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  1. its time for a Midi - control - Change     Looper it records the incoming ccs (from a connected Synth) and sends it looped out again... it needs also note in and midiclock in order to merge it with the cc-automation and send it back to the synth. this device makes sense for synths like the clavia nord rack III where we have ledrings as UI.   Features: 4 Midi Channels 128 CCs per Midichannel 4 Pitchbend tracks 256 or 512 Steps at 32th Resoultuion, depends on Ram Sequencer Tact System standart is 4/4 other systems like 3/4 are set with a CC on the system channel (like programchange) 4 Ledbars to indidacte loop position, and loop length 4x Combined Rec/MUTE Buttons (+shift = Rec) Copy, Paste, Clear Select, Clear all Store Load Button Programchange via Midi, progams saved on SD-Card 2xMidi in, 2xMidi out SMD LEDs, and good Tactial Buttons. Easy Case Design a Plexi-Glas Plate with exact one hole (for loop length encoder) + Rest Wood. a fabricated UI-PCB with J8/j9 connection  to plug in a minicore sandwitch. Small PCB with 10x10cm max to reduce costs to minimum -a bulk order some prototypes if interest... have to order anyway about 5 pcbs at minimum...   pretty much of the code i have already done by other applications(MSQ-CC-BCR, MSQ-CC-LRE, Filterbox...), i just have to adapt the code and strip down a bit, to get ram free for the 512 steps.