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  1. SammichSID sales request

    Hey mate, curious if you sold the SID. :)
  2. Multiple Voices

    Just found this (freakin' gorgeous) sammichSID on ebay: Sorry for my ignorance here - I am no builder (yet), but the seller says there are two sid chips and highlights several other points but this caught my eye " ensemble engine that operates like a multitimbral synth ..." does that mean that I could turn a voice into a polyphonic sound? Not sure if the SID is polyphonic - as I don't own my own SID synth (yet) - so I had to ask. I'm sure someone here could clarify what that means for me, very interested in that. Would like to team a sammichSID up with my Machinedrum and having multiple voices is a must and having a polyphonic voice would be a super fat cherry on top. Sorry to be ignorant - seems to be a highly educated crowd 'round here. :)
  3. Multiple Voices

    About how many hours has it taken some of you to build a sammichSID? It'd be nice to have as a week(end) project. I don't think that sourcing the chips would be TOOOO hard. Maybe get screwed over by a shady dealer or two. T'would not be a quest without dealing with some estranged synth-gypsies or drunken dwarves. :tongue: Any reputable chip sellers? I've only ever really seen some up on the ebay. For some reason buying sound chips seems sketchy there. :whistle:
  4. Multiple Voices

    Yeeeeeeah. That IS a really high asking price. Too bad the box is so gorgeous! I'd love to buy a Sammich though, especially knowing now that each SID chip has 3 oscillators, that keeps the option of something polyphonic open. It's always more fun to play poly sounds "live" on top of mono sounds being sequenced. Feels just right. :hug: The advert he wrote at the end makes him sound like a total d-bag. Even though I'm not an avid poster here, I could instantly tell he wasn't 100% part of this community. His words bleed "GIMMEH MONIEZ". :sick: By the way: Is it still possible to order a sammichSID kit and source the two SID chips on my own? Building one doesn't seem to be TOOOO hard. I'm willing to f*ck something up a few times to get it right and make it my own... which I think this whole community is all about.
  5. I am slightly confused. Is this a plug-in instrument? I'd enjoy playing around with this, as all I have to emulate a SID is my Monomachine (which is lack-luster to the max. for me). Increasingly interested in the MIDIbox SID and got excited when I clicked into this thread. :) Downloaded - just not sure what to do with a ".component" file. Guess you could say I'm a n00b with all this technical stuff... I'm just a stupid drummer. My bad! :P