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  1. Midibox NG as synth controller

    Thanks again:) I looked through the manual its a great starting point. But I still cant seem to find out if it is possible to save presets on the board? Thanks
  2. Midibox NG as synth controller

    So basically i want to make something like this: I Already have the actual dsp box that hosts the actual synth. Just no buttons/sliders. What i want is the control surface (this particular thing in the picture is a Creamware Prodessey ASB VA synth). I am using a Plugiator which hosts this synth and others, but without all the buttons/sliders. Its just the code, nothing else. The creamware product is code+control surface. I have no control surface. So i want to make one. I dont need the lower part of the synth, since that is the fx section and i dont really plan on using it. Since the plugiator hosts a couple of different synths, i would like to be able to change the midi configuration of my diy control surface= change what knobs send what midi CC. So that, if i want, i could use the same surface for different synths. I wont be using sliders, just normal pots and i want the unit to take up much less space, but still have the features of the actual unit. An important aspec of this, that i havent really found out enough about yet is the buttons/leds. As you can see there are multiple buttons for selecting modulation routing etc. When you load a patch the buttons light up/turn off according to what is active and whats not active. If i make a diy surface/midi controller, this type of visual feedback (button LEDS) is very important to me. Is it possible to store information on the midibox? I think that would just make things easier for me. When i change a preset on the midibox, it will send out midi CC to all the different variables on the plugiator, and midibox will also light up/turn off different LEDS.( I, of course, also just want to be able to turn the buttons on/off by using my hands, and the LEDS should turn on/off). Or doesnt i matter? Some of the parameters on the synth arent normal midi cc, but Poly aftertouch messages etc. Weird stuff:) What i want to make sure is: 1: Can i send poly aftertouch etc (and other weird midi stuff) from the midibox? 2:Can i store midi values (presets) on it? Or is it just as easy to just let the actual plugiator manage the presets? 3:Can the LED on/off be done? (that ties into question nr2 a bit). 4:What boards do i need? From what i can gather, I would need this: -STM32F407G-DISC board -Ainser64 -Maybe a tiny screen with a general button, to do preset recall/save/midi scene change. 5: Can I change "scenes". Lets say i want to control a different synth that has different midi mapping. I want to be able to change "midi CC patches" so that a knob that send out midi CC X, before, now sends out midi CC Y. 6: How much of this is a "new" thing to do? I know *no* programming, but i normally figure computer stuff out pretty fast. I would like a copy/paste solution. Take code that other poeple have made, and the insert it into my own project (i guess code would be mostly used with the preset manager, switching midi configuration, right?) 7: THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!:)  
  3. Midibox NG as synth controller

    Thanks. I'll use MIOS studio2 to configure the knobs right? And what if i have some weird parameters that arent selectable in the MIOS studio software? (Like poly aftertouch). Do you type those in manually or? Thanks:) And sorry for my ultimate noobness!
  4. Midibox NG as synth controller

    Thanks a lot! I just hate encoders:) Thats the only reason. What core should i use for this project?
  5. Midibox NG as synth controller

    So im thinking about a project.. I find it ver hard to find out what i really need inorder to do this. I cant really get my head around all thi midibox stuff:) I might be getting a hardware synth in the future that sends and recieves midi CC. The problem is that the synth only as some encoders and not pots/switches for alle paramaters. I would like to have that. So im thinking about making a midi controller for it. Basically i want to make sure i have a complete blueprint before i buy anything. What i want to do is this: 1: Make a midi controller brain for up to 64 pots. These pots (not endless encoders) will be converted to midi CC and sent to the synthesizer. That (as far as i understand things) can only be done via multiplexing. And that can be achieved via the ainser64 board. Right? And what core do i need? 2:Recieve midi CC from the synth. If certain midi CCs meet a certain criteria=light up an LED. Example: Lets say there is a push button on the diy controller called "LFO routed to VCA" (or whatever). Beneath that, there should be a LED. It should light up if i press that button and if the function is activated by a preset. So: If a preset is restored where the "LFO routed to VCA" function is activated, the LED beneath the button on the diy controller should light up. It should also light up and the function should be activated if i press it manually. Here comes the tricky part. I know about midi, soldering/following diagrams and schematics and reparing old analog synths. I *dont* know a single thing about coding. I *dont* know really anything about digital stuff. How do i actually program the darn thing? Is there any wsiwg editor or is it all done via coding? Is this a huge undertaking and is it a project for me? (my limited brain regarding coding etc, taken in account). Thanks!!!
  6. HUI controller questions

    Cool.. is there any way to convert a rotary encoder input to an analog input? (connecting a normal pot to, say a bcr200 midi controller that normally uses rotary encoders), or is that a big hassle? I have googled around and i really can't see any info on how many encoders can be used for plugin control… i'll keep on looking. thanks again.
  7. HUI controller questions

    Thanks. Any other inputs from people?
  8. HUI controller questions

    Hi. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.. but:   Is HUI the same as Mackie control?   A couple of questions. I really want to be able to control plugins in HUI mode, and preferably with more than 8 v pots. Is that possible? Or do you have to go by banks? Would love to have/make a controller that had, say 32 pots to control plugins via HUI (no banks).   Do they HAVE to be encoders? Is it possible to use normal pots?   Can you modify existing controllers to use HUI? I have a bitstream 3x which i can't get working in HUI mode, but since its customisable, maybe i could make a new HUI template.   If i go the DIY way - is it possible to have a controller that can switch between HUI/makcie and normal midi CC mode without being turned off/on?   Thanks a ton!
  9. MB-808 first test

    That soundcloud track is WAY cool! coolness that you can make a whole song with just a drum machine. the osc drums is a great idea!
  10. MiniMoog V controller

    How did it go?:) im going to do the same project soon.
  11. What to buy?

    and by the way: switchpots. I mean a 6 way switch - think waveform selector on a minimoog:) Ok. So i think i'll go with the core_v3 with PIC 18F452 and 1xain, 1xdin.. So this will do? and will i need an lcd for troubleshooting or anything else? I dont need it for controlling the synth..
  12. What to buy?

    Thanks alot:)
  13. What to buy?

    Hi. I have taken a look at the wiki and seen what i need to buy in order to get a working midibox - but when i go to to get parts, they have different names, than the one on the wiki (core8 etc). What do i need to buy if i want to do this: a midi controller with 6 switchpots (6 steps each), and 22 pots -normal ones, not encoders. and 11-20 switches with 2 steps/settings (basic on/off). It only has to have midi out. i have no use for an LCD - basically this is for controlling the creamware minimax synth (located on my computer/dsp cards) - its a minimoog clone. So what do i need specifically? thanks alot!
  14. encoders with LED rings?

    HI. where is the cheapest place to get led rings with or without encoders? (like the bcf2000) thanks!