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  1. I thought it was just me :) For some reason I have to keep resetting my password every time I login - but the past week or two I haven't been getting the reset e-mails.  This this morning suddenly a dozen of them came in at once! Still not sure what's up with my password.  I use a password manager and have also tried cutting and pasting it from a text file to make sure I'm entering it the same way when creating it as when trying to login...but it still doesn't recognize it when I return and I have to do the lost password thing again every time :(    
  2. New wilba CS - button problems

    Woo Hoo! Looks like that solved it.  I hate it when projects drag on this long due to waiting on parts :P Looks like I flashed it back in mid to late November probably with "midibox_seq_v4_094"  But once I finished assembling it I grabbed the hwcfg file out of SVN. But...I don't see any changes in the config file between the version of the sequencer fw I just downloaded and the version I had on my drive from November...Not sure what I did with the version I've been working with...just overwrote it with the version from the fw package. But it appears to be working!    Now to go finish cooking and eating Easter dinner so I can work on adding some LED's...and then try to figure out what's up with my old PIC based core's so I can get my SID and FM synths going again so I can really test this out :D Thanks for the ideas and help everyone!   Oh and Phatline in case you want to see it here's your test program up and going which led me to question the software side instead of hardware!    
  3. New wilba CS - button problems

    Ok, this gives me some hope.  Video of the test is uploading...but every button and encoder registered some response with your test code. I'm wondering if maybe I missed a release or something and had a mismatched config file for the release I flashed...going to try re-flashing the seq code and uploading a fresh config file.  Crossing my fingers....  
  4. New wilba CS - button problems

    I've left the LED's out since getting them at the right height is tricky and I'm still finalizing my panel. I'm cutting my own panel with a homemade CNC I built - Due to the selection of bits I have the smallest radius ID I can do is 3mm right now (I have some smaller bits on order) so I redrew the panel with 3mm radius corners instead off right angles - and then 3D printed and vapor smoothed custom caps to match.  I'm also still debating what material I'm going to use for the final panel so I'm not quite ready to mount the LED's yet. And Hawkeye's build thread for the SeqV4 with wilba panel specifically mentions testing the switches before installing LED's.  (or encoders...but since I was waiting on my LCD's I went ahead and installed the encoders as well - except for the central one which again is waiting on final panel decisions.   I originally thought it might be an SD issue as I did see a bunch of messages about the SD on the LCD's when it was freaking out - but with the CS disconnected the core seems fine by itself.  Working through MISOstudio I can load/edit/save the config file no problem and all of the command line stuff I've tried seems to work as expected.   That said...there is one are of concern I do have with my core.  I had previously used this Discovery board in a quadcopter with a custom made IMU and slightly modified TauLabs firmware - but retired it about two years ago when the TaulLabs project was forked and getting the new fork (dRonin) running on my FlyingF4 we discovered some issues with the Discovery F4 and that application that led us to decide to drop support for it.  (And while I'm thinking of it yes I did upgrade the firmware on the Discovery board - it was actually already upgraded before I started on the SEQ but I confirmed it just to be sure.) Anyway - when I was building the quadcopter I ordered some machined headers for mounting the Discovery...but the discovery's pins didn't fit in them and I wound up ordering some other headers to use.  When I assembled the Core I forgot about that - found the machined headers in my parts bin and installed them - only later to realize the Discovery won't go in.  So I dug out the old headers I had used to mount it on the quadcopter (benefit of being a packrat) but the idea of desoldering 80 machined pins seemed like a great way to kill my Core PCB.  So instead I double stacked the headers - the Discovery plugs into the headers that fit..and the pins of those headers are plugged into the machined headers on the Core (since they did fit.)  It's a bit tall and ugly...but should be ok.  I checked continuity off the top of the Discovery and bottom of the Core after doing it and all seemed well...but I mention it just in case.
  5. New wilba CS - button problems

    I started to try that.  I didn't trace the circuit yet to confirm which are in the circuit first - but after I had them all out I tried just putting U1 back in by itself and saw signs of the same problem.  I checked everything I could think of around U1 but nothing was jumping out at me.
  6. New wilba CS - button problems

