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  1. My Midibox MB6582 Collection

    I always thought my sammichSID was my favorite synth, so I built an MB-6582 so I could have my "sammichSID" plus three backups...but now I'm realizing I need a backup MB6582 or several....   Although, I will say I really like the direction the FPGASID project is headed.
  2. [SOLD] Midibox kits: 1x core with STM32F4 & 2x MIDIO

    I'm a bit confused. Which cores are you actually selling? Links to the actual products might be useful.
  3. Best 2x40 LCD for seq v4?

    OLED is probably the very nicest looking, but for LCDs, I really like the CrystalFontz one I put in my MB-6582. 
  4. [FS] Cheap MB-6582 panels

    Bump, still just,one set left.
  5. My Midibox MB6582 Collection

    Damn dude. Here I am feeling lucky to have just one.
  6. SID 8580r5 where to buy?

    damn, so so so glad I got my MB-6582 fully stuffed before these new boards came onto the market; if the SID market wasn't dry a year ago, it will be by next year.   my best suggestion is to check commodore and vintage computing forums. The trick is that you gotta actually ask around, just looking for people who are already selling them isn't likely to get you anywhere. 8580s are getting really hard to come by these days though—30€ is a good price.
  7. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Sorry, not trying to get on anyone's back. Quite the opposite, thought maybe it would help to offload some of the work of doing a bulk order (which is a rough job).
  8. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    Is it just PCB supply holding things up? Could the files be offered to Modular Addict like the MB-6582 and MBSEQ?
  9. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    Are all the boards gone? PMed you after you posted this...
  10. [FS] Cheap MB-6582 panels

    Bump, just one set left.
  11. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    Just to clarify, these do away with the feedback pots and basically replaces them with volume knobs? Do they affect the individual outs at all or only the mix out?
  12. Looking for an MB6582 window

    I think a lot of people just used an exacto knife on a CD jewelcase and glued it to the inside of the panel.
  13. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    As far as I can tell, it's just an illusion. I tried two different Vregs on this project, so it's possible the photo is of a slightly different part, but whatever the reason, I can confirm it was installed correctly and working when the photo was taken.
  14. One MB-6582, One Power Supply: a Tutorial

    The switching Vreg is installed backward from what the original PCB design expects, but it doesn't matter because that Vreg has to be jumpered into the circuit anyway. If you install it exactly according to the instructions in this thread, it'll work (case in point: my MB6582 is the one pictured, and it works). You could install it the "right" way if you want, but there's no advantage to doing so, and you'll have to adjust your wiring and I think the placement of certain capacitors as well. edit: I'm not clear on what you mean when you say it's installed differently in this picture than in the other pictures in this thread. The only other pictures in this thread are my own (part is installed the same way in all photos) and ChinMuzik's, who has their sVreg installed the same way (aside from one photo where a *different* sVreg is installed backwards and needed to be fixed).
  15. Now that PCBs are available, I definitely plan to build a SEQv4 once I have the money to start collecting parts. No idea when that will be. So yes, very interested in a case, but unsure when I would want to buy a case. Can you give us a ballpark as to the cost of one of these cases? I know you said cheaper than the Heidenreich and that it depends on how many people order, but I don't know how much the Heidenreich cost. Are we talking $30/case? $300?