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  1. @ jaytee: MOA is 50EUR and a knob is ~1EUR with taxes. The last bulk had the right size: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=waldorf_knobs_bulk_order_2015_2016. You can make them always bigger, but that's what Albs is okay with.
  2. Hey guys, I'm not really in the mood for a bulk. So my advice: autonomously organize a bulk (wikipage/thread). Take the prices and schedules of the previous bulk as an approximate value (it's work, nothing you really want to do for free. Big bulks with no financial incentive are prone to go into the wrong direction, grease the gears, act professional). Once you have a substantial amount of units (~300-500 u) give them a call/mail. The minimum order is 50EUR excl. shipping (a thing you can do once). My connection to ALBS is pretty loose, I did all orders via mail (they understand English). My experience was that they are very reliable, once you make clear you have a substantial order and pay on time. ilmenator is right, don't bother them with petty orders, organize a bulk and give them a call. They are happy to fulfill your order. I basically give up the "privilege" (or obligation ) to run bulks for knobs.
  3. Hello Kristal,

    I organize a batch for 5 heidenreich case . I am in France.

    I have some difficulties to calculate  the shipping costs  to United States.

    The DHL prices you provide on the site are they always the same from France?

    Thank you for the answer.



  4. hello Kristal,

    Have you the email address of KWK so I can contact him  to see if he is still interested in the case heidenreich.


  5. The good news: I don't have a monopoly on bulks, the Wiki page is free to edit and Heidenreich is an European enterprise which accepts € vian IBAN, understands English & ships within the EU via GLS for a fair price. So if someone is in the mood for a bulk, please lift the burden from my shoulders. I might even chip in for 1x case.
  6. To be frank: I'm currently not in the mood for a bulk. The reason: I'll have a lot of boring work, need to pay for packing etc. in advance (you get this stuff only in bulk sizes for a reasonable price) and I'm left with ~ 20EUR which doesn't cover the minimum income & health insurance. Not worth the hassle imo.
  7. Currently 4 participants: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=seq4_aluminium_case_and_frontpanel_2014#batch_4
  8. I'm sorry but the bulk has closed and I already sent the order and paid up. I put it in batch #2 if you don't mind.
  9. The forum software doesn't send out notifications, when you receive a PM :( I therefore deleted the optimistic time frame and now do the communication via email.
  10. Updated the wiki page. Still beta, but closer to the end terms - since I'm below 500 clear knobs, I won't receive big discounts that I can forward. The Wiki page isn't binding yet, once you receive the PP invoice, terms and prices will bind both parties. So I leave the BETA in the description. I also think about closing the OPQ option, since there's no interest. The bulk is at least open until 25th Oct.
  11. Very beta order page: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=waldorf_knobs_bulk_order_2015_2016 Not my top priority yet, but I ramp it up the coming week. Prices and timeline are not fix as well, but I aim to collect the payments end of October.
  12. Alright, a beta of the bulk Wiki page should be up till this Sunday. Maybe I do batch #1 this October.
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