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  1. Hi guys n gals,   this is the ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order Spring/Summer 2014 and the continuation of the following, sucessful bulk orders:   Presumably the last bulk order I will run for the Waldorf knobs, as I want to focus more on the metal SEQ4 cases.   New items in this BO are:   Drehknopf DK11-170 A.6/4,5 vertieft (recessed, black) Drehknopf DK45-114 A.6/4,5 schwarz (black)   The Wiki page can be found here:   I may revise some minor details but the bulk order starts today and will end May 13th 2014. I guess there's plenty of time for everybody to sign up.   If you have trouble with your Wiki account, PM me your quantities and the total amount and I will fill it in for you.   Best regards   Martin aka kristal=
  2. Hi guys, I thought I start a thread for the coming ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order 2015 / 2016. There's no wiki page with prices and offers and no definite date, but I think a wishlist can help kickstarting the bulk. Once I have sufficient orders (500 pcs. might be good), the bulk starts. I hope with the design release of the MBProgramma that the goal can be met. Prices per knobs will be around 1.15-1.35€ depending on the quantity. Have a look at these old bulks, I don't think prices, offers and terms will deviate that much for the coming bulk: Just post a reply in this thread with your wishes and your forum name, so once the bulk takes place, I can send you a notice. Also make sure that the forum sends you a message to your current email address once you receive a PM - I'm not sure if this happens automatically.  Kind regards Martin