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  1. Rotary Encoder LED Ring

    From   Is possible? (i forgot almost everything about midibox in the past two years. sorry)   thanks
  2. YATK

    only midi. I thought it would be slow, but not as much as I expected. The last two buttons will change color in accordance with the MIDI clock. Not too fast, but enough. The camera did not help, but you found it slow? The code was created from scratch, peak hold and range of the specific Meter shows a lot about the beat. I thought it was cute! Rather more LED, but there was plenty of room on board for more 74HC595. I did not like the response of the buttons, but as there is not to cue juggling, worked well. but could be better. Change the design at run time without testing is always a mess...
  3. YATK

    As you can see, I'm having a little fun.
  4. YATK

    More Photos! The faders are the Behringer mixers. They are very soft, and never failed me, not scratched. And eh ... are well used. Tomorrow a video... Bye!
  5. All on

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

  6. All off

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

  7. YATK

    Thanks! It's a pun with TraKtor and all their controllers called Kontrol (S1,S4,K1 and F1)...
  8. Step2 Cad - Top

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

  9. Step2 Cad

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

  10. YATK

    Hello! Yes! Another Traktor Controller... (YATK) Here some photos and soon more infos about my project. I'm finishing the autocad beta layout.
  11. First Test

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

    Programming the specific Range of meter (Not Log not Linear) and the peak hold.
  12. Buttons Test 2

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

    Looks Cool :rolleyes:
  13. Buttons structure

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

    Acrylic Buttons
  14. Testing Buttons

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK

    Actually, this buttons with 2 leds and the tactile on center, don't works fine. My older version with 1x1 cm works really better. I'm learning...
  15. Testing VU

    From the album Aliã Bianco YATK