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  1. With all due respect…this is pretty ridiculous. *All* digital hardware is made with analog parts—it’s transistors all the way down. *All* electronic hardware, digital or analog, warms up in use—no electronic component is perfectly efficient; they’ll all have waste heat. The SID isn’t running DSP algorithms, but that doesn’t make it any less digital. (Arguably it’s *more* digital, as modern DSP can produce waveforms that are basically indistinguishable from analog, while the SID…doesn’t.) All this about the SID’s analog filter having some “magic” that a DSP emulation lacks… The SID fi
  2. Busy with some paying projects at the moment so I haven’t yet built up the various modules, BUT I did take a moment today to open up my MB-6582 and confirmed that the midiphy version of the line driver PCB fits inside the chassis, mounted to the back panel, with plenty of room to spare. I suspect the standard line driver PCB would also fit fine. Not a big deal but it had been on my mind as a possible hang-up point for this project. Happy to have it confirmed.
  3. Just casually bumping this thread after two years. Obviously a lot happened in the world since I made this post,but I’m finally about to get around to building these MIDIphy modules. Nothing to actually report yet, but I thought maybe others might be interested in progress on this project.
  4. Sorry, could be clearer I guess. I’ll break it down. You need a connection between V3’s input and 15V. Yes, as you say, J72 is already connected to V3’s input. I am not instructing you to connect these two points. I am just telling you that J72 is a convenient place to solder a jumper wire. With a wire connected to J72 at one end and 15V on the other end, you will have successfully made the connection between V3’s input and 15V. Not sure what you mean in your second comment there. Solder it all, no need for a removable cable.
  5. I got my MB-6582 hooked up with all the individual outs for the first time about a week ago. It just occurred to revisit this issue. I just double checked and still don’t seem to have this behavior. My interface and my MB6582 may be on different outlets, I haven’t checked, not sure if that would affect it. Maybe it also matters what kind of power bricks are used? I’m still kinda confused about how this was working, lol, I can’t figure out why it would only apply to the individual outs and not the mix out...
  6. Changing caps doesn’t radically change the character of the filter. And if you’re talking about adding additional circuitry where the cap is...better to just run the SID through an external filter IMHO.
  7. A different length of trigger will probably affect the sound, since it’s an analog circuit. Still might be worth trying though...
  8. Why does it need to use a 4016? I don’t know what to plug into that MFOS circuit, but it seems like a 555 in monostable mode will do the trick, no?
  9. If you’re only briefly showing continuity when you first connect your probe (ie you get a short beep but then everything seems good) then it’s probably fine. That will often happen because your meter is charging a capacitor, allowing current to flow, which very briefly looks like continuity to the meter.
  10. Ah, sorry, replied on your other thread, didn’t see that you had posted here and already gotten the same advice.
  11. Thanks for the encouraging words! I feel like it *should* pretty much just work, but of course I’m sure there will be some hiccups along the way. I think the Bass Engine will be particularly fun with CV and gate outputs. Lead engine seems like it adds basically an entire rack of modules to a modular system.
  12. Doublecheck first to see if any two of the regulator’s three legs are short-circuited (three total continuity tests). If the other rails are good, sounds like it may be a short between 5V and gnd? If you find a short, you may or may not need to replace the regulator; some are well protected and will just start working again while others will fry. If you don’t find a short between two rails...it probably still failed for a reason so probably worth it to triple-check your work (jewler’s loupe can be had for cheap on eBay!) Otoh, sometimes shit fails for no apparent reason and it’s ju
  13. Bumping this thread again now that the modules are available. Anyone familiar enough with the MB SID CV/gate outputs to know how potentially conflicting assignments work? Any other insight re: the questions in my last post? I guess I can always build the modules and just see what happens but it would be nice to have some idea of expected behavior.
  14. Seems to me the bridge rectifier could be added back in without any issue, if that’s what causes the problem?
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