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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, for the first time! I am currently thinking about building a "hardware scene switcher" to work with VST or AU Plugins (I use Logic). What do I mean by that? If anyone knows the Octatrack made by Elektron: what that can do is what I want to replicate. Another name for it might be something like morphing parameters between snapshots. How it works on the Octatrack: You can play that sampler/sequencer/... machine and tweak all kinds of parameters. And then you can go into another scene, and go on tweaking parameters. Now the cool thing is, that the Octatrack has a crossfader built onto it, which allows you to smoothly blend between the current scene and the one you left. This allows for some very nice live performance capabilities. What I think about doing: Build a little box, that I can use to do this when working with a DAW. It would only have about 4 buttons and a crossfader on it. I hope it could access parameters from a VST or AU (i am using Logic, so AU is more interesting for me), and thus be able to save all of them as a "snapshot" into one scene, when I press a button on my little box. After I saved at least 2 scenes, I could use the crossfader to blend between the scenes. My little box would interpolate a value in between the 2 scenes for each parameter of my plugin and send it to the plugin in my DAW. Currently I think, that I have to use some Mackie Control Protocol (HUI, MCU or Logic Control), to be able to directly access the parameters in my Plugin. I did spend quite some time on research and it seems to me, that this is the only way to be able to get the current value of a plugin-parameter out of Logic. Please correct me, if it can be done without making Logic think it communicates with some Mackie control protocol. For Ableton, something this already exists as a software plugin (J74 TrackMorph). But afaik not for Logic. And I really would like it to be all contained in a little box with buttons and a crossfader. So my questions in summary: Did I communicate what I want to build understandably? Could I use MIDIbox as a platform for this? More precisely: does the Mackie control surface emulation allow this? Edit: Found out, that both full support for the Logic/Mackie Control Protocol and the "Morph"-function to smoothly blend between two snapshots are listed as "planned features" at the MIDIbox NG page at ucapps.de. Sorry – should have seem that before posting. But maybe this post will be something people with the same idea can find easier via a search engine. Remaining question is, if there is a way to do that with a standard MIDI-Controller and maybe the Logic Scripter Plugin – but I think that question is better to ask at a different forum. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, I am very new to midibox, I have a DIN module connected to a stm32f4 core with logictrl.ngc loaded as the default patch. I am trying to get it to work in pro tools ultimately, but I havent been able to get it to work in logic either. I have a single button connected to D0 which mios is responding to, recieving this message [2095799.673] 90 18 7f Chn# 1 Note On C-0 Vel:127 but no response from pro tools. It's set up correctly in Peripherals (set for hui, mios in, mios out) I know there is probably something I am missing, but I'm having trouble finding anything specific to logictrl.ngc in the tutorials or the forum Any help is greatly appreciated! edit: it is working in logic, but still not in pro tools, the versions i have tried in are pro tools 10 and 11
  3. I am brand new to midibox, I don't have any modules yet, as I am trying to figure out which ones to get exactly, I haven't found a sure answer to what I'm looking for specifically by looking in the forums and the general information on the ucapps site, maybe someone could help. I'm trying to make a controller for Pro Tools using 3 MF_NG modules , for 20 channels/faders total since it would be installed in an existing 20 channel console, but I'd also like to have buttons and leds for record enable, channel automation, as well as transport controls and automation selectors (read, write, latch, etc.) as well as leds for the record lights, which for me would be about 60 buttons, and 20 leds at least for the record enable lights. at least Ideally it would use mackie HUI, but I would be fine with using MotorMix if that works better. I'm trying to find someone here who has successfully made a controller with both motorfaders AND buttons/leds who could let me know what modules I would need My first thought was to get a STM32, and then connect the MF_NG modules and DIN and DOUT modules, but in the MF_NG thread there was a post that made me think that might not work. I posted the quotes below, they are from 2012, maybe this is dated? Would it be different since I am only using 3 MF_NG modules? Could I use just a STM32 or would I have to use an LPC17 and MIDIO128? If I did need to use the MIDIO128, would I have to use the LPC17 or could I use it with a STM32? My understanding is that the STM32 is an upgrade in a lot of ways to the LPC17, and doesn't require an external burner. My goal is to keep everything as simple as possible since i'm completely new to midibox. But since it's Pro Tools we are talking about, things can't be so easy.. Sorry for so many questions, any help is greatly appreciated!! Even if i had to use older modules, that would be okay! I just don't want to get/build the wrong components.. I also wanted to make sure this kind of configuration is something other people have gotten to work in pro tools Here are the quotes:
  4. Hallo zusammen. In 2008 hab ich mir eine FX Control auf Basis der Midibox LC gebaut. Eine LC ohne Motorfader nur um die Effekte zu bearbeiten. Hab die zwar auch erfolgreich genutzt, bin aber nie über den Prototypen rausgekommen... Da ich mittlerweile Pro Tools nutze und das natürlich das Mackie Protokoll nicht unterstützt. :rolleyes: Hab ich mir gedacht bauste die Box halt um. Die proof of Concept Phase hab ich erfolgreich überwunden und es scheint alles, was die Mackie HUI kann, machbar zu sein. :w00t: War einiges gefummel in Assembler aber mittlerweile funktionieren Buttons, Encoder und das Display! Nun zu meinem Problem: Pro Tools sendet ein Display Update: B0 0C 1C ;Button Bereich (1c parameter edit) ausgewählt B0 2C 05 ;Button gedrückt F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 04 4C 46 20 51 20 31 2E 30 20 20 F7 ;zweite Reihe Pos 01 - 10 (04 nach der 12) F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 05 4C 46 20 46 20 31 30 30 20 20 F7 ;zweite Reihe Pos 11 - 20 F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 06 4C 46 20 47 20 30 2E 30 20 20 F7 ;zweite Reihe Pos 21 - 30 F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 07 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 F7 ;zweite Reihe Pos 31 - 40 B0 0F 1C ;Button Bereich (1c parameter edit) ausgewählt B0 2F 02 ;Button losgelassen F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 00 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 F7 ;erste Reihe Pos 01 - 10 F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 01 4C 46 20 54 20 53 68 65 20 20 F7 ;erste Reihe Pos 11 - 20 F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 02 4C 46 20 20 20 49 6E 20 20 20 F7 ;erste Reihe Pos 21 - 30 F0 00 00 66 05 00 12 03 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 F7 ;erste Reihe Pos 31 - 40 Die Mackie Leute haben damals das Display (2x40) in 8 Bereiche zu je 10 Zeichen aufgeteilt. Die Box kriegt es aber nicht immer gebacken alle Bereiche darzustellen. Sie übernimmt nur jeden zweiten Sysex String. Init String: F0 00 00 66 05 00 Display Nr: 12 Display Position: 00 (01 02 03 usw.) 10 Zeichen: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Ende F7 Ich kann das verhalten mit MIOS Studio nachstellen in dem ich im SysEx Tool das Send Delay auf 0 setze und die 8 Sysex String sende Hab ich die Box langsam gemacht oder kann der PIC18F das nicht umsetzen? Der von mir zusammengefriemelte sysex Teil: sysex.inc Meine Software basierend auf einem ASM Skeleton proControl2.zip MACKIE HUI MIDI protocol reverse-engineering-session by theageman HUI.zip lg Andre
  5. Hello. First of all i am an spanish speaker with some knowledge of English, but is not one of my best abilities. Forgive me if i can express my self correcly in English. I will try to do my best. I'm making a transport control for my studio, on where i use Protools 9 & 10. I want a little box with the Play, Record... controls. Some time ago, i build my self one midibox LC, and with that experience in mind, Tryed to use with protools with no luck, because as you may know, Protools only likes HUI. Searching a solution for this, founded another midibox project called mm, a motormix emulator that uses HUI, you can found here: http://www.ucapps.de/mios/midibox_mm_v2_0e.zip It seems that the forum topic of this old project, was deleted, because the link will take you to an error page. http://midibox.org/forums/forum/index.php?topic=4839.0 Navigating throught the code, founded where i can change my setup. Only one Shift Register, no motor fader, no ring lights, no encoders. Easy to do on "main.h" file. I also mapped the corrects ID to the first shift register on "mm_dio_table.c". But i am not getting nothing on the shift register. On my oscilloscope i can see the 8 bits the core is sending, eight 1's. And this byte never changes. The protools is recognizing correctly the motormix because, is pinging back to all requests of ping that protools makes. At the end of "main.h" file can found this piece of code: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Global Types ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // status of MM emulation typedef union { struct { unsigned ALL:8; }; struct { unsigned PRINT_POINTERS:1; // if set: pointers are displayed at second LCD line // if cleared: lower part of message is displayed at second LCD line unsigned LAYER_SEL:1; // if cleared: button/led layer 0 active // if set: button/led layer 1 active unsigned GPC_SEL:1; // if cleared: motormix emulation mode // if set: general purpose controller mode unsigned MSG_UPDATE_REQ:1; // if set, host/GPC message will be updated unsigned DISPLAY_INIT_REQ:1; // if set, the display will be completely initialized unsigned LED_UPDATE_REQ:1; // if set, the LEDs will be updated unsigned :1; unsigned :1; }; } mm_flags_t; The comment of GPC_SEL:1; Says if set: general purpose controller mode. And i think, i need motormix emulation mode wich says if cleared. If put a 0 there, won't compile. Maybe is not my primary problem, because that GPC_SEL declaration will be on another file. Where can i set motormix emulation mode? Even tryed to upload the predompiled hex that goes in the zip. But without luck also. I can see on the scope 16 bytes, but they are always 1's. They don't change. The first shift register in the precompiled hex is mapped to ID_REC_READY_X. But they don't change when you press on the rec ready on the pro tools. I am almost lost, because my knowledge in C is also limited, and i can't see where is the failure. My goal is to make a HUI transport control, maybe is there another project better for my needs? I have the HUI protocol, but i don't even know where to start, moreover if i can make run a code that is already made. At least if i can make run a code that works, can try to modify things. But if i can't run the compiled code as it is on the zip package. I can't start to modify things inside, to fit my needs. My circuit with a Lc firmware works like a charm with logic. But i can't make work with any HUI firmware available. Can some one help me. Please.
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