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  1. Story of a keyboard-build

    Thanks for the reply.  I imagine it would be a difficult prospect.  I have a story about how I acquired, and subsequently lost, my Fatar keybed.  I have a controller project that's been in the planning stages for several years, and I've only been able to acquire little bits for it here and there as I can afford them.  It's a little similar to what you've been able to build, but I haven't even really "broken ground" on mine yet.  A year ago, I was able to find a source on a TP/40L 88 keybed.  The way it was handled was I purchased it through a retailer, and the importer/distributor would ship it directly to me.  When I received it, the left end had been completely destroyed.  The keybed had been improperly packed (no padding AT ALL on the ends) and was likely dropped.  I was brokenhearted.  Even the nylon shipping brace that Fatar puts on both ends to stabilize the keybed had been shattered.  I have a couple of photos below.   I was able to return it with a UPS claim, but the distributor refused to take responsibility for improper packing.  They claimed that they did nothing improper, while UPS' claims office (and common sense) said otherwise.  The distributor told the retailer I bought it from that the only way they'd ship a new one to me was on a pallet and boat it to me (I live in Alaska, so shipping is a little less convenient than in the rest of the US).  There was also a hefty upcharge in shipping.  Based on this experience I had no faith they'd pack it properly this time either, so I declined.  Once they become available Stateside again I'm just going to buy a Studiologic SL88 Grand (TP/40 WOOD triple sensor on that one) and get creative with that, then use the Midibox NG platform with the rest of the controllers. I hope I didn't derail your thread too much.  I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions.
  2. Story of a keyboard-build

    Wow.  What's amazing to me is that you were able to do a direct purchase from Fatar.  I live in the US and have always understood that they don't sell direct to individuals/non-industry.  May I ask how you were able to do that?
  3. Story of a keyboard-build

    I hope that it's okay that I unearth this thread because I think it's wonderful.  It's easily the best looking DIY integrated workstation rig I've seen built. I have a question about the keybed because I didn't see it mentioned. Is that a Fatar TP/40 of some kind (ie. TP/40L, GH, etc.), or is it a TP/8Piano?  Also, where did you purchase it (ie. Doepfer) or was it salvaged from another controller/synth/digital piano?  Thanks and keep up the good work. :)