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  1. MB6582 - LCD issue

    Hi! I bought a new one (a cheap one from Aliexpress, waited loooong time to receive it but it was 2$ + free shipping...)  And following your attached guide, i finally worked it thru ! I will replace with a better looking one later, but i am really thrilled it finally display something ! Last step now: link front and back boards.. never been so close ;) Thanks for pointing out the wiring guide ! Best, Thomas
  2. MB6582 - LCD issue

    Hi ! I am almost done bulding the MB-6582 but i am stuck on LCD wiring and connection. I followed the LCD wiring guide from here: I had a first problem with my initial LCD: the Backlight wiring was not classic and i think i bricked the LCD. So i started with another one, i double-ckecked the pinouts but it still doesn't work: i have weird characters appearing on screen (see attached picture).. Any clue to help me troubleshoot this ? I am trying to resurect an old CORE8 Module to test the LCD, but without success (i posted another thread about this issue). So for now i don't have other to check if it is an LCD issue or MB-6582 issue... Thanks ! Best Regards, Thomas
  3. Hi ! I try to re-activate an old CORE module to help me debug my ongoing MB-6582 construction. I can't manage to establish a proper link between the Core Module and MIOS Studio. Core Module: CORE_R4D from SmashTV PICs: i tried 3 different PICs with BSL 1.2B and MIOS v1.9G: two PIC18F4685 (id:23 and 37), one PIC18F452 (id:73) MIOS Studio 2.4.6 on Linux (it works fine when connected to my MB-6582...) I tried the MIDI troubleshouting guide, the loopback test passed (i have the same result between OUT and IN), each CORE test passed, but i still have "No Response..." in MIOS Studio.. The strange thing is that when i power up the Core Module i can read [ 737.087] f0 00 00 7e 40 23 01 f7 in MIOS Studio input, where 23 is the id of the PIC (i got the same result with other PICs: it shows this line with their own id instead of 23) so i guess that the CORE and the midi link are working.. but when i try to query, nothing come back from the Core module. Any clue to help me connect to the Core module ? Thanks ! Best Regards, Thomas
  4. Selected Track Led

    Perfect, i missed it ;) Thanks !
  5. Selected Track Led

    Hi!   I'm working on a custom SeqV4 Frontpanel, and i plan to use the direct track buttons  (with the switch on my GP encoders, and thanks to the  BUTTON_DIRECT_TRACKx options)   Would it be possible to have a LED_DIRECT_TRACKx also ? With this it would then be possible to remove GROUP / TRACK select part, to have only direct track selection and LED feedback...   The reason is the 4 tracks per group is not corresponding to my synths config... For example my drum synth use 5/6 tracks...   Maybe it's possible to use the already existing Group/Track leds with a sort of matrix connection ? But i'm not sure how to manage that...   Thanks for your advices :)   And i will post the FPD as soon as it looks good   Best Regards,   Thomas    
  6. Step View switching

    wow, impressive ! i'll try that immediatly :)   Thanks !
  7. Step View switching

    oh ok for the bookmarks, i never played with it: i thought they was track specific this is exactly what i need to achieve a nice custom layout  :shifty:   and :phone: for the "next/previous step" futur implementation it will be perfect !   Thanks !   Best Regards, Thomas
  8. MBBLM schematics and PCB discussions

    Hi!   for info: ------- i don't know if you are familiar with aliexpress but it's worst put it in the balance with ebay searches: it's really similar to ebay bulk orders from china, but with sometimes really better prices, and rapid delivery options (the 5-7 EMS or 3-7 days DHL are not too expensive if you make a big order)   i experienced it to buy 100m of strip led and a dmx led controller, that was much cheaper than ebay, and delivered in 4 days ! incredible...   ie: for momentary tactile switch,410699,4099&groupsort=1   ie2: dual color led / segment indicator   -------   I'm planning to make a prototype of BLM16x16, but the livid-like solutions are too expensive IMO (rubber stuff + square cut in a frontpanel ...)   Standard round tactile switch + led and round cap would be a solution, but i can't find illuminated tactile switch with a dual-color led integrated...   The best solution for a cheap and compact version seems to be  the technic of the led-over-the-switch (the led act as the caps for the switch) -> easy panel making (only round holes) -> compact layout -> cheap (no caps, no FPE order)   i saw this technic for the 16x4 BLM, but i can't find the post again.   what do you think of this solution ?    thanks for your advices !   Best regards,   Thomas
  9. Step View switching

