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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hi TK, Happy New Year. Is there a way to get the PWM into the 20khz -30khz range? Thanks KUI
  2. Display options

      Hi TK,   I will try the new test shortly.   Cheers   KUI
  3. Display options

    I have 3 core pcb's, All from SmashTV. Two are stuffed. I get the same behavior from both.   KUI
  4. Display options

    Novski,   Are you referring to the core pcb solder mask color?   KUI
  5. Display options

    Hi TK, Finished my last show for 2013:) I have tested the changes and can report that there are some improvements and still some undesirable issues. The boot issue has disappeared. I was testing the display 16 corruption and thought to tell the MBNG that it had 24 displays attached. What should be display 16 appears to be display 24. If I type " lcd@(24.1.1) test " the text appears on display 16. Also now having trouble with dispalys 4 and 6 staying dark. If I disconnect the second display board completely, reboot, displays 1-8 are fine. If you would like pics please just say so. Also very impressive video with the synth:)   Today:   Continued testing. it looks like there is something amiss in the SR routing. With mbng configures with 24 displays.   On the SmashTV dout module J3 O7 should be display 16. J3 O7 is definitely display 24.   On J4 O7 does nothing. O0 is display 23, O1 is display 22, O2 display 21, O3 is display 20, O4 is display 19, O5 is display 18, O6 is display 17, O7 is nothing.   When configured for 32 displays the pattern repeats, but with displays 32-25 with display 32 missing, it should appear on J5 O7.   When configured for 40 displays the pattern repeats, but with displays 33-40 with display 40 missing, it should appear on J6 O7.   Also, during all these tests J3 O7 continued to be Display 24.   Hope this helps     Keep it up, we'll find it:) KUI
  6. Display options

    Hi TK, Successfully changed the code to swap cs lines in the software. The problems stays with socket 16. So the problem is in my hardware? I will inspect my boards. The really strange thing is that I have 2 lp17 core boards they both do the same thing. I will report back soon. Thanks KUI  
  7. Display options

    So I have confirmed that cs line 16 is connected to pin 15 of the 74HC595.   Tried three different 74HC595s no change, even changed the one on the core.:^/   With the clock coming from J15B. I am unable to get the bootloader store function to access displays 9-16.   In the past display 16 mimics, erroneously though, some of display 1's text.  See my pic half way down this page    KUI
  8. Display options

    Hi TK, For clarity, I have display 9-16's clock coming from J15B. The cs lines are coming from a smashTV 4xdout module. All oleds have a 100uf between 3.3v and gnd. Displays1-8 have a 240ohm resistor in series with the cs lines. KUI
  9. Display options

    Hi TK,   I swapped display 15 and 16 physically.  No changed display 16 still showing same as video.   I then routed cs line for display 16 to display 15 and 16, same text and corruption on both. I then routed cs line for display 15 to display 15 and 16, clean text no corruption on either display.   I noticed with the output from my SAC machine that the corruption is only there when the displays are being updated, in the case of your oled test app, they are being constantly updated, hence the continuous scrolling.   some kind of artifact?     Regards   KUI
  10. Display options

    Will test shortly. KUI
  11. Display options

    Thanks TK!   KUI
  12. Help Can't Build

    Got it sorted. Somehow I had to redo my Path?   KUI
  13. Help Can't Build

    Just updated from the SVN. And downloaded the new mios32_toolchain.   Here is what I get:   **** Build of configuration Default for project midibox_ng_v1 ****   make all rm -f project.hex arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe: nano.specs: No such file or directory make: *** [project_build/project.elf] Error 1   **** Build Finished ****   I am using Eclipse   Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers   Version: Indigo Service Release 1 Build id: 20110916-0149     Am I missing something?   Thanks   KUI
  14. Display options

    Update,   I can confirm that J15B SCLK works. I now have displays 1-8 off of J15A, and displays 9-16 running off of J15B and J28 through a dout module for the cs lines. Thanks TK, that makes connecting the next 8 displays at least easier:)   Still have the scrolling on display 16.   Occasionally if I have to reboot I must do it twice with 6 seconds in between boots.   Cheers KUI
  15. Display options

    So. . .  Same result on display 16. Removed the 100 ohm resistors on the D0 D1 And DC lines. Result, garbled displays on 1-8. Added the resistors back one at a time. When D0 and D1 are isolated through the 100 ohm resistors, displays 1-8 are stable. DC seems to make no difference.   Hope this helps   Cheers   KUI