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  1. Hey Guys. So the Red and the Green One are sold. The Blue one (VFD) I will keep for myself because I managed to repair it and fix the VFD issues. However I still have quite a lot of nano swinsids PCBs if anyone needs any ? Cheers Patrick
  2. Cool.. thanks for the update :) Still running both my VFD and OLED Boxes.
  3. iZZE

    My Collection

    My fully equipped MB6582 Collection. VFD and OLED Displays - all with 8x SIDs each
  4. They show on my end.. but I will try to upload them again in this post:
  5. Hey Guys... So over the years I have gathered quite a collection and I need some money for other projects. Green MB-6582 has a normal Display, Red one has a OLED and the Blue one has a VFD Display. Everything works fine - only on the VFD Display sometimes if you move the values too fast it will f*** up the display text. I tried for quite some time to reduce all of the noise on the voltage rails but it never turned out perfect - still happens. I have Power supplies for all of them and they come with original SID Chips or NanoSids depending what configur
  6. I just want to make sure that i will always have at least one that is fully working.. haha.. And i think the MB6582 is the best all-in-one Synth i ever owned - so i have a collector attitude towards it :D
  7. smak

    Hi iZZE,

    Nice Stuff! I wanted to know where did you get the little plastic window for the lcd from?

    I was searching but didn't find one to buy.



    1. iZZE


      Hello Simon.. i got some from a friend who got them fabricated. And for my other MB6582's i just bought a piece of acrylic and glued it on the backside of the panel. You can either let one get fabriacted to fit inside the window exactly or just make one yourself that is slightly bigger and glue it on the backside of the panel. Both works :)

    2. smak


      Thx! Got to go to makerspace.  :)

  8. @Magus517707 good to see many happy oled and vfd users :-D
  9. No worries it seemed after Reuploading all the cores seperately and assigning the ID freshly it worked - don't know why it didn't work at the first try even though all cores have been detected properly ..
  10. Hey guys.. I have a problem with my new build. I uploaded the newest firmware and cloned it to the other cores without any problem. The cores are detected and the SID chips are playing sound. If i am trying to change the patches on the first Core SID1 everything works like it should. If i go to SID2 and change Patches it will still stay on the same Patch even though the display shows another patch. What could be the possible cause for this ? I guess the CAN bus must be working since i cloned the firmware without any issues. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. ok good to hear. it can be tricky sometimes.
  12. Ah ok.. very well hidden. At least I am glad my Midibox is not malfunctioning.
  13. Ok then i will take your word for it :) Thanks for the clarification
  14. I have mine blowing out with vent holes on the bottom of the case. I had no noise issues with the Fan - however a LC Filtering Stage will be quite easy to implement if you find yours to be noisy. I use a standard 12V Fan and run it on 9V. I also have heatsinked all of my SID Chips with VGA Heatsinks and 3M double sided tape.
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