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  1. If you are able to do that I would be glad. Bey bey.
  2. If still wonted, post me the complete and final info with (all) kits, seperated board-pictures and I'll put it all together, clear on one html and send it back to Tim one of these days. (A link to 26 pages with a lot of forum-rubbish, sorry, but I don't have time for that.) Bey.
  3. @Shuriken, thanks for that. @afx if you look to the MB-SEQ V3/V4 orderlist there is stated : PCB's and NOT a single PCB. If you look to the MB-SEQ V3/V4 building pictures itself you can see there are at least 8 PCB's : a Left and Right 2x40 LCD (on a board also with/for encoders), 4 x IIC MIDI board, 1 CORE and (now probably) 1 Espresso board. Then as far as I understand there is still another one, I suppose this is ment the frontpanel, as a Core board should at least be included and is already priced on smashtv (the only one you define) : If you afx get all that so clear, well maybe you can clarify the difference between this one board MB-SEQ V3/V4 and the one in the pdf (made by T. Klose 2009-09-08). I probably pressed someone (Tim) which I thougth was a group of people working together. As I can see now, Tim has job enough and so my excuses to him, but he should have get help. Even if it was just for creating a better waiting/order list or whatever. If I never would have respected the guy how build MB-SEQ V3/V4, I would never have looked to his work and not knowing it is more then one PCB. That should clarify my confusion partly, at least too people how wont read all this. (All others having the same questions, can now also start to say 'I was rude'.) Tim if you have all this explained, spread over the forum, sorry that I didn't find all answers. I.m.o. with some help all that should have been collected on one page clear enough to reduce all questions, even for newbie people how don't explore what you make. Bye.
  4. @Shuriken, maybe your words do enlighten something. Thx. I'm indeed newbie on this forum ... (as I have not many reasons to be here often. I still need a start like building the MB-SEQ V3/V4). I possibly thought wrong : 1) I thought smashtv is an electronic-shop like there are many. 2) I thought Tim has connections in some way with that electronic-shop smashtv. 3) I thought smashtv has many kits, like shown on there website, possible to be orderded. 4) I thought Tim just needs to group and pass the 'MB-SEQ V3/V4 PCB Bulk Order' to smashtv which would collect all PCB's and parts for him. 5) I think (thought) all soldering needs to be done by myself, except the smd on the older core-boards (now probably replaced by the Expresso-board). 6) I thought Tim's job is to create all seperate collection for each person on that order-list. It seems there is no seperate electronic-shop, smashtv is Tim's electronic-shop, his free time work, isn't it ? Wow, if that's true, things change. Yeah they change quit a bit. Still my question isn't incorrect I find, but it places some things in a different perspective. More respect and indeed patience, but most of all : Tim can/may anyone help you with whatever ?
  5. Maybe yes, but that 'waiting list' has a title : 'MB-SEQ V3/V4 PCB Bulk Order'. I subscribed there months ago, now asking if that ment something, is that I rude ? What else is the meaning then of all these bulk order pages ? Simple answers could have been given already : when ? what will it be, look like ? what will(probably) be the cost ? Did any of you do that now ?
  6. I really try to choose my words carefully, especially as it isn't my mother language. But you don't seem to read them carefully : I haven't said I paid already, I even wrote that I don't know the cost yet, so. Is it that difficult to understand that when you order something, people expect to get something (at least an answer) before a next order by the same person is started. That's all I try to explain, further a few questions if everything would still be bussy or has been changed (partly unanswered questions). To me it is quit inappropriate that other people do have to join for an 'attack', if there is a little question for clarification.
