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  1. So it wouldn't be a change of season without Mongrol breaking something. I got sick of the Orange case and its sneaky ways of making me always write circus music and I replaced my SEQv4 into a black case. On the way I've broken all the buttons on M3. What's the traditional way of troubleshooting a matrix channel? (I'm specifically asking instead of working it out myself to get it recording on the forum for others.) So far I've identified the buttons not working. Looking in the MBSEQ_HW.v4 file I can see the following # SR Pin BUTTON_STOP M3 5 BUTTON_REW M3 4 BUTTON_PAR_LAYER_C M3 6 BUTTON_GP11 M3 0 BUTTON_GP12 M3 1 BUTTON_TRACK_SEL M3 3 BUTTON_UTILITY M3 2 Which are exactly my broken buttons. What next?
  2. My sammichSID is hopeless Everything is working except the control surface, It's not reacting to buttons and encoder, and it's acting weird....I swapped IC's, uploaded and re-uploaded firmware....checked solder joints...I'm all out of options...the more I try to fix it the more it gets worse...I'm getting paranoia over stuff, I thought one of the buttons was bad so I took it off and ruined a trace.....I have to lay off it, because I'm making stupid emotional PLEASE  I NEED HELP! Anybody who has done reparations on Sammich please respond, I will pay for your time and expenses. I don't want this sammich laying in the corner, broken, not being used...It makes me VERY SAD thank you for helping me