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  1. Master Keyboard MidiRouter Transpose

    Hallo Community, I started to change the source code towards my needs and thanks to the nicely written software structure the progress better than i thought. If you want to know what i am doing have a look to my first request.This is a short explanation and a reminder for myself. So far I added 4 new MetaEvents : Event commands: 1   RouterTranspose  = > Sets the transposition to an absolute value (offset is -64 ) means a value of 64 is no transpose 2   RouterIncTranspose => increases the transpose value 3   RouterDecTranspose => decreases the transpose value 4   RouterSetDstChn  => set the dst channel of a router node usage : type=Meta meta=E_CMD:x Where x is the node number and E_CMD is the Event commands NGC Example  : EVENT_BUTTON id=4  hw_id=4  type=Meta meta=RouterIncTranspose:1 button_mode=OnOnly range=0:12 EVENT_BUTTON id=3  hw_id=3  type=Meta meta=RouterDecTranspose:2 button_mode=OnOnly range=0:6 EVENT_ENC id=1 hw_id=1 type=Meta meta=RouterTranspose:0 meta=RouterTranspose:1 meta=RouterTranspose:2 label="^std_enc" range=0:127 offset=-64 value=64 EVENT_BUTTON id=5 hw_id=5   type=Meta  meta=RouterSetDstChn:0  button_mode=Toggle range=0:17 lcd_pos=1:1:1  label="^std_btn" Button 4 increases the midi notes of node1 target port by 1 Octave (12 Semitones) Button 3 decreases the midi notes of node2 target port by 1/2 Octave (6 Semitones) ENCODER: 1 Sets nodes 0-2 to the same transpose value (stored within the encoder) Button 5 activates/deactivates the router node. (Channel 0 = off ; channel 17 = all Channels are forwarded) The Problem : If you hold a key and change the transpose or channel setting, the release event(NoteOff/Velocity=0) will end up on the wrong note/channel. (the tone hangs) Solution : I had to remember every NoteOnEvent and alter the forwarded package of each NoteOff to the corresponding note number (instead of the actual settings) It is working very well and i hadn't any issues so far. At the moment max 64 notes per node can be memorized (adjustable by define) The costs are very high: RAM consumption  3bytes * 16nodes * 64 events > 3072 Bytes of Ram usage ToDo: Make a switch to disable this feature.                
  2. Master Keyboard MidiRouter Transpose

    Thanks FantomXR for your response. If i understood right kb_transpose  is for a directly to a Midibox connected keyboard. I want to use a alreay miditized-keyboard with the router functionality of Midibox. I think i will hack the midi_router.c MIDI_ROUTER_Receive(mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package) to my needs or hook me into APP_NotifyReceivedEvent. Lets see how this works. Unfortunately i don't see any way to implement my idea into TKs nice scripting framework. So will be more a bad hack than something i can give back  to the community. Wish me luck ;)          
  3. Hello midibox community, I am working on a concept for a master keyboard router. The master keyboard should be routed to predefined midi outs (1-4). Each target can be transposed indiviually by an adjusted value. (octave up/down ; sem up down ,  Setting shown in the corresponding display) Each target  can be enabled / disabled  individually. (ONOFF button ) Unfortunately i cannot find any transpose function for the router targets within the scripting documentation. Or do i have to alter the source for this functionality ? Could somebody give me a hint where to search for any transpose settings?(I only found it for CV values.) Attached you 'll find a scetch of my setup. Many thanks Max            
  4. Hey my knobs arrived yesterday. Many thanks for organizing this order. They are really nice. They are nearby the same as the wladorf knobs. thank you
  5. Hey goblinz, which friday do you mean ? (It's the 3rd friday after 2008-01-23 today) ;D regards Max
  6. Any news from the knobs ? greets and bet regards Max
  7. Mine has come too ! Yeah nice Display ! Thank you  8)
  8. to k: of course i did understand :) to the rest: i know that waiting sucks '!! btw don't buy resistor sortiments: the let you pay for buying trash :) greetz to all and if we don't 'speak' anymore happy Christmas.
  9. Hey kartoshka, i've read that !!
  10. 6581R4AR who wants some ? CLOSED

    Update I shipped out most of the SIDs so you'll get them soon. Thank you for being so patient. I hope you'll enjoy them a lot. regards Max
  11. Thank you Kartoshka. I hope you didnt have too much trouble with the customs. btw your Sid are on the way. (took me about 1 hour at the post shop. german parcel services are the hell :) regards Max
  12. 6581R4AR who wants some ? CLOSED

    Hello everybody. Sorry for all delays. i wanted to send the chips last week to you. But my company let me fly to England and work there. So i want to packe everything today and send it out today or tommorrow. I hope thats not a too big Problem. Once more : SORRY and best regards Max
  13. 6581R4AR who wants some ? CLOSED

    to brother polpat and droors: Sorry but we are closed
  14. 6581R4AR who wants some ? CLOSED

    This is for the guys who didn't read the whole thread. I ordered 174 chips for the community. many of them were dead or unusable. After that I managed an exchange of 100 chips. They arrived me today. I made the first tests with them and it looks equal to my first chip testing disaster. It's about 50% broken chips. Now i have 274 sids where about 130 are of good quality (I just paid for 174  :) ) BUT It does not matter because now i should have enough chips to serve you all :) I will continue testing over the week and I will start sending invoices. (hopefully i don't have sort out more of them !!) so stay tuned and best regards Max