  7. Hi MIDIbox Guru, I don't see a reason why this isn't appropriate to write it here, having little time to spend exploring the forum finding the reason 'why does it takes so long'. Sorry. Here I saw a new bulk order is started while I don't have anything I orderded so long ago. I orderded, one piece of everything that is stated in the list. Yet to me it isn't very clear what all that will be or become with all the changes, neither what all cost. I hope to understand everything that is written there, but can't see what it is or will be. Like now, what about the espresso board used for the new core-pcb, is that the case in this order ? So... I have to rely and trust on you people. Finally I hope with what I orderded to be able to build a complete MB-SEQ V3/V4 if possible with the frontpanel included like shown on the link you post here. Greatings, Joris
  8. Hi, I still haven't seen anything from an earlier bulk on which I ordered something. (MB-SEQ V3/V4 PCB Bulk Order) No offence but still : If all takes so long (more then 1/2 year)... I don't know what else to do then making a single (private) order. Joris
  9. nILS thanks, I confused the vertically mounted pullup resistors with the caps (they should be around the same position normally). I think I've got it now. Seems there is even more possible to optimize as those resitors give more room to be positioned.
  10. Met een basiskennis elektronica, geen expert dus... tracht ik de Dinx4 print aan te passen aan mijn behoeften en wat te optimaliseren. Daarbij ontdek ik een (groot) aantal zaken die me toch vragen doen oproepen : De verschillen tussen schema en de print (betreft 74HC165) : In schema : pin 16 met condensator naar de aarde ? Op print : pin 16 met condensator naar pin 10 (verder naar +5V) Volgens schema zou ik op de print dan : pin 16 met condensator naar pin 15 verbinden, die naar de aarde gaat. Verder worden die pull-up weerstanden gewoon niet op de print voorzien (R33 tot R36), zijn die dan helemaal niet nodig ? Hadden die geen nut bij een configuratie met minder 74HC165 op die print ? Wat is er fout of slecht geconfigureerd, het schema of de print ? http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_dinx4.pdf http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_dinx4_v2.brd
  11. >...this is indeed a language barrier Probably look for yourself now in my language (Dutch) : Iemand gemaand Tobsen wonend in Europa zoals ikzelf, trachtte een meervoudige aankoop te organiseren. In plaats van die persoon te laten doen of helpen werden er enkel maar opmerkingen gegeven. Ja, die administrators weten hier blijkbaar alles. Als Tobsen 50 of 50000 PCB's wil bestellen bij Smash, wie zijn jullie dan om je daarmee te bemoeien. Tobsen heeft mogelijk meer ervaring met al die dingen dan jullie, zoniet dan had hij zelf iets kunnen bijleren (met schade en schande, zo gaat het leven). Verder wil ik hier (liever) geen tijd meer insteken. Als mensen mekaar slecht willen verstaan, lukt dat altijd. >1. tobsen did not ask SmashTV if he could run this bulk order before >announcing it, therefore I declare this bulk order invalid. Ja, die administrators mogen hier ook alles. Ja ik verwacht nu wel... daaaaag Joris
  12. Hy, Could it be a replacement for... Isn't that a question ? It should as I intended. Ok, yeah I forgot the '?' I'm still Newbie. >What are you planning to do exactly with the STM32? I released already something about that on this forum, seems you don't read everything too. I can except that, but not if you wont others todo so. >It costs much the same as a CORE32 but doesn't... Well if USD $24.90 = USD $80.45 then indeed much the same ?! It is preconfigured (didn't count the hours work, yet). I don't wont to offend or have any criticism on the MBHP_CORE_STM32 ! Yet to me I hate cables and that just my problem. Now, (and this will possibly show up elsewhere too) I intend to build a hardware editor comparable with the Midibox UC. But... I already know that I'm not able to do all without help. My thougth : It must be a modular concept, as each synth has a different number of parameters to be edited. One module should become a bit like half a Novation Remote. The module is a complete thing, working on it's own or connected to a master module which does transform the simple commands from each module to more complex sysex, memory position, storage, etc. (The master... maybe a VGA output for EG's figures, touch sensitive input...) Each of these modules can be plugged above or beside the other. Plugged without cables (hmmmm) but with card-edge-connectors. This way one can build a specific editor, or build one that could be used for many synths. That's it for now (and...) Joris
  13. Hi, Anyone got an idea about this one ? ET-STM32 Stamp Module http://www.futurlec.com/ET-STM32_Stamp.shtml I found it a few hours ago. Looks good and is completely preconfigured. Could it be a replacement for... Joris
  14. Is the STM32 based Core PCB or kit available in Europe ? Yes or no, it's that simple Thorsten. Joris
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