontroller ?
  10. Hi It's a very old post ! What is the pinot for MIDI connection ?
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