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  1. pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale

    I’m in NE USA. I suspect shipping from Germany will be expensive, but I’m certainly willing to get a quote from @ilmenator. It may be that shipping from Canada is too expensive as well. If only you had posted this four years ago when I lived in Toronto...on the other hand, SmashTV was still selling them back then. ;)
  2. pre-programmed PIC 18F4685 for sale

    I guess this model of PIC would also work for a MIDIbox FM, right? @borfo, I would probably be interested in one of yours.
  3. MB6582 Left audio on SID 4 is not working

    Yeah, physical inspection is always the first step. Check for loose wiring, bad solder joints, connectors that need reseating, etc. If there’s nothing obvious, then just try to follow the signal path and get an idea of where to focus.
  4. Possibly interested, but you haven’t listed a price.
  5. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    The tip I had been using was sort of a middle ground between the one of the left and the one in the middle. Definitely a much finer tip than that middle one, but still with a distinct flatted chisel shape. I’m having the same kind of trouble with the new conical tip; it takes a bit more finesse to get it in a position for good heat transfer, but right now I’m only doing THT. Any clever tips (no pun intended) for good technique?
  6. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    I just got a conical tip for my iron after finally wearing out the chisel tip that was on there... I have the opposite experience: I miss my chisel tip for THT! I switched because I thought it would be better for SMT, but maybe that was misguided. Either way I think I’ll go back to chisel here soon. I wonder if it comes down to what you learned with.
  7. I’ve been brushing up on the MB SID documentation and perusing the setup_mb6583.asm file and the modifications I need to make to the code before recompiling a new hex seem pretty well laid-out, which is nice. However, I’m having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the patch-specific analog out settings vs the ensemble-specific analog out settings. It seems that multiple (conflicting) parameters can be forwarded to a single analog out—how is this handled? For instance, if I have K2A set up in the asm file to go to CV1 and turn this on in the Ensemble menu, and then also set up an LFO to output to CV1 at the patch level, what takes precedence? Or are they summed? For that matter, what happens with conflicting ensemble settings? You seem to be able to assign multiple x2A functions to a single CV out in the asm file (and in fact it is set up this way by default). Or you also seem to be able to assign multiple SID cores to a single CV out from the ensemble EXT menu, though of course they could be (almost always *are*) sending conflicting data. Again, what is the expected behavior in these situations? The answers to these questions will influence how I end up setting up my CV outs. But additionally, I’m curious if anyone has any “recommended” setups/assignments that they like to use for this? Ultimately, I’m hoping to accomplish four main goals from adding CV to my MB-6582. 1. I want to integrate the MB-6582 into a modular setup (ie, control external filters and oscillators, trigger external envelopes, etc). This seems like it could be done at either the patch or ensemble level, depending on what precisely I want to do. 2. I want to use the MB-6582 as a basic MIDI-to-CV device. Pretty straightforward. Seems like it’s best to do this at the ensemble level, using K2A or O2A. 3. I want to use the MB-6582 as a bassline sequencer for analog synths. Basically use the Bassline engine to get 303-like sequences from other synths. Again, seems best to use the ensemble settings for this? 4. I want to use the MB-6582 as a modulation generator for analog synths. In other words, use the Lead engine mod matrix to  send LFOs, envelopes, and other CV to other synths. Not as immediate as having dedicated modules for these functions, but OTOH, very deep and complex modulations should be possible and it seems like kind of a Swiss Army knife for situations when I find myself just one envelope short of the patch I want to build, etc. Seems this has to be done at the patch level. Is it feasible to get all four functions from a single MB-6582 without swapping back and forth between different modified asm files? I don’t necessarily need all four functions simultaneously (would be nice I guess but speaking realistically I’ll probably only be doing one at a time), but I don’t want to be constantly reuploading slightly different firmwares to swap between AOUT setups. Any guidance is much appreciated. (Hopefully @TK. can chime in, I’m not sure there are many others with any experience adding CV/gate to MB SIDs.)
  8. To answer some of my own questions... Again, real confirmation will have to wait until I have PCBs and components on-hand, but I’ve been looking through old build photos of my MB-6582 and it seems it should fit on the DB25 connector no problem. Worst case scenario, I may have to solder the driver chips directly to the PCB instead of socketing them in order to reduce component height, but I doubt this will be the case.
  9. MB6582 Left audio on SID 4 is not working

    Start at the SID output and work your way to the jacks. Where do you lose the signal?
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    If I understand the video right, the Vreg can be omitted if our PSU has a 5V rail already, right? But that’s awesome. My eurorack power is a bit wimpy, but if this is pretty low current I can probably fit it in my main rack.
  11. midiphy SEQ v4+

    What’s the current draw on all of these?
  12. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+

    These are gonna look great. Tempted to buy a set now in anticipation of building an MBSEQ at some point in the indefinite future.
  13. Alright, that actually seems easier than I expected. I did expect I’d have to rebuild the hex file...I’ve used modified firmware once before on my sammichSID; was years ago but if I figured it out back then it can’t be too difficult to manage. So, as far as things go that I still have to figure out (this list is more for my own benefit so I don’t forget) * Which pins on the MB-6582 correspond to the shift register chain? (I’m guessing the PIC Core8 documentation is what I want to look at here...or should I be looking at the SID-specific documentation?) * How does the pin arrangement between J6 on the MBSID need to be rearranged in order to connect to J19 on the LineTX? (It seems this is the relevant documentation.) * How to cram the line driver into the PAC-Tec case? I think there’s a decent chance it’ll fit connected directly to the DB25 port on the back, but as you mention, that’s not the only option. I’ll have to figure this one out once I have everything on-hand. So all in all, this seems to be not so difficult now that Latigid (I assume?) has done all the hard work of designing the eurorack modules themselves. Score one for the modular nature of MIDIbox; really cool that a solution built for one project translates almost seamlessly to a completely different project. Thanks so much for the quick help here. I eagerly await the release of your new eurorack modules. MIDIbox SID might be kind of an odd application for them, but the way I see it, the MB-6582 should be able to stand in for all sorts of CV-generating modules, to say nothing of integrating some SIDs into my analog setup. Super cool.
  14. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hey, saw these modules posted to reddit this morning. I’m interested in how to hook them up to other MIDIbox projects...specifically MIDIbox SID. I started a thread about it in the SID forum, just posting a link here for greater visibility, since SEQ people might not visit the SID forum often. http://midibox.org/forums/topic/21065-using-midiphy-eurorack-modules-with-midibox-sid
  15. Wasn’t sure where to post this, but decided to put it here since the Midiphy modules don’t have any visibility here. Also, just wanted to tag @latigid on to make sure he sees this. I’ve always wanted to add CV/gate to my MB-6582. The new Midiphy eurorack modules that got posted about today seem...pretty ideal, eh? It seems like I would need to build and hook up the three eurorack modules (an AOUT, a DOUT, and a line RX), run a DB25 cable from the line RX to a line TX installed on the DB25 in the MB-6582.... And that’s where I’m at. Not sure how to hook up the line TX to the MB-6582. Anyway, I was hoping to get a general discussion going on this topic. I can’t be the only one who thinks integrating the MIDIbox SID engine into their modular sounds really rad. Hopefully we can figure out the hookup details, iron out any issues, and put together a tutorial for others who want to make this happen.