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  1. The NG and the DSP...

    This one could be the alternate an easier way to achieve our goal guys:
  2. Midi, vélocité, after touch, et CC11

    Et l'aftertouch a son message propre en MIDI (ce n'est pas un CC). C'est pareil pour le Pitchbend qui a son message spécifique. Par contre la plupart du temps la molette de modulation agit sur le CC 1. Souvent vélocité et aftertouch jouent donc directement sur les paramètres du synthé ... sans passer par la case MIDI CC  
  3. The NG and the DSP...

    Great to discover now that there is quite some progress on the MIDIBOX / ASX combo !!! I will come back to that topic as soon as I could find time for it.
  4. Cool one, is the stepseq part a MIDIseq add-on to the standard MIDI CC control or do you also remote control a Scope stepseq ?
  5. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Great news.  By the way, I happen to already have some STM32F4Discovery boards ...
  6. SEQ CS board availability

    OK, so 1 PCB ordered ...
  7. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    Added my name for the 75th board !!!
  8. I finally succeed to edit the page and add myself to the list ...
  9. I would also like to get in for 1 PCB but cannot edit the WIKI (as usual my password works on the forum side but not on the wiki pages)
  10. Vaco Loco TRON Sequencer

    Any pictures ?
  11. The final GM5x5x5 Batch Order

    Part received yesterday Thanks a lot !!!
  12. SSM 2044 chips for sale

    Are there any pieces left ?
  13. ASX based MidiBox Synth Project

    I just hacked my Bliptronic to install a Bliptronome v2 to be able to use it as OSC/MIDI device. Just noticed that the connector from the removed board from the Bliptronic 5000 are just the same as thoose necessary for the ASX. So now, I do not even need to source them !!! :rolleyes: Still figuring out how I could relaunch the project. Could also be a nice app for LPC17 prototype testing ...
  14. Finally 100% finished

    Congratulations, one of the smartest MIDIBOX inside keyboard I ever saw. +1 for MidiBox of the Week.
  15. The only information I could find so far is there (quite usefull though): Does any of you ever try to interface this smart looking ribbon to a MidiBox ?