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  1. Hi guys   Summer is over, time for more indoor activities.   The continuation of the following, popular BOs:   The beta Wiki page can be found here:   I may revise some of the details but the bulk order starts October 31st 2013   Also check out the new iDK16 in milky colour.   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  2. Hi guys, new round!   The continuation of the January BO:   Find all the ordering detail here in the Wiki:   And if you need a 19x TRANS/clear kit for a MB6582 quickly, check out:   The BO starts March 21st and will end on April 7th.   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  3. Hi guys   I set up a new bulk order page for those interested in the ALBS Waldorf knobs or the DK38 knob for the SEQ4:   It's designed to run like the ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order September 2012, hopefully even smoother  :queen:  -   The BO starts January 6th and will end on February 3th.   Ideas and bug reports are welcome!   Best   Martin aka kristal=