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  1. Help troubelshooting button matrix please

    Yeah, but that’s a super-niche technical note that should be buried in old forum posts or as comments in the actual code, not casually mentioned as “optional” with no further context in the official BOM.
  2. new to midibox, sourcing parts from mouser help

    For cheaper parts with cheap shipping to US, I like Tayda (very cheap, regularly has 15% sales announced on Facebook, easy to order common parts like resistors and caps, but sometimes low quality, no-name parts), and I’ve been digging Arrow lately too (free shipping, often has lower prices on same parts as Mouser, only downside is hilariously wasteful packaging).
  3. Help troubelshooting button matrix please

    Yeah, they aren’t really optional. No idea why they’re listed as such. You’re not the first person to have this issue.
  4. new to midibox, sourcing parts from mouser help

    25V should be fine for averything. If you’ve got a power supply that puts out more than 12V, you may want to go a bit higher just for the power caps.
  5. Looking for a builder for the Midibox SID

    I would offer, but I’m in the US. I’m sure you can find a builder more local to you, but if all else fails shoot me a message.
  6. Starting MB6582 build

    https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11448 Something like these should work. Again, I’m not sure about current draw compared with “normal” LEDs. Might require some trial and error with the resistors in the LED matrix.
  7. Starting MB6582 build

    If I still had a spare set of the panels I made with the trippy graphic behind the mod matrix, I would send you one for free if you promised to install rainbow blinky lights in it. ;) On a more serious note, what Hawkeye said is right on the money. If you’re talking about the kind of LED that has just two leads and color-changes automatically, it can probably be done (no idea what kind of current those things draw though). It would be a masterpiece of rainbow barf and I heartily approve. If you want to actually control the color changing, or you want to use LEDs with more than two leads, you’re not going to be able to do it with the current MB-6582 PCBs. Would require a redesign of both the circuit board as well as a fair few code changes, I would expect. Way more work than I’d be willing to do, but again, I encourage any and all rainbow barf-themed projects, so I say go for it! ;)
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Honestly that’s impressive that you got it off at all and only killed two pads in the process.
  9. Starting MB6582 build

    Just wanted to drop this link here: http://midibox.org/forums/topic/14564-building-the-mb-6582-control-surface-photo-tutorial/ It’s a bit hard to find over in the “Tips and Tricks” forum, but is an excellent resource on putting together the control surface part of the MB-6582. I followed this guide almost exactly.
  10. Midibox sid PSU

    Ah, you’re absolutely right, I missed that it was just a single core module and SID module. They mentioned multiple PSU options and my mind immediately went to the option a, option b, option c, etc from the Mb-6582 documentation. 7805 will work fine then, lol. The MB-6582 is a current hog but a single SID is pretty manageable. The switching regulator isn’t any more complex though—it’s a drop in replacement—but it’s *way* more expensive and not at all necessary for a small SID synth. Pay me no mind, I’ll back out ;)
  11. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    I have noticed a few recent questions about how to power the MB-6582, so I figured I'd give this thread a little bump to make it easier to find. Additionally, I went ahead and added this tutorial to the wiki like I promised I would over a year ago. It's live now, and I went ahead and edited the main page to add "PSU Option E" to the list of power options. Hopefully this makes things easier on novice builders. Incidentally, I also cleaned the main MB-6582 wiki page up a little, removing some severely outdated links and adding links to the Modular Addict MIDIbox store. No more link to Wilba's 6582 megasale that hasn't been happening for over 10 years!
  12. Midibox sid PSU

    made a mistake
  13. uploading MIOS to PIC18F4685 over midi ?

    To clarify, your PIC *must* have the MIOS bootloader burned to it *before* you can upload over MIDI. If you ordered your chips from a vendor who pre-loads the PICs with this bootloader, you’re good. If you ordered blank chips, you need to use a special PIC programming tool to put the bootloader on first.
  14. Midibox sid PSU

    made a mistake
  15. Starting MB6582 build

    Just edited my post with a link to some pictures I took while I was trying to sell the excess. Ill snap a couple more right now though. Those pictures were taken to emphasize the flaws, as I was trying to be fully transparent about selling them, and don’t include any photos of the finished synth. IMHO, it came out looking pretty good. edit: forum software hates my pictures (too big?) but here’s a link to some quick photos of the finished synth: https://imgur.com/gallery/a7Zsgz2