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  1. Midibox_NG and kb_transpose

    Hi All, first of all, many thanks to Thorsten for his great work! Excuse me if this is a trivial question, but I looked for a while at the forum without reaching key information. I have already prepared one MBHP_CORE_STM32F4, one MBHP_DIO_MATRIX (connected with a FATAR keyboard), a SCS, a DOGM display, and all seems working correctly. I am trying to substitute two broken keyboards of a midi church organ using two new 61 keys Fatar keyboards and midibox_NG project. I would like to control also pedalboard using a midibox_NG (having midibox NG or KB a keyboard number limit of 2), and control actual synthesizer completely by midi messages (perhaps in the future I will substitute also synthesizer with a PC based or other synth, I do not know). I need to transpose two keyboards and pedalboard using only one encoder, and I have to do this by transposing EVENT_KB (having the synth a mechanical transposition encoder, not perfectly working). I read about kb_transpose parameter of EVENT_KB, but how can I modify it runtime according with SCS encoder rotation? Perhaps I should introduce a meta like KbBreakIsMake (say KbTranspose), but It seems being a bit more complicated... Furthermore, I would like to send transposition request to another device (for the third keyboard), but I am not sure of how to do this, and how to capture that information on receiver. I suspect having to use Registered Parameter 2 setting (, sending three CC (101 : 0, 100 : 2, 6 : transposition + 64), but NGC cc directives processing allow to send only one CC per event. On receiver side I do not know how to retrieve this registered parameter. If anyone has a suggestion, at least to point me on the right direction, I will appreciate it. Thanks to all, regards, Cristiano  
  2. Hello midibox community, I am working on a concept for a master keyboard router. The master keyboard should be routed to predefined midi outs (1-4). Each target can be transposed indiviually by an adjusted value. (octave up/down ; sem up down ,  Setting shown in the corresponding display) Each target  can be enabled / disabled  individually. (ONOFF button ) Unfortunately i cannot find any transpose function for the router targets within the scripting documentation. Or do i have to alter the source for this functionality ? Could somebody give me a hint where to search for any transpose settings?(I only found it for CV values.) Attached you 'll find a scetch of my setup. Many thanks Max