    Thanks for the feedback guys.  But the resistor networks look correct to me: I can't see the markings on the ones on the other side to confirm...but...if I could see the markings they'd be backwards so not seeing them is basically confirming that they're installed the right way around. These are the networks I used:  https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/264-10K-RC Which as far as I can tell are the same ones specified in the parts list. I triple checked the soldering on them and there's no missed connections and they all look like clean joints. So as far as I can tell they're the right networks, installed the right way, and properly soldered.  Any thoughts how to debug from here?            
  7. I've been working on a SeqV4 with wilba panel since this past December.  The last parts I was waiting on (my LCD's) finally arrived this week and I was excited to get it finished this weekend.  However once I hooked up the LCD's and connected the CS I found that something is definitely not right. What I'm experiencing is VERY similar to what was described in this thread:  However I only have the STM32F4 core and CS along with the two LCD's wired up.  And I did connect the CS on the rear not the top.  I still suspect I may have a mistake in how the CS and Core are connected though as I keep getting mixed up front/back top/bottom trying to think the connection through.    Quick overview: I checked all the Resistor array's and they all look correct: I don't have any LED's mounted yet, and confirmed that U7 and U8 are 74HC595's while 1-6 are 74HC165 and they're all installed fully and in the correct direction.   If I power up the Core/LCD's without the CS connected it seems fine.  But if I power it up with the CS connected the LCD's freak out big time and keep flipping through all kinds of different stuff.  Connected to MIOS I see a bunch of things being triggered like in the other post.  If I turn the first encoder (on the far left) it will trigger a bunch like this:     All the way up to pin 143 If I pull out the shift registers it doesn't go crazy...but...obviously none of the buttons/encoders work either. I've checked over the board several times and don't see anything obviously wrong, no missing solder connections, no bridges, no missing parts other than the central encoder I haven't installed yet and the LED's.   I kind of suspect that SI and SO are backwards as it seems that SI is connected to SI and SO to SO and saw a reference in another thread suggesting they should be connected SI to SO and SO to SI...but can't for the life of me figure out how to mount the header to allow that. Oh, and yes I do have the wilba config file loaded...this one:  http://svnmios.midibox.org/filedetails.php?repname=svn.mios32&path=%2Ftrunk%2Fapps%2Fsequencers%2Fmidibox_seq_v4%2Fhwcfg%2Fwilba%2FMBSEQ_HW.V4 Really appreciate any advice or help.  I figure there's probably something obvious I've messed up and keep overlooking.      
  8. Waiting for parts

    Loving it!  I really need to spent a bit more time figuring out what exactly I killed on my SID so I can get back to working on the CS for it instead :)    
  9. PIC 18F4685 programming help

    In close to the same boat myself:   Though I don't still have any computers old enough to use my old parallel port programmer.   And I'm just trying to get a new enough version of MIOS on my 18F452's that MIOS studio will recognize them.   I do have a pickit 3 though and it seems to flash and verify...but I get nothing out of it after :(  Not even the MIDI data like you're seeing (even though I was getting it before trying to re-flash.) I can help a tiny bit....This page: http://www.ucapps.de/mios_bootstrap_experts.html  Has a diagram from TK on how to wire the pickit to the PIC:  http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp/pickit_dip40_adapter_board.pdf Hope you have better luck than I've had the past week with my pickit.  If you do get yours working I'd love to hear how - or just send you my pic's to re-flash since you're only a few states away ;)    
  10. Issues updating old projects

    Thanks, I saw that thread and read through it several times.   I know my board was working before I tried to reflash the PIC - I spent an afternoon playing with the SID before trying to do the update :) But after trying to flash nothing.  Even the software loopback which worked for that poster isn't working for me (even though I get no errors flashing it and the programmer says it verifies.)  None of the wiring has changed - but I popped one of the other PIC's in just to be sure and I still see a MIDI message come across as soon as I power it up with one of my old PIC's.   I haven't found a way to change the configuration bits settings as mentioned in that post...that is the one thing I can think of I could still dig deeper for.
  11. Issues updating old projects

