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  1. [FS] unique MB-6582

    up 4 sale again!
  2. [FS] unique MB-6582

    I have to reduce some of my music equipment.... and decided to sell my MB-6582, since I barely use it! The synth was assembled by me, works perfectly and is in a very good condition!  It is a very unique unit!! Find the gallery here:  Case and potentiometer knobs are made of Lego (suitable for SIDchip  sound) The display is in 'rusty-orange' and matches the orange flat-top LEDs. This MB6582 is expanded with an active mixer circuit (+/-12V supply). It has a main L/R out, volume-pot for each engine and a Stereo/Mono switch for each engine (in mono mode the signal is sent to right and left channel) Single outputs are switched, i. e. if a single output is connected to a jack, the signal is not routed to the mixer (can be changed internally) Following chips are built in: 4 SID 6582 (1x stereo engine and 2x mono engine at the moment) 3 cores (4th core included) This MB6582 requires a power supply of +12v/+5V/-12V/GND. I built my own specific power supply around a MeanWell RPT-60/100kHz, can be operated from 90...264VAC. Price: 625€ + shipping located in Switzerland but can send to EU from Germany  
  3. MB6582_PS_2.JPG

    From the album Lego MB6582

  4. MB6582-top-powered.jpg

    From the album Lego MB6582

  5. MB6582_PS.JPG

    From the album Lego MB6582

  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Ohhh... a new release.. again? awesome! thanks alot.. you are crazy man (in the good sense of course!!!) StepTrigger sounds fantastic - root note handling too (but I only have monophonic synths connected to the SEQ for the moment) I have a minor thing that I implemented a year ago (or so) that could be interesting to others too - maybe making it to a next release: While in Slave-Mode the SEQ listens to Midi Start/Stop/Continue messages from my DAW... as intended! However when working in the DAW I often want the SEQ to ignore those messages so it does not start everytime I hit play in the DAW. It was important that this function was quickly accessible..  ***Just edited my previous post - since I changed the implemtentation*** Here is what I did: - original function is kept as is (hitting stop/pause in slave mode mutes the sequencer - mute is released by hitting play/pause or by midi start/stop/cont command) - I added another seq_core_slaveclk_mute state, called SEQ_CORE_SLAVECLK_MUTE_Permanent. its accessed and released by Menu+Stop but not with any other buttons or Midi Play/Stop/Cont commands. This means I can quickly mute the sequencer from playing when working in the DAW. The great thing is the SEQ stays in sync and passes Midi clock/play/stop/cont commands to connected synths in slave mode or if in master mode it can still send clock/start/stop/... commands over midi. So muting is only applied to the SEQ, not to the MidiRouter and thus the  connected synths. This function is actually like muting all tracks but has some advantages to me: it's very quickly applied and the SEQ does not show activity anymore... Of course I'm happy to share the code, if interested
  7. I've been extensively investigating the arpeggiator of the SEQ V4 recently. most of the time I play it directly ('live') from a keyboard plugged to the SEQ V4 ...it's AMAZING!!! very sophisticated but still quite easy to use. Sometimes I'm just fiddling for hours with my new combo Keyboard > SEQ V4 > TTSH... very meditative! makes me smile... But now my question: The arpeggiator does not seem to forward other information than notes (note stackes) to the respective track via the selected Bus, e.g. PitchBend, ModWheel or other CC so i can not play an arpeggio with the keyboard and use PitchBend over the same Bus from the same keyboard at the same time? is that true? did I miss anything? workaround?   btw. same seems to be true for the transposer      
  8. MB6582-top.jpg

    From the album Lego MB6582

    My MB6582 was finally fitted into a Lego case years after it was finished (some ideas need some time) knobs are also Lego filled with epoxy and then drilled It also has an additional active mixer stage after the switched individual outs - with volume pot for each of the 4 SID Synths, a mono/stereo switch and a main L/R Out all with the help of R2D2 :)

