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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Woohoo, awesome news Hawkeye! :)
  2. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    You guys are total legends, I'll be sitting on my hands while squirming around until then! :D
  3. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Great demo TK! Really exciting stuff!
  4. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Awesome stuff! Looks great! :)
  5. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Wow I've been living under a rock, amazing work guys! I've been meaning to do a seq v4 build for a long time but I think this seals it! Subscribing to stay up to date on progress!
  6. Groupbuy USA 40x2 Oleds and duoled tact switchs

    I'll do 3 green 40x2, thanks for sorting this out Macotronic!
  7. Groupbuy USA 40x2 Oleds and duoled tact switchs

    2x green 40x2, 1x red 20x4 Are the 40x2 oleds compatible with the mbfm? If they are I'll make it 3 :)
  8. Groupbuy USA 40x2 Oleds and duoled tact switchs

    I'm down to grab two if you guys get something going! :)
  9. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    001 taximan pcb case 002 blatboy pcb case parts 003 Macotronic pcb case 004 lukas412 pcb case parts 005 Hawkeye pcb case parts 006 u-link pcb case 007 nebula pcb case 008 synaptech pcb case parts 009 Phatline pcb 010 gidien pcb 011 Karg pcb case parts? 012 doc007 pcb case parts? 013 Richie pcb(x2) case parts 014 arumblack pcb case? parts 015 pat_00 pcb case parts 016 monokinetic pcb case parts? 017 weigu pcb case parts Updated interest to include parts, can't wait! :D
  10. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    +1 for me Waitlist (8 total) ======== taximan     pcb+case blatboy     pcb+case Macotronic pcb+case lukas412    pcb+case Hawkeye     pcb+case u-link      pcb+case nebula      pcb+case synaptech   pcb+case  
  11. Pioneer Faders & Pots

    You can order OEM Pioneer parts from here: I grabbed a few replacement parts for a CDJ and they were 75% off what people on eBay were charging. Hope that's useful! :) I should add: you can google for a repair manual to find the particular part number you're looking for.
  12. mb_6582 Power Supply

    Wow looks great orange_hand! After some recent c64 psu troubles, add me to the list of interested parties! :D
  13. WTB: MB6582 Window

    Oooh this looks interesting, count me in if it works out. :) Thanks for taking the time to organize things orange!
  14. I know there are already a few of these on here, but I'm yet another poor soul on the long quest of locating SID chips. :D Ideally 8 matching would be great, but I'll entertain any offers that come this way. Feel free to find me in the chat for faster response time. :) Cheers, -synaptech Edit: All set! Disregard this. :)
  15. Sales request - unbuilt MB-6582

    Great, still interested! :D