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  1. Hello. First of all i am an spanish speaker with some knowledge of English, but is not one of my best abilities. Forgive me if i can express my self correcly in English. I will try to do my best. I'm making a transport control for my studio, on where i use Protools 9 & 10. I want a little box with the Play, Record... controls. Some time ago, i build my self one midibox LC, and with that experience in mind, Tryed to use with protools with no luck, because as you may know, Protools only likes HUI. Searching a solution for this, founded another midibox project called mm, a motormi
  2. Thank you for your reply. Can you post the dimensions of your lcds, or brand and model? And what separation are you using for the faders? I am looking this 2x 40 lcd. Datasheet Don't you think that is a bit long?
  3. Hello everybody, this is my first post, and i want to salute everybody. I am here reading for months, and looking the projects made by others. I am building an LC and i have some questions. I am doing one like the Axel's one, Axel in his design, use one 2 x 20 LCD for 4 channels. I want use 2 x 40 LCD like the D2K ones (because is 2 x 40, right?). The 2 x 40 LCD that i found is 154mm Width. With this width i can cover the eight channels, if each channel is 20mm 20 x 80 = 160mm. The lcd is a bit short, but i see on other pics, that other users, uses an lcd a little bit longer than 4 c
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