    © nick bornhauser

  9. MB6582_back.jpg

    From the album Lego MB6582

    © nick bornhauser

  10. MB6582_angle.jpg

    From the album Lego MB6582

    © nick bornhauser

  11. Integrating a Midi Start/Stop/Cont Filter

    For those who are interested After excessive code investigation... I finally found I very simple and quick solution. Already implemented is the following function: When pressing Stop button while running in slave-mode SEQ goes to 'muted slaveclock' state and stops running but keeps in sync with incoming midiclock - by pressing Play this state is changed to 'off' and SEQ starts playing on next measure again. Same state is set/unset with Pause button in slave-mode. What I wanted to avoid is that a MIDI Start/Continue would also set 'muted slaveclock' off and set SEQ running again. So I can play/stop/continue my DAW and choose if SEQ is also fired or not everytime. I hope it's clear what I intended with this! Solution: Currently unmuting of the muted slaveclock state is implemented in SEQ_UI.C Play/Pause Button Functions but also  in SEQ_CORE.C after request of pending Start/Continue/NewSongPosition to SEQ_BPM.C (functions: SEQ_BPM_ChkReqCont / SEQ_BPM_ChkReqStart / SEQ_BPM_ChkReqSongPos in SEQ_CORE_Handler). So.. luckily I had only to quote a line of code within each of the 3 if clauses: //seq_core_slaveclk_mute = SEQ_CORE_SLAVECLK_MUTE_Off;Further I also added the possibility to enter muted slaveclock state when not running by pressing MENU+STOP in slave-mode. As well as a temporary message (SEQ_UI_MSG_USER_R) when entering/ leaving this state.      
  12. The MBSeqV4 is still one of my fav. machines... but recently I got myself an Ableton Push. That got me back to work more in Ableton Live again with MBSeqV4 in Auto/Slave Mode and a couple of Synths connected to it. In general this setup works seamlessly for me. But now I'm looking to integrate a function to filter midi start/stop/cont events in SlaveMode to keep the Seq from playing notes each time Ableton starts: The function shall be quickly accessible from the UIThe function is only accessible in Slave/Auto Mode (makes no sense in Master Mode)Midi Clock shall still be forwarded to Midi-Outs (for sync of Synths)If function is active and Seq in Auto-Slave Mode it shall not switch to Auto-Master Mode (would probably lead to a BPM change)So far my solution would be: if in Auto/Slave mode 'Stop'+'Play' stops Seq from running and activates the filter > SEQ_UI.c'Play' would deactivate the filter againRight now I plan to implement the filter before call of function <SEQ_BPM_NotifyMIDIRx(midi_byte)> in app.c since I m really scared of changing anything in seq_bpm.cSince I'm not really deep in to coding I'd be very happy if you could share your thoughts on this before starting: got a better idea, malfunctions i could run into, things I should consider/count in, ... Any Input is much appreciated   I know... if some of you like the idea, TK would integrate it before I hit a key and of course way more properly coded... but anyway it's a nice learning process for me to give it a go. Ahh.. and this should be repeated daily: SEQV4 AND ALL THE MB STUFF IS ONE HELL OF GEAR - TK ROCKS!!!!
  13. [Sold] 4x 6582 & 2x 8580 SID's

    2*8580 are gone! 4*6582 are still available - but only up to 3th of january - cause I'm away for travelling with my family until end of august SOLD!   So... If you feel like sponsoring an elephant-ride, or whale-watching or a jungle-trip for my two little girls go buy some SID's!!! :rofl:
  14. [Sold] 4x 6582 & 2x 8580 SID's

    Hi   I've 4x 6582 SID's and 2x 8580 SID's for sale:   6582's are unused ones (well, quickly tested in a MB6582, they seem to work fine) from wilba's mega-sale. asking: CHF 30.- (~25 €) each + shipping   8580's are used ones, tested in a MB6582, and also working fine asking: CHF 24.- (~20€) each + shipping   If you take all the 6 SID's, it's 120€ + shipping   If you take all the 4 6582 SID's, its 90€ + shipping   Shipping is about 2.50€ / 8€ (not insured/ insured) to EU   There are also 2x spare 18F4685's which I dont need anymore asking: CHF 8.- (~6€) each + shipping   cheers, Nick
  15. daemonik MIDIBOX SEQV4 finish

    From the album daemonik

    Finished!!!!!! well... actually a rear-plate and sied-plates are still missing