    Hi !   I'm back on my Sequencer V4 construction (STM32 based), everything is working fine (at least everything i tried ;) ) and i have lot of fun discovering all the functionalities !   I am now working on a custom front panel. I'm very glad to see all the addition to put direct acces button which i prefer than combinaison for function i use a lot. is it planned to add direct acces to FX and Event pages ? if not, i guess it's tweakable from the source, i will dig it later.   My concern right now is about changing Step view page more easily than F2 + GP btn Is there a way to add direct acces to step view pages ? at least the four first pages (most of my loops are max 64 steps long) ?   Or another approach i can see would be to use rewind / forward (that are disabled when not in song mode) to navigate thru next and previous stepview page... it's working this way on the Yamaha RS7000 and it's quite efficient.   Did you already consider those options (or a better one ) ? Or do you think i can tweak the source for that without to much pain ? ..or maybe did i miss something obvious ?   Thanks for your advices !   Best Regards,   Thomas
  10. BLM connection and config

    ok i get it : # number of first and second DOUT shift register used for GP LEDs GP_DOUT_L_SR 3 GP_DOUT_R_SR 4 # DOUTs for Dual Color option: GP_DOUT_L2_SR 0 GP_DOUT_R2_SR 0 Thomas
  11. BLM connection and config

    Hi, back again on my Midibox construction :) I have a question about the DOUT adressing : there is a line of 16 leds under GP's buttons, but i can not find where and how they are adressed in the config file... Also it seems to be dual color leds.. I do not use the WIlba PCB but i would like to obtain something similar with classic DIN & DOUT modules. any clue ? Thanks ! Best Regards, Thomas
  12. soldering

  13. Push-able GP Rotary Encs

    Hi ! I bought Rotary Encs with push button ability : you can turn it or push it. PEC11-4220K-S0024 on Mouser This is my first project, so i never play with a MidiBox yet :) I thought it would be nice to merge GP buttons with GP rotary encs. BUT then i realizes : this is not handy to mute/unmute multiple tracks at once (as i love to do with my yamaha rs7000) :pirate: . so i thought that i could keep actual GP buttons and rotary, and use the push function of the rotary encs as an alternate way to select a track (as left side buttons group & tracks do).. What do you think of that ? is it easy to implement ? if you have any clue ... Thanks a lot ! have a nice bit of year (as we say here in Southern France :ahappy: ) Best regards, Thomas
  14. BLM connection and config

    all right ! thanks ! :yes:
  15. BLM connection and config

    Hi ! I'm starting my first MB Seq V4 with the BLM extension. Now i got everything from SmashTV soldered and ready to implement into a box. Of course i will first start to build up a case for the sequencer (..blm_scalar pieces are on there way..) but this lead me to different questions : Hardware --------- The main way to connect the Core32 module to the Core8 which drive the BLM is Midi. You give here a third midi connection dedicated to the BLM ( which, if i well understand, combine a Midi In & Out + the 5V Power Supply. What would be the connection on the Core8 side ? Connect midi in & out resp. to the core8 midi ports and power supply to J2 as proposed for multi-core powering (Midibox SID e.g.) ? Software -------- * As i'd like to build a custom panel, i'm digging into the SeqV4 config file. I'm not sure to exactly understand the addressing method of input & output. I understand the pin number for each shift register, but not how shift register are numeroted.. Maybe you could light me on that ! * Also the BLM part of the SeqV4 config file is a bit confused to me : why are we talking about shift register here ? is that not the job of the Core8 module ? and so, why only 2 (or 4) SR ? there is 5*4 = 20 SR if you build the complete BLM_SCALAR Module ... I'm a bit lost on this point.. * To use BLM, i have to upload BLM firmware into the core 8. Any config ? i guess not if i follow the wiring schematic given by TK.. Ok i think that's it for today :) Thanks ! By the way, thanks to smashTv: kits are really well made, PCBs are great, everything is in there, and it's quit cheap. very good job ! And also thanks to everybody around here, this whole midibox project is really cool! (i will not say it on every post but i mean it :) Best Regards, Thomas