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  1. Hola,   Will do a bit of MIDIbox soldering (and photo documentation :-)) in the next time, so I thought I´d share a small tip upfront...   If you were ever soldering, you probably also experienced Murphys Law, stating that solder fumes, that rise up, are always going to fly directly into your eyes, nose, mouth or other facial parts :-).   Was annoyed because of this and had a look around on Reichelt, looking for Solder Fume extractors. I found some in the price range of 30€ - 900€s... The most important part of these were the carbon filters, that will (to a certain extent) bind the solder fumes...   You can also buy those filters as spares directly for only ~ 5€...   And if you have any old 120mm PC fan and a 12V power suppy at hand, you are in luck, because it is really easy to build your own fume extractor from these parts - which of course does not meet any industry workplace safety requirements, but will keep those solder fumes out of your face :-).   For this project, I strapped two of those filters behind the old PC fan with rubber bands - works nicely and also cleans the air from old pizza scents... :smile:.   Further DIY tuning is possible - you could integrate a LED solder-area-lighting, improve the air intake, or build a better footstand (elevate the fan a little bit to improve efficiency). For now, it works well for me - let me know what you think - or post pictures of your own DIY solder fume extractors :-)   Hope you enjoyed this quick tip - happy soldering, everyone! Peter