    Should be supported, I can't find a full list of all chips supported by the pickit3 but the docs do say all 18F devices are supported for "Programming on the go" (where the hex file is pre-loaded into the programmer allowing the programmer to be used by itself - neat trick I didn't realize it could do.)  so they should be supported for normal programming as well. Also forgot to mention I tried using both the full mplab IDE and the IPE programming tool - on both mac and pc with external power.  Both allowed me to select the 18F452 as the device and when programming check and confirmed that the device ID matched as expected.  
  12. Issues updating old projects

    The bootloader was on it (and still is on the other 3) but it's an older bootloader (probably 1.1b based on the stickers on them since I don't remember ever doing a bootloader update) so mios studio didn't recognize it even though I was getting MIDI messages to and from it.   Now it's not doing anything after by burning attempt :(  But the other 3 are still starting up and spit out a message or two when powered up.  
  13. I built a MIDIBox SID V1 back in 2005 and got it working.  I also built a MIDIBox FM but never got as far as even powering it up, and I bought parts for an early revision of the sequencer but didn't get anywhere with that.  I ended up not having the budget for cases, panels and knobs - and my keyboard only has USB MIDI so I have to route things through my computer to use any of this and it was just too big of a hassle at the time and life got in the way of making it better.   Now a few years later I've built a CNC machine and 3D printer for myself so knobs, cases and panels are all things I can do in-house :)  I also saw the sequencer is now running on a STM32F4 Disco board an I even happen to have the right one on hand.  Sweet!  So I'm looking to blow the dust off what I have and get some stuff working and to build a Sequencer V4 finally.   I've already got my disco board running the seq software and my wilba PCB and Core32 PCB showed up yesterday - and my components for them should be here tonight so that's progressing well. Updating the older stuff...I'm not having as much luck with :( I started with the SID.  First I hooked it up and spent an afternoon playing with it just confirming it still works :)  Then decided to update.   I have 4 core boards currently, all with bootloader 1.1c (according to the stickers from Smash) and MIOS 1.5 based on what the LCD showed as the SID would boot. 1) In the SID - was working but see below 2) With the FM - may or may not have the FM code on it already - but is old enough MIOS studio doesn't recognize it - but I do see MIDI messages when I connect it. 3) Was for a second SID no clue what's flashed on it, powers up and I see MIDI messages but MIOS studio doesn't recognize it. 4) Was for a sequencer but that's moved on to bigger core's :)  So this is now a spare. They all have the PIC18F452 as far as I know.  I only peeled the label off the one in the SID to confirm. The latest MIOS says when updating something this old to contact TK directly - which I did and he was very helpful suggesting that since I have a pickit3 my best bet would be to use a special bit of code to reset the ID and then just flash the new bootloader from the latest package. Which I tried on the PIC from the SID.  It seemed to work.  I had to use external 5v to power it because the internal wasn't able to create enough voltage (I tried direct USB ports, powered hub and non powered hub on both mac and pc with no luck so stuck with external.) With external 5v applied the programmer doesn't complain and appears to program.  I also tried doing a verify and it came back as good (I also tried loading a different .hex and hitting verify to confirm it's actually verifying - and that did fail as expected.) But when I put the PIC back into the core and power it up - I just get black squares on my LCD and nothing on MIDI :( So I'm hesitant to try and upgrade the other 3 core PIC's...but one is essentially a spare now and the 4th will be a spare if I upgrade this core to a PIC18F4685 so I can run the latest SID V2 which apparently can now handle 2 SID's from one core.   But I'm also hesitant to order a PIC18F4685 since I'm having such a bad go of flashing here. I've tried the software implemented loopback test on the MIDI debugging page and don't have any luck with it either - even though this board was working before I tried re-burning the PIC. Attached are photos of the setup I'm using for flashing.  Orange wire is PIN1 with the arrow on the PICkit which should be MCLR so my wiring should match: http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp/pickit_dip40_adapter_board.pdf  Also a photo of the #2 core (the contrast pot has been modified since my LCD's need a negative contrast voltage IIRC.) Anyone have any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?  Would love to get these core's updated and finish up the control surface for the SID and finally get the OPL3 going after all these years.  Especially if I get this sequencer built ;)